My Top 3 Tips for Calm

My top 3 tips for calm – in Moments!

I’ve spent the last few days writing a book “Balance and Calm Toolkit for Mums”. It will be part of a series (families & Women are the next two). The book is written so you can choose a number from 1-160 or open it at any page to choose a simple exercise to do to help balance and calm your body and mind.

So I thought I’d share my favourite three with you:

  1. Take a breath – before reacting to a situation or in a conversation, simply stop and take a breath and then respond. This can allow your brain to digest the comment/action before responding and respond in a more positive way.
  2. Find a quiet moment or space (I find the kitchen by the fridge or by kettle is great!) and close your eyes and take 3 deep slow breathes in and out. Feel your body breathing and allow your shoulders to relax and thoughts to clear. Repeating regularly can really help. Repeat as needed.
  3. Again a breathing one but this time its breathing in the colour blue for peace. So close your eyes, slowly take a deep breath and release. Then on each in breath breathe in the colour blue (as if it’s filling your body, your cells and around your body). Then on the out breath, breathe out blue into the room, filling it with a beautiful peaceful energy. Green is for healing or pink for love if you want to play with it more

Simple. Three short breathing techniques, that slow you down into a mini-meditative state, clearing your mind and calming you down.


The next book will be “Balance and Calm Toolkit for Women” so I’ll share more tips with you as I write 🙂

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