What does your name mean? Why is Romella my business name too?!

When we are born we all have a name, over time thing mage be shortened or amended.

Did you know that each letter or sound carries with it an energeitc vibration or a message.

For example the letter O is about integrity, the letter A purity. Thisis part of your soul quality.
then if you change your name it’s meaning will also change.

For example If you are called Daniella or Danielle (e = honesty & a = purity), then shortened to Dannie, Danny, or Dan all these letters create a different energy. Samantha, Sam, Sammie, or Sammy, Peter to Pete, Alexander to Alex (what a lot of lost qualities message there!).

It might mean that you’ve shifted yur energy so your old name doesn’t resonate. Or just a shorted nickname that has become “you”, perhaps you had no choice!

As my full name is Romella, I often shorten to Rom, this means I lose over 50% of the name’s energy!

R = honest communication,

O- integrity

M – wisdom

E- honest relationships,

L strength of mind (x2!)

L strength of mind

A – purity.

What does your name say about you and are you in resonance with it.

I’ve chosen to use my name as my business – its meaning fulfills exactly what me and my business stand for

you can still call me Rom though 


Click the link below for the PDF to find out what the letters in your name means:

What’s in your Name- letters and numbers

Information from Diana Cooper “New ALight on Ascension”