Top 6 Actions to work with Law of Attraction

Top Six Actions to get Law of Attraction working for you:

These are the top six actions you need to start to get the Law of Attraction to work for you. I’ve taken them from my Law of Attraction 101 workshop and monthly group. They are simple but effective. If one element is missed out, then the flow and momentum can be squashed – and if its an action then it simply won’t happen.

  1. Ask/ Affirm – spend some time thinking about what you desire. What you want to attract. Have a deep think, get some detail in there, use your senses.
  2. Believe – Believe that you deserve this desire, you are worthy to receive
  3. Feel – By adding in feelings you really make your desire come alive. Using emotions is really powerful when mixed with thought.
  4. Action – The law of attraction is unlikely to work without you making some actions towards it – for example if you want a new house then viewing  properties, getting your house valued, working out  your budget are all positive actions that you can make. They also feed into the above steps of deeper thoughts, feelings and believing, imagining its real.
  5. Receive – you must be ready to accept when the Law of Attraction comes your way. No point in doing the Law of Attraction work to fail at the accepting part. Get your limiting beliefs cleared – you are worthy to receive your desires!
  6. Gratitude – When the Law of Attraction works for you – whether big or small, show and be grateful for all the steps of success for your dreams. Show gratitude for all you have in the meantime – perhaps through a daily gratitude diary.

There are some key steps that people miss out and then wonder why the Law of Attraction isn’t working for them. You must take some actions towards it, be able to receive and accept the gift and show gratitude.

Following these six simple steps will help you get the Law of Attraction to work for you too

Tools for clearing

This is a blog with links to tools I use and recommend for clearing your space and setting up your energy.

I find the incense sticks useful for cleansing the house energetically, plus this smells divine!

The palo santo wood is grounding and great to use in and around children

Crystals are useful to shift the energy, to protect an space or fill it with positive energy – or specific energies (eg romance, good sleep, no nightmares, spiritual connection, abundance…)

Looking for the Gift in Life’s Unexpected Events

I hope you are well beautiful soul and have been looking after yourself <3

I’m really not sure how it can be October already, but I feel a change of season is very welcome. Not that I don’t want the warmth of the sun or blue skies, but it is more a sense of moving forward through the year after feeling like groundhog day for months! 

That’s really what this email is about – looking for the gift in the learning or situation – even when it feels overwhelming or too negative.

Looking back on the Lockdown in March, I can now see the gifts present in that time. The fact that we had no time constraints on the day (no frantic school runs!), time with kids (beyond home learning!), had beautiful weather and were able to be outside, in paddling pools or trampoline).

It also showed the importance of family connection, seeing my parents and my kidlets spending quality time with their grandparents. Time that they will never get back or indeed experience again.

If you’ve seen any of my lives recently, I’ve mentioned that my Dad’s dementia deteriorated so much during lockdown that he is now in a nursing home. Those memories can never be experienced or made again, we have to change our view and re-focus those gifts. For me the gift is that I can actually see him once a week for 30ish minutes, something that many of my friends with parents in similar situation are unfortunately not able to do. 

So how can you reframe life at the moment – to see the gift that is there for you? I’d love you to share with me.

The rainbows are there to highlight the gift of sunshine, even when there is also rain.