Clarity and Clear Offer

One area I’m working on myself at the moment – A LOT – is getting clarity for myself and business and clearing stuff!

Whether its physically clearing through decluttering, clearing out clothing, books, furniture, or working on my old beliefs and thought patterns, this past few months I have really cleared a lot! As is so often the case, what one person is going through, others who are connected are likely to do the same.

So I’ve created 10 places for a new offering “Clarity and Clear”

Maybe you’ve got a question going around in your mind, that you can’t get clarity on. Or maybe you have something you want to discover more information about?

Do you have an issue sleeping, relaxing, or emotional state that keeps you stuck?

This was me and I’ve created the same tools that I used to get myself shifting – “clarity & clear”

For just £29 you can access a 3 card reading – on any theme or question, plus after completing a short questionnaire I will create your own aromatherpy blend for you to use throughout the day, every day to bring balance to you on an emotional, mental or physical level – for whatever you need at this moment.

As a qualified aromatherapist, holistic & spiritual healer I find that these 2 elements can really help create space in my head and allow processing anf healing to happen so I can move forward.

Plus as a bonus I’m including a 3 part video e-course to help you be aware of things that can affect you energetically. Each video looks at space clearing for the place you live or work, grounding & cord cutting and tools to use to protect your energy. This information can then help you to keep your energy levels balanced to your optimum level.

You can book your place here – I am only offering 10 places so book your place early!

Persistence & The Law of Attraction

Today in my daily card reading, we had  “Lugh” who is a Celtic Sun God  and the word “Persistence”.

Persistence is an interesting word – it feels like a bit of a push as an action, but actually to me it is more about keeping going and taking the steps consistently.

To me persistence and law of attraction go together perfectly. The law of attraction isn’t just about planting those seeds of desire in the New Moon energy and sitting back.

Its about being fully aligned emotionally and with your mindset.

Its about taking the intuitive actions that come to you when you think of the end result you desire.

Its about connecting to your desire with all your emotions, as if you are really there, using all your senses.

In the video (link below), I share the analogy of the farmer. He plants his seeds, waters them, weeds them, more watering and observing of their progress and then he harvests and processes them (and prepares the land so its ready again for next time). The farmer doesn’t just plant the seeds and leave it to the sun and moon or the harvest God to ensure a good crop and sale, he uses his energy, wisdom and experience to work towards his desire of a bountiful healthy crop.

What are you doing to manifest your desire? 

We are selling our house and buying a new one – not actually the one we started with originally. When making offers you generally start off low, but then increase to your maximum offer. If you stop too early maybe you won’t get the house, maybe that extra £500 would’ve been the difference for the positive result. Persistence alongside wisdom and aligned action are keys to unlocking the law of attraction in my personal experience. I’ll let you know how we get on!

Understanding the Influence of the Moon Cycle and Mercury Retrograde

Tomorrow Mercury is in Retrograde for 3 weeks. You may have been experiencing some slight issues in the prior 2 weeks. I’m here to say it is all going to be OK! I’ve collated all my course information on the moon cycles and Mercury Retrograde and created a support e-course for making the most of these planetary influences.
There are videos and PDFs on all elements of the New and Full Moon, Plus how to survive and succeed in the Mercury Retrograde – plus access to me to answer any questions! All for just £19
I’m also including a module on the feminine energies and your own personal cycle and how this relates to the moon and how to work with your hormonal fluctuations to support your physical, emotional and mental body. Even if you are menopausal you still have a cycle that is moon related.
I will also share dates and reminders for the new and full moon (and Mercury Retrograde), so you are always prepared.

You can access this information at anytime, PDFs can be downloaded. There is no time restraint, access at every full or new moon or in the pre-Retrograde as needed.

Simply sign up here for the one-off payment of £19:

If you have any questions please just email me hello

The Power of the Daffodil

Whilst out walking today I contemplated the daffodils. How they wait until the soil warms up and then sprout, flower and bring a little bit of yellow joy to nature.

The daffodil is such an amazing plant, A dormant bulb into the bright joy in spring. I think they are my favourite flower – just for the joy they bring after a dark winter and the thought and prospect of spring and summer. Have you ever thought deeply about them… let me take you on a mindful journey…

How amazing are daffodils – that tiny bulb and its roots lays dormant in the ground for about 9 months, then when the sun starts to warm the earth the stem starts to grow. Using just its own energy and water from the soil around it, it grows into a plant a foot tall (35cm?!) with leaves and a sturdy stem. Then it buds into a huge yellow flower with a trumpet shape, often different colour to the main petals. Stunning! It brings such happiness and joy after the dark winter, yellow for joy! It cheers people up for a few weeks, whilst the leaves are photosynthesizing and building the bulb’s energy up, before it goes dormant again for another 9 months. How amazing are these plants?

Thinking about this plant has taught me a lot, we all have energy within us, that we can use for positive – to bloom – but we need to recharge ourselves in order to continue the cycle.

Nature is just awesome!

Why have I shared this basic nature review? – Because we need to fill our own energy levels up before we can bloom, plus its OK to be dormant and quiet for months.

I feel personally I’ve been hibernating and am finally ready to come out and share my thoughts and ideas (and tools!)

The most important Love is Self-love

Today is Valentine’s Day the 14th February. The day when we are all supposed to share our love for our partner or the person we secretly admire. But do you love and commit to the most important person in your life? 

I remember at school this being quite a stressful day – who has got one, who hasn’t, who you’ve sent one too, which one you don’t want, who sent it if you did get one – is it reciprocated, will they know it was you who sent the card?

As we grow up we learn that its more of a commercial event – or perhaps we tell ourselves that so it doesn’t affect us if we are not in a relationship.

There is one relationship which is absolutely key to us, One relationship which we have complete control over. One relationship which we should prioritise above all others. One relationship which is usually ignored, left to starve, be empty, run down, uncared for. You’ve guessed it – its the relationship we have with ourselves – self love – self care.

It’s so important for us to look after ourselves, but so many of us neglect ourselves – low priority, low self worth, not worth the time, no time to do anything, can’t do anything, not as good as others, everyone else is better…..

So today on St Valentine’s Day I invite you to find five minutes and refill your jug, meditate, have a hot drink and biscuit, massage your hands, polish your nails…. whatever it is that means you are spending time on just you.

You may like to do the meditation I’ve recorded for you. Or you may want to invest more time in yourself (because you are worth it) and buy the “I love my life” mini-course (half price!)

If you don’t look after yourself, care for your body, mind and emotions – then how can you support the people you love around you? How can you do the things you love to do? Quite simply, you must find time to look after yourself.

Today is the perfect day to make that commitment to yourself – to love yourself – to care for yourself

“I love myself completely, just as I am at this moment”

Don’t put it off until you’ve lost weight, done exercise, found a partner, had a hair cut, got new glasses….. there is only one moment in time that you can effect and that is RIGHT NOW! Tomorrow never comes and yesterday is gone. Today is a present  – a gift to be the best you can be – to simply be you x

Here is a link to a beautiful visualisation meditation:

Would you like a Safe, Sacred Space to Connect & Grow Spiritually – this Women’s Circle could be for You <3

Do you desire to have a better spiritual and angelic connection?

A connection to your intuition, to your guides, your higher self, to Source?

Are you a woman who wants to develop your spiritual knowledge & be connected to a like-minded tribe of females.

Then this Women’s Circle is for you:

– A group for like-minded females wanting to develop spirituality & connect

– A safe, supportive environment to share and grow

– Themes that allow spiritual growth & confidence

– Monthly videos and workbooks and related meditations

– Structured themes and practical/ hands-on work for you to practise in your own time

– Monthly meditations recorded for you

– Monthly healing sessions

– New Moon Zoom Online Connection (virtual group), every new moon

– Secret & Sacred Facebook Group Each month you will work along a theme, with meditations recorded to play and use in your own time.

Plus a book thread where we can share spiritual books, thoughts and comments.

The key is creating a sacred space to be you, to question, share and learn. You can access the spiritual academy as part of your membership

The price for this is £15 a month (or just £111 for 12 months access) 

Testimonials from Members:

AM – I’ve been a member of Romella’s Women’s Group for a while and I love it. Romella guides you through different topics each month and provides you with resources (videos and downloadable pdf’s) to support your learning. She explains each topic clearly and is willing to answer any questions you may have. My favourite so far have been using crystals, aromatherapy and the guided meditations. It’s a great way to learn and the group is very supportive. Thank you

MJ – Went to the woman’s retreat today. Lovely people & a fab session. Can’t wait for the next one!!!! JG – Wow Romella, thank you soooo much, you have given so much time, thank goodness there was only a small group last session. It’s really interesting what appears to keep coming up, and how the colours and cards interconnect…. I know that the universe works in wonderful ways, and has lead me to your group, it’s all stepping stones to a more enlightened life. xxx

Join the Women’s Circle for £15 a month


Or £111 for 12 months (saving £69)


Imbolc – the Celtic celebration of Spring

At the beginning of February is the Celtic celebration of Imbolc – no not the start of the six nations, or the fact our local pop up cake shop has reopened for the Spring – although these are also good reasons to celebrate!

Imbolc falls between the winter and spring solstice, this year its 1st February.

It is linked to the Goddess Brigid, with straw dolls made for her as part of the blessings ceremony.

Its key significance is the beginning of spring. So even though we might have snow and it is zero degrees outside, we welcome in the spring like energy of the new season.

I love to have daffodils in the house at this time of year – either in bulbs or a little vase. Their yellow heads bring happiness and always make me smile.

I am excited by the approach of spring as to me it represents the expansion of my business and my coming out of my bulb and into the world- sharing joy and tools – and being that yellow bud that brings joy to others!

Wishing you a blessed Imbolc x

Is Connection Important to You? Connection to Whom?

This week I’ve been pondering connection. A heartcentred lady, who I am lucky to have called a friend, passed away last week. Her light shone brightly and still does. Her connection can still be felt, like ripples around the world.

We have so many connections that come to us through family, friends, work, clubs, online groups and more. Some are positive, others less so. Some we thrive on and grow them deeply into our lives – like building a forest where the roots and branches intermingle. This is what Sam did, she created a beautiful tribe of heartcentred people looking to make a difference, one drop at a time.

Connection doesn’t have to be about other people, it can also be about us, our deep connection to our hearts, souls, lives and our own truth. It can be about connection to our spiritual team.

Deepening my connection to me has been top most of my… needs… is the word I’m going to use. I need to really connect back into me, my passion and put myself first. After a busy and emotional Christmas,  business relaunch and more – I seem to have lost me in the mix.

So this weekend I’m doing myself a 12 card reading for the year and sorting myself out a special aromatherapy blend created around emotions. I need to reconnect to myself, my mission, my guides. Today I thought this might also be the case for others. So I thought I’d create this as an offer – as often as leaders/teachers we are only a step or two ahead.

Special Offer for 10 people only

Book your space for £49 here:

New Women’s Circle in Newport

Looking to grow your spiritual connection this year and meet like-minded women to share your experiences? I am launching a 2nd Women’s Circle in Newport, running 4th Fri AM of the month.This month we’re looking at setting our intentions for 2019 – through connecting to our key words, vision boarding, journalling and meditating. The energy of these groups is so uplifting and connections stronger as we all lift each others vibrations higher 

:-). All women welcome Any questions please PM x £20 a session

Book here –