Realisation – I’m not a healer

I had the sudden realisation last week, that I’m not a healer. I can’t heal my son, I can however, support him and make positive changes in his world. This was a huge step in mindset for me.

Now the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) have pretty much banned the word healer, healing, heal and cure for good reason. So I don’t refer to myself as a healer  – ever. But I have been practising Reiki for over 16 years, as well as other modalities of energy work and I know first hand the positive difference and changes that they make.

With Reiki you are the conduit that energy flows down and through you, you are not the force that heals. Think of it as the cable and plug, plugging into the universal energy to make the radio come alive & sing. The body heals itself, if and when it is ready to do so.

Don’t get me wrong I love Reiki and all that it does. It clears the emotional, mental and physical body of all that is ready to release. It helps new positive energy come in and allows time for the client to process, clear and heal themselves. Often that hour is the only downtime, quiet and calm the client has had all week (if not longer).

My son is going through an assessment for ASC and so my realisation is that I can not change or heal him. I can however, share tools and techniques that can make life easier for him and me (and the rest of the family). So the tools I use will support both me and him, although the label from the “diagnosis” or “assessment” will remain.

As a Mum we want the best and think we have the power. That we are Wonder Woman or Super Man to our children. It’s an interesting realisation that I can not change the “label” if we end up with one. However, I can change how we all cope and move forward. My tools are all about balance and calm, which means I still can be Wonder Woman, just with a different definition. One of empowering and not one of healing or helping.

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