Visualisation to a Beautiful Garden – using all your senses 260520

Join me for a visualisation of enjoying a beautiful garden and card of the day

Remember to look up the flowers or colours that really call to you. Robert Reeves has a flower oracle deck that might be of interest too

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Angel Message of the Week 25th May 2020

Choose your question, theme or simply “what do I need to know today” . then choose card 1 2 or 3 (or multiple!)

Archangel oracle Card Message for week commencing 25th may 2020 Join me every weekday for card of the day, meditations and visualisations (tues and thurs) and women’s circle spiritual journey (weds) and book club on friday

Law of Attraction Book Club 220520

Join me at 10am for the book club on all things law of attraction and manifesting.
Who’s your go-to authority, author or person you follow?
Tricks that work for you

Here are the books that were mentioned:

Sarah Prout – Dear Universe

Dr Wayne Dyer – The power of Intention

Doreen/ Grant Virtue – Angels of Abundance

Mike Dooley – Leveraging the Universe

Tapping the Source

Rhonda Byrne – The Secret

John Randolph Price – The Abundance Book

PAtricia Crane – Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen

Marie-Claire Carlyle – Money Magnet Mindset – How to BEcome a Money Magnet

Pam Grout – E2

Ursula Source – The Source (Mother Shipton)

Esther & Jerry Hicks – Money and the Law of Attraction – Ask and it is Given

Tosha Silver – Its not your Money

Spiritual Connection Women’s Circle Connecting with Archangel Uriel with Romella 200520

Join me at 10am for our spiritual connection women’s circle – on a journey with Archangel Uriel Bring your oracle cards, journal, pen and cuppa x

Plus a bonus below for you! An Archangel Uriel 101 introductory video and a meditation to connect to his energy

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Archangel Uriel Bonus

Meditation to Connect to Archangel Uriel

Want to connect with other Angels and Archangels – then this Angels and Archangels 101 course is for you. Full of information, videos, meditations and journalling prompts all for £20

Visualisation of a Walk in the Countryside 190520

Join me for a walk in the countryside.

I’ll be walking along the River Wharf in Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales. Somewhere I’ve not been for years, but is the epitome of countryside and happy memories for me.

You can choose wherever you like, we’ll be walking through some fields and along a river or stream

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