The Frazzled Mum’s Defrazzle Journal

Exciting news 🙂
The Frazzled Mum’s Defrazzle Journal with Romella is available!

100 days of journalling to make yourself accountable to yourself

Welcome to you, creating the new you who is less frazzled and stressed and more balanced, calm and aligned.
This journal is to empower you to make changes that will bring about those changes.
To be accountable to yourself, everyday.
Only you can take those steps throughout the day to make the changes.
I can guide you with this daily journal and with the “Balance and Calm Toolkit for Frazzled Mums” book, which is the perfect partner for this book. But I can’t make you do the selfcare and take time for yourself.
What I can suggest is setting a reminder on your phone at key moments of the day (coffee/snack time, lunchtime, preschool pickup) using your phone calendar – then DOING the thing!
Are you ready to commit to you?
Prompts for defrazzling to bring balance anc calm to you and your day.
Allowing you to be accountable to yourself
Journal has tips and pages for 100 days on lovely cream paper
Book – click here

Book, Journal and 21 day email videos £27 (email me)

£99 Frazzled Mum Session (book & journal plus 21 day emails PLUS 50 minute 1-2-1 session (email me)

VIP Frazzled Mum – books/email videos AND – 8 x weekly sessions to shift negative emotions, stress and create calm and get into energetic alignment (email me)

The Shift – are you ready to shift those negative emotions & fears and step into your light?

How are things with you?

Are you an empath & pick up on others energies and emotions?

Can you feel the fear?

So the world is opening up, but on the other side of the scale the media is obsessed with variants.

As an empath, I’m really feeling it all. That flip from being able to hug, no masks for school kids (so good to see their smiling faces as come out of school!) vs the media, social media and sensation of being on high alert still.

It can make me feel like I’m bobbing in a raft, some days I can see land and other days I’m bobbing away but mostly I’m grounded and looking out at the waves!

It is so important to look after yourself on all levels, which is why I want to share some of my tools which have been really supporting me in the past months.

These tools are so practical to shift negative emotions, clear those layers of stress that are like an onion around us and move us into positive energies – where we’re more aligned, grounded and able to step into being our real selves.

I’m offering a new mini-program with big shifts over a fortnight – so you start moving into the positive and to your “new normal” quickly.
– Each 45 minute session will aim to shift 15-10 negative emotions that are weighing heavily on you at the moment and affecting your clarity, energy and focus.
– We will look at dissolving cords that are affecting your energy
– We will also re-align, motivate and create space for you to step into your new energy
– Plus homework and self-care tools to support your onward journey

I’m offering 5 places of “The Shift” at a reduced rate of £88 (will be £111 once these are booked. All sessions will take place via Zoom. I have limited availability this week

Mental health and too many spinning plates

I hope you are doing OK?

I’m feeling a lot of emotions and having a lot of lessons at the moment. That’s OK if I stop and pay attention. I can’t carry on ” holding everything together”. I’m going to have to drop some plates and maybe allow them to smash on the floor.

That’s a scary thought.

I’m going to make some decisions that fit my current energy and basically damage limitation to my mental health.

My first decision is the food waste. I love doing this and notcing such a difference in our bins and doing my bit for the environment. But frankly our current  kitchen is small and it makes a mess around the sink. So I’m going to stop having the caddy. I might have a bag on the surface instead when peeling veg, or I might stop completely for a while. The caddy affects me emotionally whenever I see it, it really annoys me and at this moment I recognise I have more important areas to focus on. So I’m going to stop. After I’ve sent this email, I shall clear the bag out, pop caddy through the dishwasher and that’s that, until I’m up to it again.

Also I’ve had enough of home learning. So I’ve decided my daughter can start her half term early. I don’t need the pressure of it. The forcing her to do it. Maybe over half term we’ll do a few of the classes (maths for example), maybe we won’t. 

The room divider we’ve got up for the puppy isn’t working – it doesn’t allow me any freedom to pop to the loo and leave her unsupervised. So I’m going to change its position around the crate and mat. 

These three things are small in the grand scheme of things, but they will make a massive difference to my mental and emotional health at the moment.

Where can you let the plates stop spinning, or ask for support? Maybe its small, maybe its a larger change. Listen to your intuition and take the actions to support yourself.

You are worth it
love and calming thoughts


Self Care & Actually Doing It – Program & Book

Self care – how many of you have lost yourself in recent months or even in 2020?

Stopped doing the things that fill you up, feeling drained and exhausted, unmotivated to do anything. I know I have!

Back in August I all but completed my self care program book and haven’t managed to finalise. But now I really need to – for myself and others like me.

Its a 33 day program/ journal/ tips for calm. There’s a beautiful paperback journal/book, plus each day you’ll get a video of a tip and check in, plus a bonus weekly zoom session. I might set up a Facebook group if there’s demand or interest (I’m not into doing the “shoulds”.

Its starting December 28th (monday) and will run for 33 days.

I’m also going to offer an upgrade via level with some “ease method” clearing to shift stress, cords, and more.

So who’s in? Just £33 so only £1 a day. Watch this space or better still drop me an emoji, comment or pm!

Let’s start taking gentle forward steps to improved self care, inner calm and mindset

Join me here for £33 – I’ll arrange for the paperback book/journal to be posted to you – we’re starting 28th December. Each day you’ll get a video to watch, plus a bonus weekly catch up on Zoom. No facebook group to stress – just you, yourself and me supporting you

If you want to upgrade to really boost your energy – use this link for £99 and we’ll book 2 x 40 minute 1-2-1 sessions and use the Ease Method to shift your stress, clear some cords, connect to your higher self. Each protocol usually takes about 3 minutes to process.

The Ease Method is a set of techniques for getting your energy into alignment so you can find greater ease no matter what situation you are facing.

You can apply EASE to anything, because it’s all about helping energy align, and as you know, our energy story and patterns around an issue govern our thoughts, feelings and actions around it.

There are eight protocols you can use to align your  energy, these include:  uncovering deeper blocks and releasing the related stress / blocked energy; aligning with a  new version of self to fully integrate work (including work done in previous years that hasn’t integrated); and clearing the soul of damage from past lives and current lifetime 

£99 VIP Option with 2 x 40 sessions and includes S=33 day self-care program:

Whichever option you choose, I'll be in contact to sort your address for the paperback book and confirm dates for zooom calls or your 1-2-1 sessions.

Top 6 Actions to work with Law of Attraction

Top Six Actions to get Law of Attraction working for you:

These are the top six actions you need to start to get the Law of Attraction to work for you. I’ve taken them from my Law of Attraction 101 workshop and monthly group. They are simple but effective. If one element is missed out, then the flow and momentum can be squashed – and if its an action then it simply won’t happen.

  1. Ask/ Affirm – spend some time thinking about what you desire. What you want to attract. Have a deep think, get some detail in there, use your senses.
  2. Believe – Believe that you deserve this desire, you are worthy to receive
  3. Feel – By adding in feelings you really make your desire come alive. Using emotions is really powerful when mixed with thought.
  4. Action – The law of attraction is unlikely to work without you making some actions towards it – for example if you want a new house then viewing  properties, getting your house valued, working out  your budget are all positive actions that you can make. They also feed into the above steps of deeper thoughts, feelings and believing, imagining its real.
  5. Receive – you must be ready to accept when the Law of Attraction comes your way. No point in doing the Law of Attraction work to fail at the accepting part. Get your limiting beliefs cleared – you are worthy to receive your desires!
  6. Gratitude – When the Law of Attraction works for you – whether big or small, show and be grateful for all the steps of success for your dreams. Show gratitude for all you have in the meantime – perhaps through a daily gratitude diary.

There are some key steps that people miss out and then wonder why the Law of Attraction isn’t working for them. You must take some actions towards it, be able to receive and accept the gift and show gratitude.

Following these six simple steps will help you get the Law of Attraction to work for you too

Tools for clearing

This is a blog with links to tools I use and recommend for clearing your space and setting up your energy.

I find the incense sticks useful for cleansing the house energetically, plus this smells divine!

The palo santo wood is grounding and great to use in and around children

Crystals are useful to shift the energy, to protect an space or fill it with positive energy – or specific energies (eg romance, good sleep, no nightmares, spiritual connection, abundance…)

Looking for the Gift in Life’s Unexpected Events

I hope you are well beautiful soul and have been looking after yourself <3

I’m really not sure how it can be October already, but I feel a change of season is very welcome. Not that I don’t want the warmth of the sun or blue skies, but it is more a sense of moving forward through the year after feeling like groundhog day for months! 

That’s really what this email is about – looking for the gift in the learning or situation – even when it feels overwhelming or too negative.

Looking back on the Lockdown in March, I can now see the gifts present in that time. The fact that we had no time constraints on the day (no frantic school runs!), time with kids (beyond home learning!), had beautiful weather and were able to be outside, in paddling pools or trampoline).

It also showed the importance of family connection, seeing my parents and my kidlets spending quality time with their grandparents. Time that they will never get back or indeed experience again.

If you’ve seen any of my lives recently, I’ve mentioned that my Dad’s dementia deteriorated so much during lockdown that he is now in a nursing home. Those memories can never be experienced or made again, we have to change our view and re-focus those gifts. For me the gift is that I can actually see him once a week for 30ish minutes, something that many of my friends with parents in similar situation are unfortunately not able to do. 

So how can you reframe life at the moment – to see the gift that is there for you? I’d love you to share with me.

The rainbows are there to highlight the gift of sunshine, even when there is also rain.

Are you the glue holding it all together?

Who’s feels like they’ve been glueing the whole their family together?

Soothing anxieties and worries, endless feeding and food decisions, trying to re-establish a new routine – a new normal but terrified of its fragility?

Of answering questions, without knowing the answers

Worries of judging and being judged?

Of a need for selfcare desperately, but what happens if you do? Will the glue melt? Will it all unravel?

These are my questions too, as a mum to an 10 and 12 year old. Desperate for normality. But if I stop and do my self care, it will show weakness and the world will stopnturing.
Last week I started and do you know the world didnt go onwards. The glue continued to.hold, as it was based on unconditional love. And even more important, I was able to be me, to relax and put my needs first (once kidlets in school).

The silence in this house was deafening. I resisted the selfcare for a few days, but the silence called out like a drum to me to look after and replenish my energy. So I did.

Greater balance and calm followed, my intuition sparked once more and I am slowing becoming whole once more.

You are important.

As life in September changes again, who’s ready for my new September Self-Care?

All designed to clear and positively energise your home, office and mind.

To allow you attention to.creating elements of calm in your day

To bring you moments of clarity and calm


– A printed journal and balance and calm prompt book

– a 20 minute Ease Method videocall, to clear stress or motivate or cord citting

– journalling ecourse

– access to v-book home space clearing workshop

– plus access to support group

Or upgrade to include full Ease Method sessions or additional Ease Method sessions

£33 for selfcare booster package

£55 for selfcare booster package and 1 x 30 min Ease Method session

£77 for selfcare booster package and 2 x 30 min Ease Method session

£99 for selfcare booster package and 3 x 30 min Ease Method session

Book and make your payment here – simply choose the level you wish –

Are you the Glue that holds everyone together? Time for some self-care