The Shift – are you ready to shift those negative emotions & fears and step into your light?

How are things with you?

Are you an empath & pick up on others energies and emotions?

Can you feel the fear?

So the world is opening up, but on the other side of the scale the media is obsessed with variants.

As an empath, I’m really feeling it all. That flip from being able to hug, no masks for school kids (so good to see their smiling faces as come out of school!) vs the media, social media and sensation of being on high alert still.

It can make me feel like I’m bobbing in a raft, some days I can see land and other days I’m bobbing away but mostly I’m grounded and looking out at the waves!

It is so important to look after yourself on all levels, which is why I want to share some of my tools which have been really supporting me in the past months.

These tools are so practical to shift negative emotions, clear those layers of stress that are like an onion around us and move us into positive energies – where we’re more aligned, grounded and able to step into being our real selves.

I’m offering a new mini-program with big shifts over a fortnight – so you start moving into the positive and to your “new normal” quickly.
– Each 45 minute session will aim to shift 15-10 negative emotions that are weighing heavily on you at the moment and affecting your clarity, energy and focus.
– We will look at dissolving cords that are affecting your energy
– We will also re-align, motivate and create space for you to step into your new energy
– Plus homework and self-care tools to support your onward journey

I’m offering 5 places of “The Shift” at a reduced rate of £88 a session (will raise to £111 in 30 days) *I have limited availability this week

Be Balanced and Calm – Welcome

Welcome to Be Balanced and Calm – a monthly members group – focused on helping you to feel more balanced and calm.

Here’s a short welcome video with a short breathing exercise for you


Welcome to the group “Be Balanced and Calm”. This is an introductory video for you, to share some of the tools we’ll be talking about.
This month is all about Mindful Meditation and Breathing – being in the present moment and using moments in the day to bring a sense of calm to you.

If you have any questions please do ask – or ask in the secret facebook group

I look forward to teaching and sharing these balance and calm tools
love and sparkle