Self Care & Actually Doing It – Program & Book

Self care – how many of you have lost yourself in recent months or even in 2020?

Stopped doing the things that fill you up, feeling drained and exhausted, unmotivated to do anything. I know I have!

Back in August I all but completed my self care program book and haven’t managed to finalise. But now I really need to – for myself and others like me.

Its a 33 day program/ journal/ tips for calm. There’s a beautiful paperback journal/book, plus each day you’ll get a video of a tip and check in, plus a bonus weekly zoom session. I might set up a Facebook group if there’s demand or interest (I’m not into doing the “shoulds”.

Its starting December 28th (monday) and will run for 33 days.

I’m also going to offer an upgrade via level with some “ease method” clearing to shift stress, cords, and more.

So who’s in? Just £33 so only £1 a day. Watch this space or better still drop me an emoji, comment or pm!

Let’s start taking gentle forward steps to improved self care, inner calm and mindset

Join me here for £33 – I’ll arrange for the paperback book/journal to be posted to you – we’re starting 28th December. Each day you’ll get a video to watch, plus a bonus weekly catch up on Zoom. No facebook group to stress – just you, yourself and me supporting you

If you want to upgrade to really boost your energy – use this link for £99 and we’ll book 2 x 40 minute 1-2-1 sessions and use the Ease Method to shift your stress, clear some cords, connect to your higher self. Each protocol usually takes about 3 minutes to process.

The Ease Method is a set of techniques for getting your energy into alignment so you can find greater ease no matter what situation you are facing.

You can apply EASE to anything, because it’s all about helping energy align, and as you know, our energy story and patterns around an issue govern our thoughts, feelings and actions around it.

There are eight protocols you can use to align your  energy, these include:  uncovering deeper blocks and releasing the related stress / blocked energy; aligning with a  new version of self to fully integrate work (including work done in previous years that hasn’t integrated); and clearing the soul of damage from past lives and current lifetime 

£99 VIP Option with 2 x 40 sessions and includes S=33 day self-care program:

Whichever option you choose, I'll be in contact to sort your address for the paperback book and confirm dates for zooom calls or your 1-2-1 sessions.