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I offer a wide range of tools and products designed to move you into a more connected and calm space. By teaching the tools you have access to them whenever you need them – just remember to use them!

My work is like a pyramid with the balance and calm at the bottom and moving up towards expanded spiritual connection. There are elements that span through the whole pyramid – eg self-care, intuition and spiritual connection – but they all work together to bring an enhanced connection to yourself and source. Each level builds on the previous bringing deeper balance, calm and connection

So if you want to bring some balance and calm to your world, then reach out to my social media accounts for freebies, or if you are looking for a deeper spiritual connection I have some amazing tools and circles for you to join too <3
As a published author I have a range of books as the next step, online courses and spiritual women’s circle online and in Shropshire <3 and VIP 1-2-1 client work

For more information /romella101 or email me at

Launching – The Crystal Club

Are you intrigued by crystals and want to know how to use them?

Do you want to learn how to connect and experience crystals?

Got a few crystals but don’t know what to do with them?

Then this course/subscription is for you!

Each month you will get a crystal mailed to you, plus a PDF of information about the crystal, its properties and how to connect and work with it. Plus a meditation

Plus a paperback copy of the”Crystal Club – Connecting Crystals 101″

A Crystal Club paperback journal for all your crystal connections, wisdom, chakra balancing, grids and more

Access to the Crystals 101 library with videos on

  • Starting to use crystals
  • What main crystals properties are
  • Creating crystal grids
  • Crystal Chakra balancing
  • Crystal books I recommend
  • Behind the scenes – how I store my crystals
  • Meditating with crystals
  • Plus a special printable PDF for choosing which crystal or chakra to work on

PLUS monthly live session to ask your questions about your crystals, the crystal of the month – using zoom

PLUS the first 10 people who sign up for the subscription will get a pendulum and set of chakra crystals included as well

Sign up here for the £99 12 month subscription:

Sign up here for the monthly 12 x £11 subscription:

£99 –

£11 x 12 –

Connecting with Archangel Michael, with Romella 100620

Archangel Michael is so much more than just someone to call in for protection or cord cutting – although I call him in for these all the time!

Did you know he can bring guidance with your life purpose?

For enhancing your spiritual connection


Direction and motivation in Life

Self-esteem and confidence

Join me for this spiritual connection with Archangel Michael

Visualisation on a Hawaiian beach with Romella 090620

Come and join me for a visit to a gorgeous warm, sunny beach in Hawaii.

With warm white sand and azure blue sea, balanced against the green of the hillsides around the cove

Join me every day at 10am BST/GMT for my Live at

Creating Calm by becoming an Author #indieauthorweek with Romella

Sharing my journey as an #author with @teamauthoruk and celebrating #indieauthorweek

To celebrate Indie Author Week 2020, I’m sharing my books and tips for calm from my journey of becoming an author 4 years ago.

All books are available from Amazon, many are free on Kindle Unlimited too.

Balance and Calm Toolkit for Frazzled Mums

Balance and Calm Toolkit to Create Family Calm

Balance and Calm Toolkit for the Summer Holidays

Balance and Calm Toolkit For Christmas Calm

Balance and Calm Toolkit

Definitive Dinosaurs

The Creative Cat

The Christmas Creative Cat

Anthology of Family Calm – surviving the lockdown

plus see lockdown poetry part of “LockdownLit” book by @teamauthoruk

Angel Message for WC 8th June 2020 with Romella

Angel card message for wc 8th June 2020 with Romella using the Kyle Gray Angel Prayers deck

As usual ask your question or theme that you would like support or a message around.

Or simply “what do I need to know today?”

Choose 1 2 or 3

Don’t forget to join me every weekday morning at 10am live on my facebook page

Book Club – “Ask and it is Given” Esther Hicks with Romella 050620

Join me today for book club – looking at “Ask and it is Given” by Esther Hicks and Abraham.

Sharing some tools from the book to boost your vibration and manifesting. Plus a video explaining the Emotional Guidance System (with resources from The Balance Procedure) and info on some of the processes outlined in the book.

There are 22 processes outlined in this book to expand your being and vibration, to enhance your emotional frequency. Each works well in a certain range of emotional state.

Here are a few of the processes:

  • Rampage of Appreciation – look around you and notice the things that please you and bring you pleasure. Focus your attention on this object and feel into the emotion of appreciation – how beautiful or functional or timesaving it is. Allow your positive feelings to expand as you increase your attention.
  • Prosperity Process. Take a notebook or similar and create a bank spreadsheet with a drposit column and expenditure colomn. Make the latter larger. Each day you add £1000 to the deposit and each day you spend it in the expenditure column. Each day it increases so day 2 is £2000, day 3 £3000 day 4 £4000 etc. The idea is to have fun spending the money and researching at what you would spend. Feeling into the energy of prosperity and gratitude. The idea is to spend it each day, but you can save a few days for a larger item – or wait for that day to come around!