Aura Soma – you are the colours you choose!

Aura-Soma(R) is all about colour and you simply instinctively select the bottles you are drawn to. It is an amazing system, which can provide you with a route to discovering your true self. The bottles carry messages through their colours, names, numerology, links to astrology and the tarot. AURA-SOMA® is a system that brings you closer to the understanding of yourself.

The Aura-Soma Colour System is not a therapy in the traditional sense since it makes no claims to heal medical conditions; what it does do is address the whole question of what lies behind dis-ease. It supports you to come to a greater ease within yourself. It highlights through the colour choice whats going on for you and by using one of the bottles it can shift your energy quite significantly

In an AURA-SOMA® consultation you will choose four bottles and the order they are chosen in will create a story of you, what you have come here to do, your gifts & talents and challenges and the future you are creating.

The Aura-Soma Colour Care System is a non-intrusive colour system of great beauty which offers you the opportunity for awareness and transformation. It invites you to work from the deeper level of your being, empowering you to help yourself. Through the use of colour this system brings consciousness and insight from the soul level of your being into your everyday life. The Aura-Soma Colour System is especially suited for those who wish to come to a new focus in their life and/or who wish to develop themselves.

There are five main products in the Aura-Soma system.

The Equilibrium bottles are dual coloured combinations composed of two fractions, oil over water. Each bottle is filled with the living energies of three kingdoms, the Mineral kingdom through the wavelengths of the gems and crystals, the plant kingdom through the science of signatures, herbal extracts and essential oils and the colour kingdom using the properties of colour and light to relate to the colours within the Hue-man.  These are used in a balanced form that may be applied directly onto the body. Equilibrium is the primary product within the Aura-Soma range.

In addition to Equilibrium there are the Pomanders and Quintessences.  These fragrant products are each composed of 49 herbs and essences and provide protection and support for the aura while you open yourself up to the transformation process stimulated by the Equilibrium bottles.  They are to be passed through the aura around the body.

The Colour Essences are the fourth tool and bring the energy of colour into the body when taken as drops on the pulse points.  The Archangeloi are the fifth tool in this range, and are designed to energise your personal space.

The fifth tool is beauty products – a wide range of supportive products from cosmetics to air conditioners.  All are colour coded and all are created with the intention of being entirely helpful.

In a consultation you choose the four bottles and then we will go through the meanings of the colours, blends, numerology, progress of colours, A-S tarot cards. You will receive a  form detailing the bottles you chose, the highlights of the consultation as an aide-memoire and recommendations on choice of bottle. By working with a particular equilibrium bottle you are supporting changes within your situation and it can really help move you forward in the direction you want to travel.

Additionally the spray bottles can be used to clear energies (rooms, auras) and I find are particularly effective to protect against harsh energies (shopping centres) and rebalance energies at home (small children 😉 !!)

To find out what your colours mean you can book an Aura Soma Consultation with me in person (Newport/ Gorge/ Skype) or  in a written format via email. All include the written document and images of the chosen bottles & cards.

Aura Soma Colour Care System

Romella is an award winning Holistic and Energy  Practitioner based in Newport Shropshire & Ironbridge and available through Skype.  I work with you, thewholeyou, to create packages to empower you to be the person you want to be. I include energy healing & clearing, relaxation techniques, life purpose support & teach self-help tools for you, your children and your family. To bring about a space of calm and positive change for the whole family.

Angel Card Reading from Email

Thank you for following the link to see what message the card you chose has.

Angel Cards are a gentle way to get guidance and information from our higher self (ego removed!), guardian angels and even those who have passed. I  have chosen 3 cards and photographed them facedown, you then choose the card you wish to have and below I’ve shared the message for each card. So if you haven’t  chosen already just take a few deep breaths and ask “which card has the message I need to hear now”.

I’ve use the Doreen Virtue “Angel Therapy” oracle card deck, as the messages are often spot on for a single card reading.


Left Card – Twin Flame – “The answer to your questions involves a spiritually based romantic relationship”

Twin flames are also known as the ultimate soulmate, they are part of your spiritual group. A twinflame soul-mate is the ultimate or “the one” soul mate, there may be a “soul mate” in each lifetime (for teaching and sharing a lesson) but this twin flame soul mate is the ultimate real deal, which makes you heart go POW!

This card gives advice as to how to contact your twin flame for guidance or even a meeting. It is rare for twin flames to be together in a lifetime, except in their final one. But they support each other through being spirit guides alternately to each other.

If you wish to have contact then meditate or write a note to the “Guardian Angels of my Twin Flame”, ask your questions, share your feelings and ask for a meeting (to prepare you and your twin flame) – you’ll know instantly when in the presence of your twin flame, through your heart and head.

Middle Card – Mediumship – “You have the natural ability to connect with departed loved ones”

This card is telling you that although your loved one has passed over, you have access to a means to communicate with them. Some options for you are to use oracle cards:

1 – tap the deck to clear their energies

2- ask your questions whilst shuffling the cards

3 – instinctively pull 1 or 2 cards

4 – spend some time reading & feeling the cards message, noticing the images on the picture, any little detail that comes to your mind when looking at the cards and understanding their message.

You may also ask for a sign and find words in a song, a feather, repeating phases, smell a scent. Be observant and listen to your eyes, ears and feelings

Right Card – Sacral Chakra – “You are highly sensitive to chemicals, additives, processed foods, and energies right now. Respect your sensitivities by avoiding harsh items, situations and relationships”

The sacral chakra is the second energy centre, below the belly button and glows orange, it links to our emotions, sexuality, cleansing/releasing (urinary/digestive). It is the seat of our emotions, where we feel responses (butterflies) in our physical body.

This cards is telling you to look after yourself and watch what you eat, drink, breathe and put on/in your body. It will all affect your system and how you feel. It may be you need to reduce or remove caffeine from your diet – maybe completely. It may mean you need to look at reducing salt or sugar, eat more organic/ unprocessed foods. Or look at the products you use on your body from shampoo to moisturisers.

Reducing these additives in your diet will help you feel healthier, improved wellbeing and calm. Caffeine in particular has a major effect on the body.


I hope you found these messages useful, please remember to check out my weekly card reading on my facebook page or you can arrange your own personal message.

I offer oracle card readings in person/ skype and also in an email format – so distance is no issue! If you are interested then find out more here or buy now here. Prices start at just £8.50 for a one card reading on a question

These were the original cards:

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Romella is an award winning Holistic and Energy  Practitioner based in Newport Shropshire & Ironbridge and available through Skype.  I work with you, the wholeyou, to create packages to empower you to be the person you want to be. I include energy healing & clearing, relaxation techniques, life purpose support & teach self-help tools for you, your children and your family. To bring about a space of calm and positive change for the whole family.

The Balance Procedure Workshop

Would you like a tool you can use everyday to bring balance into your life, to help creating the life you really want to overcome/release blockages – then this is the answer. Come and join me and learn all about a daily selfhelp tool called The Balance Procedure in this introductory workshop:

The Balance Procedure Introductory Workshop

On Monday 6th June  I am running a The Balance Procedure Workshop, where you will learn:

  • Your personal numerology of your date of birth and your current life year (eg creation, manifestation, foundation, clearing etc…)
  • Look at your astrological sign and what it means to you
  • Find out about The Balance Procedure, its links to numerology, colours, symbols, crystals, affirmations and the physical body
  • Carry out a Balance Check to see if you are in balance to all 9 cards and what anything out of balance might mean to you
  • Learn how to “balance” with the cards
  • Have a tool you can use every day, or specific action/issue as needed
  • When you leave you will have a tool you can use everyday, pack of TBP cards & book

What is The Balance Procedure?

The Balance Procedure is an energy technique, it comprises of a set of 9 cards all linked to affirmations, symbols, colours, numbers and a few other things! By holding the cards on your balance centre and using your body to dowse (move), you use the cards to balance yourself and check you are aligned to what you want to feel in your life. By asking yourself, “what do I want, how do I want to feel” and then balancing the answer, you are working towards your highest good. For example “I want to be healthier”, “I am healthy”. It’s all about your energy and your intentions

The price  for this workshop is £35 and includes The Balance Procedure Book, cards set (a normal consultation price is £49, so a saving of £14)

To book contact me on 07894 812440 or email

Romella is an award winning Holistic and Energy  Practitioner based in Newport Shropshire & Ironbridge and available through Skype.  I work with you, the whole you, to create packages to empower you to be the person you want to be. I include energy healing & clearing, relaxation techniques, life purpose support & teach self-help tools for you, your children and your family. To bring about a space of calm and positive change for the whole family.

The Balance Procdure , bring yourself into balance

The Balance Procedure creating your reality

Cord cutting video

This is a short video explaining how I advise people to cut cords from people, past events and experiences.

Do you find yourself drained when around certain people and then exhausted when you get home or the next day? Do you feel out of balance some days and just can’t put your finger on it? Have you had a breakup but still feeling drained and attached to them? Do you work with people who exhaust you but don’t know why you feel this way? Want to change this, then watch this video and read on afterwards….

What is energy?

Its not about needing to eat to get some energy to do “stuff”, this is more spiritual yet very physical, This is about your energy being zapped by other people, whether those you know, work with or when out shopping or in busy environments. Think of how you feel when you go to a busy shopping centre, as functional as the shop might be, often you can feel quite drained and dysfunctional when you leave. All living things are made of energy and affected by the energy of those around them (intentionally or not). This session will help you become aware of your energy and be able to take positive action to protect and support yourself.

“Energy – protect, clear & reset”

From all my experience and qualifications, I have a brought together a one-hour session part training and part therapy, allowing you to learn techniques to protect, support and nurture your energy whenever you need it.

This Energy session looks at your  cutting cords that no longer serve your highest good, leaving those of love, clearing your aura with Aura-soma pomanders, creating a protective bubble so only those of love come through to you, checking and balancing your energy through crystals and finally hands-on energy healing to seal the changes into your physical body and aura.

You will learn how to protect yourself with bubbles, how to ground yourself into the now, cut negative cords, and a mini-introduction to self-healing.

This session is designed as a one-off (as you learn the techniques to use yourself) but can be used a a re-boost or re-set whenever needed. The session will last an hour and costs £45, it includes a small bag of chakra crystals and “memory” sheet of tips.

For more information and to book your session please contact me. It is also available as a workshop at the Gorge Therapy & Training Centre  click here for next dates

Rom Jones – Cariad Therapies,

Romella Cariad Therapies

The Gorge Therapy and Training Centre, Jackfield, Ironbridge TF28 7LS tel – 07894812440 email –

Background – I have been a Reiki Master-Teacher for over 15 years and am qualified and insured in a wide range of complementary therapies from massage to energy practitioner to crystals to Aura-Soma. All have come to me to help me on my journey and for me to be the person I want to be – thus allowing me to enable you to be the person you want to be!


Rainbow Room at the Gorge Therapy & Training Centre

I thought I’d share a video I did of a walk around the room at the Gorge Therapy & Training Centre where I work. It is a lovely peaceful place to work, and brings calm to my customers.

Come and experience it yourself with one of the many therapies and training tools I offer

Welcome to the rainbow room where I, romella Cariad Therapies, have the joy of working!

I am a holistic therapist, a complementary therapist or energy practitioner – whichever term you like! I work with you wholistically to empower you to be the rperson you want to be – as a parent and as a person.
I offer a range of therapies from reiki, crystal therapy, indian head massage, reflexology to The Balance Procedure to SleepTalk (self-esteem program for children), flower essences to Aura-Soma practitioner.
By understanding you and your needs, blocks and desires we can produce a unique tailored energy package to get you back on track to being the person you want to be.

Therapies are also available separately.

I also teach insurable therapies for those wanting to be therapists or practitioners – The Balance Procedure, Reiki and Labrys Ascension Therapy

All are available in person and most are available through Skype (or similar!)

So drop me a message to book or ask any questions 🙂

Cariad Therapies – Empowering you to be the person you want to be (both as a person and a parent)

Award Winning Holistic and Energy Practitioner (Health & Beauty Mum of the Year – BizMums Oct 2015)

Tel – 07894 812440 Email

Based at The Gorge Therapy & Training Centre @ Maws Craft Centre, Ironbridge TF8 7LS; Newport Shropshire and Global thru Skype!

Facebook – Cariad Therapies Newport Twitter – @cariadtherapies

Shortlist for Businesses for Children Award’s – Cariad Therapies

Excitement Mounting

I’m really excited, because this time next week I’ll be sitting at the Shropshire Businesses for Children Award, eating dinner and waiting for the award ceremony with anticipation!

The shortlist is for the “Parent Award category” which has the criteria of working with children and support/ assistance to parents plus the judge is looking for a business that adapts how they work, or how they deliver their services, with parents in mind or a particular business owner that makes extra efforts or goes above and beyond with the parents they meet. Plus parent testimonials are key! So you need happy parents & children 🙂

I’m really excited to have been shortlisted for this category for the work I do through Cariad Therapies / Create Family Calm. It all comes down to my children they changed me from a reflexologist to “create family calm”!

My Story

“To become a parent was full of heartache and motherhood wasn’t “rosy”. With sibling rivalry and jealousy, great school anxieties with my eldest. I was lucky that courses and options came along to support me at the right time and I now share these with other parents. I know the services I offer work because I have been using them myself!”

So please keep your fingers crossed for me next week – I’ll let you know how I get on!

For more information on the awards click here –

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