Supporting your Energy and Emotions as a Mother

It’s almost Mothering Sunday here in the UK. A day I have often approached with dread. I usually spend the morning cooking a lovely roast – mainly as when they were little I’d get a couple of hours of quiet in the kitchen! It’s one of days where the expectation of joy can be overwhelming. 

This year I’m concentrating on what I can affect. So I’ll be sorting a lunch with my Mum over the weekend – hopefully one I don’t have to cook!

But one thing has struck me from various conversations (and this follows on from International Women’s Day) – we all hold so many wounds around mothering – fear of not being good enough, being judged by others, imposter syndrome, feeling criticised, resentment and unforgiveness. So  today (this evening in fact) I will be doing a clearing and healing session on myself around these themes. Clearing the energy in advance so I can be present in a positive emotion and energy.

If you want to feel less overwhelmed with the energy of being a Mum, and want to be able to enjoy Mother’s Day with your family in a fully present and & fun way, then this session can help you create this. 

If you would like a session – it will be a live 1-2-1 session and take about 40 minutes, then please contact me. It is £48 and I’ll pull a recorded healing to go along side so you can tap into this on Sat or even Sunday. After booking you will be sent a link for my diary –

Or if you want a treat of a self care book or journal then I Have some available on Amazon to buy (click here)  or here  prices start from just £3.99