Well that’s all we need?! Mercury Retrograde June July 2020

Yes its Mercury Retrograde again – we are in the preshadow (since 1st June) then full retrograde 17th June for 2 weeks and then 3 weeks of post shadow again.

Ending 12th July {Plus Saturn, Pluto, Venus, Jupiter also retrograde at the moment)/

Many looking at our own authenticity, our relationships, our soul purpose and getting into alignment – interesting times!

More Mercury Retrograde info is here:




crystals to use in a mercury retrograde

Visualisation – a trip to the moon plus a chat about crystals 280520

Join me today for a beautiful guided meditation on a trip to the moon – with moon walking and tremendous views of earth! Connect with the moon to support New moon and Full Moon energies.

Plus a talk about crystals – moldavite and programming crystals to have whatever properties or goals you want – and why its important to keep the programs uptodate when things change!

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Visualisation to a Beautiful Garden – using all your senses 260520

Join me for a visualisation of enjoying a beautiful garden and card of the day

Remember to look up the flowers or colours that really call to you. Robert Reeves has a flower oracle deck that might be of interest too

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Angel Message of the Week 25th May 2020

Choose your question, theme or simply “what do I need to know today” . then choose card 1 2 or 3 (or multiple!)

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