Why Oracle Cards are an important part of the Journey of Self-Discovery and Connection

In this video I explain why oracle cards are such a useful tool to use everyday for guidance and self care.

They can open us up to messages and wisdom that we may have previously ignored or been blind to. They can allow us to tap into our higher self or even our physical body and discover a hidden message.

We can then use this information as a starting point through journalling, meditation or even a mindfulness walk to bring further information to the front of our awareness, to suggest tools we can use to support our self-care or self-healing or inner wisdom journey.

Our choice of question can allow us to go in a multitude of directions, depending on what we are open to receive and what actions to take.

The action isn’t pulling the oracle card, the action is what we do with the information held & shared from the card. In this video the bone collector came up for me (twice!), so I’m now going to take the action of reading the guidebook, journalling and doing a meditation to connect to the bone collector.

I’ve also felt I need to use the ho’oponopono prayer on my past self and use the yellow “joy” spray for my emotional support and the alta major chakra spray to support my physical body. If you are interested in either an oracle reading, guidance on setting up your daily support practice or going on a healing & exploratory journey with my signature program of “Connection” please message me

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