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Last few blogs have been me  jumping straight in to say how I use & cleanse new crystals, as I’d had a new crystal delivery (heaven!). Now I’m going to back track to outline choosing a crystal that will work with you.

You can just use instinct to choose a crystal when in a shop. Or look up an issue or ailment in one of many crystal books and then look to purchase that type of crystal. Even if you know what type you are looking for you will probably have a choice of 5-10 crystals of that type! There are a few methods which will work well to get the perfect crystal for you.

Visual – After choosing the type of crystal, then see if there is one you are instinctively drawn to, hold it in your hand and silently ask if it will help you do “x”, if you get a positive inner knowing will mean you have chosen the right crystal and it will support you in your aims. I usually have a relaxation in my shoulders for the right crystal, almost a mini-healing. The choice of a crystal is a two-way choice and I have seen a crystal being chosen and then leaping out of the clients hand and “hiding” in another batch of crystals!!


Pendulum – An alternative method is to use a crystal pendulum (or other pendulum). A pendulum, like a crystal, needs to be in agreement to work with you and will need cleansing and charging regularly too. To use a crystal pendulum, first you need to ask a base question so you know which is the answer for yes, no and not sure (clockwise/ anti-clockwise/ forwards/ sideways/wiggle etc). Once you have established this movement you can ask other yes/no questions. Hold either one or a few crystals in your hand and then ask the question “is there a crystal here which will work with me to do x”. Then remove crystals from the group or if you have a “no” choose another group to ask. When working with a pendulum you need to try to keep your mind clear, it works by picking up energy and after a while the mind can influence it!

Energy Scanning – Another method is to hold it in our hand and place your other hand on top and see what sensations you pick up. This energy scanning method may give you a tingle, heat or even a small electric shock!

Choosing a crystal is a personal choice and the method you use will be right for you. You can still choose crystals for someone else. Before choosing, think of that person very clearly in your mind, or look at a photo of them, you are tuning into their energy. Then you can use one of the above methods, rewording “will you work with x to do y”.

If you are choosing from the internet, then you can’t hold the crystal to feel its vibration but you can look at the image. I clear my mind and try to tune in the “shop” and crystal image to ensure it feels positive. I still ask the question “will one of these crystals being sold help me with x”

Choosing a new crystal is an exciting moment. I use all these methods, visually I am often drawn to a type of crystal and then use the energy scanning and question to choose the actual crystal. I do this remotely or by holding the crystal, depending on where I am buying the crystal. Don’t forget to cleanse the crystal when you get home before using though!

Next blog I’m going to be sharing my healer’s gold crystal!

Recommendations – facebook – “cupsandwands tarot”, and Hibiscus Moon
books – The Crystal Bible – Judy Hall; Crystal Healing – Judy Hall; Crystal Therapy – Doreen Virtue; The Crystal Healer Philip Permutt

This blog is written as an outline of how I work with crystals and not a professional teaching lesson on crystals

stunning high vibration crystal tealight holders

stunning high vibration crystal tealight holders

Using a crystal pendulum and how to get answers

SAM_1995  a crystal pendulum, how to get answers!

Using a crystal pendulum; how to get answers!

In the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy the answer to the “big” question was 42! Although a pendulum wouldn’t give you this exact number it could give a yes, no or don’t know/unsure response if you ask your questions carefully!

First you need to cleanse and prepare your pendulum. So if choosing a pendulum hold it in your hand and let it dangle, ask for it to show you “yes” and “no” and “unsure”. These movements are usually anti/clockwise, left/right/or wobble/a line for unsure etc. Usually whatever the “Yes” is, the “No” will be the opposite ie if “yes” is clockwise then “no” usually anticlockwise. Then when you have your base ask if the pendulum will work with you. If it gives the motion for “yes”, then take to the till and get ready to go!!

Once you have chosen your pendulum it is important to treat it as any other crystal. It should be cleansed (as covered in my earlier blog), I usually run under water and charged in sun or moonlight before use. Then it needs to be programmed, so hold in your hand, centre yourself and ask for the pendulum to work with you for the highest good and give truthful answers as best it can. Then you are ready to go!

It is good at this point to do some more checks. all questions need to be closed yes/no questions. Questions could be “is my name x” “Do I have a son” or “Do I live in Newport”, include some “no” answers too. This will verify that the rotation or movement is correct and gives you confidence that the pendulum is “working correctly”.

It is important not to overwork the pendulum or you may find you start to sway the answers it gives by linking into your mind and hand movements. So be quick and focused. If you think you may be influencing the swing, then leave for a short time & clear your energies through nature, meditation etc and leave the pendulum somewhere on a window sill to charge.

I use my pendulum in many ways, I use it to verify my thoughts or feelings in a healing session or if umming on a purchase or event. I use it in my crystal therapies with clients to verify the crystal choice and when the crystal is ready to be removed, or if additional crystals are needed. It supports my own thoughts and actions as well as shows me energetic levels of chakras very visually.

I also hold it over cards such as angel cards or Labrys Ascension cards and narrow down the choice by small piles or spreading on the floor to choose a card for the day.

You can use your pendulum in many ways to support your psychic development, personal growth and confidence. Just remember to look after it and cleanse and charge regularly, especially if out in the public with it!

Enjoy your swinging pendulum!
Rom, Cariad Therapies x

quartz crystal pendulum

Quartz pendulum on purple velvet bag

This blog is written as an outline of how I work with crystals and not a professional teaching lesson on crystals


The Spirit of Spirit Quartz



I have to admit to loving this amazingly shaped piece of spirit quartz, but although its been with me for some six years, its only now that I feel drawn to work with it. I feel that for the past six years my energies have not been at the right level to really communicate and work with this stunning spirit quartz. I do often find that I buy crystals in advance of being ready to use them, and then when I’m ready they pop out of my collection and into my mind!

The crystal itself has long candle-like points with the body covered in a multitude of small points. It is usually an amethyst-based crystal but some have been found in citrine and white quartz too. Amethyst itself is a great stone to work with to develop your psychic abilities, and spirit quartz has the same qualities but with more uummpf!

Spirit Quartz is a crystal that works on the crown and also the solar plexus, this is very interesting as it balances emotions (solar plexus) with the higher spiritual world (crown). By trusting in our feelings this allows our spiritual guidance to come through as clairsentience, which according to Doreen Virtue is the clair that is dominant in most people. By meditating with this spirit quartz it can help us form the links between our feelings and trust and turn these feelings of inner knowing, into an additional more spiritual sense.

The amethyst version of spirit quartz, which mine is, works with the aura and chakras to help create peace, balance and harmony. It can remove negative fears and entities, balance energy flow throughout the chakras, open the crown to allow more spiritual download and work with you to change this information into wisdom which can be used positively to move forward. It can release fears, particularly financial fears and release you from this burden of worry to focus more strongly on your path forward.

I am finding this crystal very supportive as I release old 3D limitations and move myself forward to the new world. It is highlighting attitudes which no longer serve me and strengthens my connection, by linking my clairsentience and third eye to my crown.

Wow! I wish I’d used this crystal sooner, but then I guess I just wasn’t ready for it until this very moment!

So don’t worry if you buy a crystal and don’t work with it for a while, you will in time, just knowing it’s there may be all you need for the time being.

Spirit Quartz I am ready for our journey together!

Rom x
Cariad Therapies

spirit quartz, crown and solar plexus chakra, clair sentience

Spirit quartz works with the crown and solar plexus chakras and can help to support clairsentience development

This blog contains information from my own experience and may not match your own, I share it as a friend, not as instruction or diagnosis!

Healers Gold – a crystal so yummy!!



This blog is about the amazing crystal Healer’s Gold. It might seem strange to dive straight into this little known crystal, rather than clear quartz or rose quartz or citrine and build up to the more unusual. But chances are you’ve worked and played with those already, so something different! I discovered healer’s gold when a crystal guide opened on that page and I was instantly intrigued.

As a healer and crystal therapist I am always looking for ways to use crystals to benefit my intuition, protection and client healing release. You know that feeling when you see a crystal which you just know is going to be in tune with you – love at first sight! I use it for everything now!

As you may not have heard of healer’s gold, let me give you some information. It is a compound of pyrite and magnetite, mined in Arizona. It’s colours are mixture of gold and black, beautifully shiny and with a lovely heavy weight to hold. It is a healing grounding crystal of high-frequency energy, bringing energetic balance and harmony. It balances the male and female aspects, aligns the astral, causal and subtle bodies, activates lazy chakras and thus energises. It brings about a synergy between practitioner and client in a treatment.

I am an energy healer and use reiki in all forms of treatment that I do, so this earthy energy fits me snugly and I find it grounds and protects me, increases my intuition and helps the client to ground the healing being given. In my reflexology and massage it is always within the clients aura area and in reiki it is at the head, whilst for crystal therapy I tend to use it as the grounding stone. It works at all chakras, regardless of colours. When I channel information and do reiki attunements I find it soothing and smoothes the way for me to find the words and communicate true meaning that will be understood by the client.

As a crystal junkie I think I have found my sole mate crystal! Grounding, protection, enhanced intuition, chakra balancing and energising all in one! Who could want more?!

I’m off for a meditation with a piece now as a reward for all its hard work in this blog!!! I do have a small quantity of healer’s gold available to buy, so please contact me.

I highly recommend this fulfilling crystal


Rom x

crystal charging, healers gold

12 crystal points freshly cleansed and energised and ready for action with healers gold!

Celestite for psychic development

celestite, celestine, spirit development, peace, reiki

Celestite (or celestine as sometimes known), has for me a lovely calming energy, one that says “everything is going to be OK”. It creates a restfulness and inner peace for me. I find it is extremely useful for meditation, as it calming energy reduces my thoughts and stills my mind, making it open to communication.
It is this calm, which for me, then helps my spiritual connection. My ears are buzzing now with energy and messages as I hold a large piece of celestite to do this blog. The calmness and quiet runs from my crown through my whole body, creating this wonderful stillness. The meditative state is just so peaceful I can hardly write!

Celestite crystal comes in small tumblestones but more often in geodes. I prefer the larger stones which have the points from micro to medium inside, all going in different directions. It is like a communication enhancer, by calming body and mind the spirit can connect and engage.

As well as in meditation, I love to use a small tumblestone on the throat chakra during a chakra balancing treatment. My piece is tiny, about a thumb nail in diameter and yet its gentle energy really helps shift those unspoken blockages, more so than the more traditional turquoise. The crystal works on the heart, throat and crown and this is why I feel it works so well in the chakra rebalancing.

Its gentle openness allows this calming to reduce stress levels in the body and can help sleep come more easily. Its peace allows an opening to link into the connection with your guardian angel, a celestial link indeed!
I love the peacefulness that celestite brings within me and takes me to a faster & deeper meditation than I might achieve otherwise.

Why not try this beautiful stone on your heart or throat chakra next time you meditate or do a crystal chakra balance.

I’m off to quieten my mind now and tune in to my celestial connection!

Love and light
Rom x

celestite, celestine, crystal, spsiritual connection, peace

Celestite geode and crystal in background

Rom – Facebook – cariad therapies

All content relates to my personal experience of crystals and my use of them on myself and within my practice. This blog is written as an outline of how I work with crystals and not a professional teaching lesson on crystals.


What happens in a crystal therapy session

What is Crystal Therapy – what happens in a session?

This week I thought I would share what happens in a Crystal Therapy treatment @ Cariad Therapies.

Crystals have been used to support and heal the mind and body since man first walked the earth, particular reference is often made to usage in Egyptian times to help heal and to meditate. They are now moving from their “new age” (for this read ancient!) and into a wider worldly usage.

The aim of a Crystal Therapy is to use the energy of the crystals to bring the body back into balance. The crystals rest on the body. This can be carried out through the following outlined treatments:

1 Crystal Chakra Balancing – placing of the crystals through their colour on the corresponding chakra point. First I would talk through a short meditation, which the client can continue during the treatment if desired. Then the chakras are opened and the chosen crystals placed on the open chakra. The crystal works to create balance across all the chakras, so the energy can flow through the body and its energy field (aura). It will help release and clear blockages where energy may get or be stuck causing illness or issues. For example the throat chakra may be blocked & the client have a sore throat as a symptom, but actually they may not be saying what they really believe and feel and opening up to “speak their truth”. The use of a crystal such as turquoise or my favourite angelite can help clear the blockage and support and sooth throat, allowing the client to say what they need to say.

Having a Crystal Therapy is extremely relaxing and can provide the client with a lovely restorative feeling. Faces often look more relaxed after a treatment.

crystals on therapy table

2 Specific Crystal Therapy – If the client has specific issues or illnesses (eg migraines) then working with crystal specifically for that ailment can really be amazing.
The use of crystals on specific parts of the body can work to support the bodies own natural healing process. A good example of this is amethyst placed at the base of the skull to aid migraine relief or adventurine on sinus points.

Chakra balancing and specific crystal therapy can of course be combined to bring real balance and benefits.

3 Gridding – The Melody laying-on-of-stones system creates grids around the client to clear, bring abundance, astral travel, past live clearance and more! These grids are constructed using specific crystals chosen for the grid purpose; eg citrine for abundance or rose quartz for love, self love and romance. Together with crystal points to aid the flow of energy through the body and grid.

4 – Gridding using a template – these crystal grids work really well to bring abundance, new opportunities, attract new energy, romance and more. The crystals are all charged and programmed and then the grid activated using a crystal wand and then just regular maintenance is needed to top of the energy! I often use the flower of life symbol (my logo) or an infinity symbol (great for prosperity!). I then keep the grid away from children’s fingers (or pets!) so the energy isn’t disturbed!


5 – Gridding of property – This Crystal therapy doesn’t involve crystals on the body, but in a room, building, office, garden, property boundaries or any environment. It is useful to help clear negative energies from TVs, laptops etc or geopathic stresses (eg underground water, pylons, cabling etc). I like to use amethyst, fluorite or other dark stones to grid my house and in particular the sitting room. For example I have a large fluorite crystal near my TV and have gridded using amethyst which is fab at absorbing geopathic stresses.

I hope this has sparked your interest and I look forward to discussing your own personal Crystal Therapy program. Prices start from £25 for a 30 minute session

Have you got your pants of peace on?

Have you got your Pants of Peace on?

Pants of Peace book by Marneta Viegas

Relax Kids Pants of Peace

By – Rom @ Cariad Therapies Oct 2014 Nova News

Isn’t that a lovely concept, that if you had a pair of magic pants, when you put them on you were calm and ready & able to get on with life, whether a child or an adult! This is what I’ve been working on, pulling on all my training and skills and practice of being a Mum, to bring together packages and classes to support parents and children.

Pants of Peace is a book by the founder of Relax Kids and is full of visualisations which help children to relax, feel less anxiety, less anger and greater self-esteem. I am a Relax Kids coach and run classes in Newport. Classes will be starting at the Children’s Centre in November for under 5s. A 30 minute Relax Kids session includes singing, dance & movement, relaxation games, stretches, gentle parent/child massage, positive talk and ending in cuddle time with a story visualisation and cosy blanket!

Classes can help children hyperactivity, anxiety, sleep problems, tantrums.

To put your name down for the class please contact me and please follow my Fb page “Relax Kids in Newport” for more details AND FREE DOWNLOADS! I hope to run classes for school age children shortly.

Parents, please have a look at, I have a range of services for the family! From flower essence, relaxing therapies, SleepTalk™ self-esteem program for children.

And yes, if I forget to put my pants of peace on, I do have to get changed! Have you got your pants of peace on?! Rom x

To order this book – click on my “amazon recommendations” link


Indian Head Massage for Migraine relief?

Indian Head Massage for Migraine relief?

One of my most popular therapies is Indian Head Massage. It is a gentle massage with its history based in India, where families would (and do) give each other regular head/shoulder massages. It is effective to de-stress the whole body, as the massage covers the shoulders, neck, upper arms, face and scalp. It can be carried out over clothes, but most clients prefer the massage oil to be used.

Many of my clients find that regular Indian Head Massages can reduce the presence and reoccurrences of migraines significantly.

Indian Head Massage has the physical benefits of improving blood flow to the neck and head, improving lymphatic drainage & thus removal of toxins from the head, relieves muscular tension and relieve physical and emotional stress. All brilliant to aid headaches and migraines. As well as the increase blood supply acting as a boost to promote healthy hair growth too!

Book today for just £25 at Newport Beauty Room or Gorge Therapy Centre in Ironbridge

picture-13 purple flower of life

Cleansing of Crystals, first steps before jumping in!

As this is my first blog it feels natural to start at the beginning and share my thoughts on when first using crystals.

I’ve just received some beautiful quartz points for my crystal therapy and some amazing “healer’s gold” crystal tumblestones (more next time!), so as much as I want to get stuck into them I have to cleanse them first!

Cleansing removes past energies that they may have picked up from mining, processing, travel, storage, wholesale & retail, locations and other potential “owners” who held them! Once cleansed you are able to energise them, get to know them and program them with your own positive thoughts and affirmations.

My favourite method is to hold in my hands and then run cold tap water over them for a few minutes until I feel they are cleansed (or dowse with a crystal pendulum). A gentle dab with a towel and then I leave them in the sunlight on a windowsill or overnight in moonlight (a full moon is awesome!). As much as I want to get into their energies it is important for them to have this rest time! I will then (after centreing myself) hold them individually and meditate on them, looking at their shape, texture and imagine being inside them and if they have a messages. This really starts a bond with the crystal and will make choosing them and working with them via instinct much stronger. I will then hold and “program” them individually or in the case of my quartz crystals as a group. Usually the intention initially is something simple such as “to amplify and heal for the highest appropriate level of the client”. Then I can try working with them to really get a feel for their energy! At last!!|

Alternatives method include lying them in salt for a few hours (be sure to throw the salt away though afterwards!), smudge with sage or similar, bury them in the ground (after wrapping in fabric) & remembering where they have been buried!. Some crystals will melt in water (selenite for example) so alternatives are also needed!

If I’m working with them I cleanse between clients using a crystal spray and then use reiki to cleanse and reenergise. I also have a generator crystal I use to leave them “on-charge” between treatments.

I hope I’ve given you a taster of information on crystal cleansing, I must end now as my new crystals are calling for me! Can you hear them?
Cariad Therapies

Insomnia for Adults and children alike!

Ironically I’ve been awake thinking about this blog for the last few hours, so have had to get up to write it! But then that is part of insomnia, when something goes around in your mind and you are unable to switch it off to go to sleep. Insomnia can be caused by anxiety, grief, medical reasons and can result in debilitating tiredness. With a lack of sleep, for me, comes an inability to deal with the day-to-day issues in a calm and positive way. I need my sleep!
Solutions I can offer to help with this much needed area of sleep, all aid relaxation.
Reflexology is known for unblocking and rebalancing the energy pathways of the body. The feet and hands are for a map of the body and internal systems, through a reflexology treatment the body can reduce stress, aid relaxation, strengthen the immune system and facilitate homeostasis (balance) in the body).

By working on the endocrine system (the hormone system), it can be stimulated to bring the hormones into balance, stimulating the “sleep hormone” of melatonin, a high level of melatonin will result in a greater feeling of sleepiness . There are other key areas for relaxation including the digestive system, to ensure troublesome digestive ailments do not interfere with sleep and relaxation points.

As an all over body and system massage Reflexology can pick up areas of issue and can bring the body back into balance as well as be a very relaxing treatment and relaxation is of course the key to insomnia!

Other useful therapies are flower essence remedies which help bring balance to your state of mind and emotions, supporting the relief of anxieties and making you more able to cope with them. Crystals can also work on the body’s energy fields and help clear energy blockages. Amethyst under a pillow can also help with nightmares.
Children often find it very difficult to switch off and their brains keep working on thoughts and actions that have happened earlier in the day. The use of a Relax Kids CD can really help to give them something to focus their thoughts on, can stop the reruns and give them the space for the body to relax and go to sleep. CDs can be bought from me or direct from

It may also be the case that children are also suffering from anxiety, or fear which is preventing them from going to sleep, or to wake in the night. SleepTalk™ is a self-esteem program for children, which follows a set script which parents say to their children as they sleep. It can help with a multitude of childhood behavioural issues including sleeping at night. SleepTalk™ is all about developing the child’s emotional resilience, the mind’s firewall. By using SleepTalk™ over an 8 week period many issues can be reduced or resolved completely

Please talk to me about your, or your child’s insomnia, so we can work a plan of action that will mean you all have the night’s sleep you need, making a better morning!

Rom Jones – Cariad Therapies – Newport Shropshire
Fbook – Cariad Therapies NewportRelax Kids in Newport Shropshire –  Sleeptalk Indigo

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