In August I made the huge step to write a book – I want to share my tools for balance and calm with as many people as possible and at a price that is accessible.

So the concept of the book “Balance and Calm Toolkit For Frazzled Mums” was born. in the middle of the school holidays! Yes I was a frazzled Mum! I needed this book to keep me out of the fridge and my secret chocolate supply and give me tools to calm when things got “too much”.

So I used my tools – The Balance Procedure and Law of Attraction – plus my laptop 😉 (and maybe a cup of tea or two!). And I wrote, and wrote and shared with a friend who screamed “yes” to me and I wrote.

My book

From positive feedback my book series will result in the following titles:

Balance and Calm Toolkit for Stressed Dads
Balance and Calm Toolkit for Families
Balance and Calm Toolkit for Employees
Balance and Calm Toolkit for Goddesses & Goddess-in-training

All will be around £8.00 and £5.00 on Kindle

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