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Women’s Circle – A Group for Connection on all Levels

I love running Women’s Circles and have been running them for almost two years now.

It’s not just about the spiritual connection and the angelic tribe that come through or sharing wisdom

It’s more about the sacred space which is created and held in the circle.

A space for openness, clarity, connection, inner messages, quiet.

A space for connection of like-minded women, a safe, sacred space to share, be open and true.

A space where others understand and are open to possibilities. No judgement and no negativity.


If  I had to sum up the Women’s Circle in three words/phrases I ‘d use:

  • Connection (spiritually & within the circle)
  • Openness
  • Safe & sacred space

What happens in a physical group? Over a 2 hour session we use meditation to clear our energy systems, and open our connections to our guides and intuitions, use angel cards for messages, have a theme of the month and usually I share information on this, share a meditation too. We enjoy each others company, chat over tea and biscuits. We are able to share things that others may call “woo woo” in a safe space.

Meet-Up Groups

If you’d like to come to  a group I run two physical groups but also a group online.

Telford – 1st Weds of the month 10-12 Noon

Newport – 3rd Friday of the month 10-12 Noon

All groups are friendly and welcome new members – Newport is a new group from February

Please PM for address and to book your space! Its £10 for the morning 🙂

Online Women’s Circle

The online Women’s Circle is a perfect space if you can’t commit to a regular day but want the connection, spiritual journey and space to expand.

Each month we have a theme and you have access to videos, pdfs and meditations (usually over 2 hours worth). Plus we have additional content in the secret facebook group, a weekly card reading, weekly healing meditation, and regular memes of other ways to connect to the theme.

All for £10

Plus come to a group for free when you sign up for the online group – yes really!

For more information and to book click here –

What do People Say?

Testimonials from Members:


AM – I’ve been a member of Romella’s Women’s Group for a while and I love it. Romella guides you through different topics each month and provides you with resources (videos and downloadable pdf’s) to support your learning. She explains each topic clearly and is willing to answer any questions you may have. My favourite so far have been using crystals, aromatherapy and the guided meditations. It’s a great way to learn and the group is very supportive. Thank you

MJ – Went to the woman’s retreat today. Lovely people & a fab session. Can’t wait for the next one!!!!

JG – Wow Romella, thank you soooo much, you have given so much time…. It’s really interesting what appears to keep coming up, and how the colours and cards interconnect….

I know that the universe works in wonderful ways, and has lead me to your group, it’s all stepping stones to a more enlightened life. xx

To Book your Space

Email or contact me and I can reserve your space. Or sign up online and come to a group for free 🙂

More information on the Online Women’s Circle Here:

Essential Crystals Course Post

Crystals Essentials Workshop – How to Use Crystals 101 – March 2nd 2018

This Crystal Essentials Workshop will give you the confidence to use crystals in your daily life or to give yourself a mini-crystal therapy session. It is an introduction to the uses and how to use crystals. Continue reading “Crystals Essentials Workshop – How to Use Crystals 101 – March 2nd 2018”

Mobile meditation class benefits and details2

“Martini” Meditation Relaxation Class

The Martini Principle – anytime, anyplace, anywhere:

A meditation class for relaxation whenever and wherever you want


You know you should meditate.

  • How it will take your mind and body out of stress, fight, flight and freeze and into the relaxation zone
  • Balance your immune and endocrine system
  • Improve your focus and concentration
  • Detach from daily worries
  • Reduce pain sensations
  • Create a positive attitude to life
  • Give you some “me” time to just be and to just be yourself, alone


  • Can’t regularly get to a class?
  • Tend to do it on an adhoc basis
  • Always “I’ll do it later” but then it’s bed time?!
  • Don’t prioritise your own wellbeing

I am launching a virtual or mobile meditation class. I record a 45 minute meditation class and you can then watch at a time and place to suit you.

There are 3 elements to it so you can always pause between them if you don’t have 45 mins and only 20.

Each class has:

  • Calming or mindful breathing technique to practice
  • Colour visualistion
  • Mindful activity or visualisation
  • Body scan and guided meditation


Plus tips and ways to build them into your daily life


This one-off class is just £4.99. Click the box to buy!

Classes can be bought weekly @ £7.50 or a monthly prepaid pass (4/5 weeks content) of £19.99 or an annual pass of £199

There is also a VIP option with a monthly gift posted to you in addition to the classes.

Each week you receive an email to a new recorded class. If you wish you can join the secret facebook group too where I share tips, tools and additional meditations. Price will start at £37.99 a month – email me for details



new year words

Don’t Run to the Beat of Someone Else’s Drum

So 2018 is here. A new year, a new month, new possibilities. What changes are you going to make? What promises and vows are you going to make? When are you going to break them? What is social media saying you should be doing?  ENOUGH!

I’m fed up of social media telling me I should have new year resolutions, I should want to be slimmer, fitter, eat healthier, have a new vision board… Just because the calendar went from 2017 to 2018.

Now I always was a bit of a rule breaker (weird for someone who likes to control as well!!!). So no I will not be changing my life in 2018. the world didn’t end on 31st December at midnight and a new one start at 00:01am 1/1/18.

No, I won’t be committing myself to outcomes that I then beat myself up with or emotionally torture myself with if I fail.


I will make changes in my life as I feel it is the right time for me to do so.

When I am ready on an emotional, physical and mental level.

When I am balanced and emotionally committed.

When I feel I can commit to the actions and changes.

When I can work out what I truly need.

When I can work out a plan that is manageable and achievable for me.

When I can break the elements into small pieces, small enough for me to chew.

When I’ve allowed myself to cocoon and rejuvenate and re-energise myself.

When I’ve worked out what I really want and not what society thinks I want.

When I’m ready to progress with my life

When I’m ready for change

When I’m ready.


Push me and I’ll walk away or ignore you.

I dance and move to my own drum and no one else’s. Well maybe my children’s sometimes!



new year words

Focus Key Words for 2018 Rather Than Resolutions

It’s that time of the year. The fun and fizzle of the festive season has past. The excitement of the new year and new possibilities has burst into the mundane routine.

Feeling blagh! I don’t do resolutions, there’s always the need to lose a bit of weight and do more exercise whether January, May or October! I’ve tried in the past and then lost interest and ability to continue a few weeks in (OK may be 7 days in!). Then I’m left with the self-disappointment of failure and all those other negative emotions and self-talk start rolling in! Best not to do it  is my new philosophy – why put myself up for disappointment?!

Do I not set goals or aspirations? Yes I do, some are huge, just I don’t hang the success of the year or myself on them! So what do I do?

Firstly I sit quietly and meditate to clear the self-talk and mind-monkey that yaps on – a lot! Then whilst in that quiet space I sit and think and feel the three key adjectives that describe me and what I want to achieve this year. I need to feel them to see if they work for me (or resonate). Are they a good fit. I did this a couple of weeks ago and the words “calm – peace – opportunity”  came up.  Today I’ve done it again and have new words for myself in 2018:

For 2017 I had the key words of:

  • inner calm
  • flourish
  • connection
  • balance and calm

These words really mean something to me, I use them as a ruler when I want to create courses, make decisions  or with the family. I’m not sure I fulfilled the flourish but inner calm and connection were very much true for me!


For 2018 I have meditated and found these “feel” right for me:

  • inner calm
  • spiritual connection
  • pleasure & presence
  • in the flow and fluid
  • bloom

How do these work for ?

  • inner calm – emotional balance throughout the month (!), calm and positive around the family, space for me to find and attach my inner calm
  • Spiritual connection – to my higher & inner self, spiritual connection, connection to those I can empower
  • Pleasure & Presence – all I do needs to bring me pleasure or I won’t do it. Plus presence  in all do – mindful presence
  • in the flow and fluid – releasing blocks and issues and flowing downstream rather than fighting against the flow.  Fluid is being able to change direction or new paths
  • Bloom – for my business to flower and bloom and bring me and those it touches joy

So what would your words be? Please share them over on the facebook page!

And if a key word no longer fits or another comes along that’s better – that’s fine. I’ll adapt my key words so I’m in the flow – and not under pressure. So I don’t put pressure on myself for something I thought was right for me at the end of December or January 1st . The year flows from one day to the next and so does opportunity to be and connect to who you want to be

love and light


closing 2017

Closing Ceremony for 2017 and Opening Ceremony for 2018

Closing Ceremony for 2017 ….The end of the year can be a time for review or disappointment of things that happened or didn’t happen. However, the world doesn’t end at midnight and a new world start at a minute past.

There’s is a continuum – things will only change if we review and affirm what we wish to take forward and leave behind.


So this mini- program has workbooks and meditations for you to create your own closing ceremony for 2017 and a new opening ceremony for 2018. It doesn’t have to be done of the 31st December but can be done at any point in January that you are ready to close and move forward on. Doing it at a time to suit you and your energy is important to get the most from the ceremonies.

Included is:

PDF workbook of closing ceremony tools – from meditations, monthly review, aspects to take forward, a review of 2017, opening of the gladness jar or reviewing journal entries, gratitude meditation

PDF workbook of opening ceremony tools – welcoming meditation, key words for 2018, affirmations, starting the gladness jar, journalling, 12 angel cards for a monthly overview and more …….

You can download and work at your own time to match your energy. Then you have the content forever and can build your own closing and opening ceremonies bespoke to you.

All for £9.99


Click here to order your pack –


Please allow an hour for the information to reach you.

Life purpose 1

Connect to your Support Team & Life Purpose

Do you want to find out your life purpose?

What gifts & talents you bring to the universe?

Want to connect with the Angelic team but don’t know how?

Then this is for you – simply choose 4 bottles and the Aura-Soma consultation will open the door for you and start you on your journey.

We’ll do the consultation via zoom and then I’ll share access to an online course full of videos, pdfs and meditation to connect to your angelic support team.

All for £99 Click here to book Continue reading “Connect to your Support Team & Life Purpose”