Rainbow Room at the Gorge Therapy & Training Centre

I thought I’d share a video I did of a walk around the room at the Gorge Therapy & Training Centre where I work. It is a lovely peaceful place to work, and brings calm to my customers.

Come and experience it yourself with one of the many therapies and training tools I offer

Welcome to the rainbow room where I, romella Cariad Therapies, have the joy of working!

I am a holistic therapist, a complementary therapist or energy practitioner – whichever term you like! I work with you wholistically to empower you to be the rperson you want to be – as a parent and as a person.
I offer a range of therapies from reiki, crystal therapy, indian head massage, reflexology to The Balance Procedure to SleepTalk (self-esteem program for children), flower essences to Aura-Soma practitioner.
By understanding you and your needs, blocks and desires we can produce a unique tailored energy package to get you back on track to being the person you want to be.

Therapies are also available separately.

I also teach insurable therapies for those wanting to be therapists or practitioners – The Balance Procedure, Reiki and Labrys Ascension Therapy

All are available in person and most are available through Skype (or similar!)

So drop me a message to book or ask any questions 🙂

Cariad Therapies – Empowering you to be the person you want to be (both as a person and a parent)

Award Winning Holistic and Energy Practitioner (Health & Beauty Mum of the Year – BizMums Oct 2015)