The Shift – are you ready to shift those negative emotions & fears and step into your light?

How are things with you?

Are you an empath & pick up on others energies and emotions?

Can you feel the fear?

So the world is opening up, but on the other side of the scale the media is obsessed with variants.

As an empath, I’m really feeling it all. That flip from being able to hug, no masks for school kids (so good to see their smiling faces as come out of school!) vs the media, social media and sensation of being on high alert still.

It can make me feel like I’m bobbing in a raft, some days I can see land and other days I’m bobbing away but mostly I’m grounded and looking out at the waves!

It is so important to look after yourself on all levels, which is why I want to share some of my tools which have been really supporting me in the past months.

These tools are so practical to shift negative emotions, clear those layers of stress that are like an onion around us and move us into positive energies – where we’re more aligned, grounded and able to step into being our real selves.

I’m offering a new mini-program with big shifts over a fortnight – so you start moving into the positive and to your “new normal” quickly.
– Each 45 minute session will aim to shift 15-10 negative emotions that are weighing heavily on you at the moment and affecting your clarity, energy and focus.
– We will look at dissolving cords that are affecting your energy
– We will also re-align, motivate and create space for you to step into your new energy
– Plus homework and self-care tools to support your onward journey

I’m offering 5 places of “The Shift” at a reduced rate of £88 a session (will raise to £111 in 30 days) *I have limited availability this week

Free Virtual Women’s Circle – spiritual connection 080520

Come and join my free online womens circle
Connection, angel cards, journalling an meditation.

Approx 30mins, maybe longer we’ll see!

Bring a cup of something lovely to drink, deck of oracle cards, your journal and yourself 

Romella Womens circle
Romella’s Prep for Women’s Circle

Want to do more women’s groups – follow my Facebook page or contact me as I re-launch my online Women’s circle.

Spiritual connection, moon phases & working with the moon’s energy, angel cards, journalling, deep spiritual meditations and connections. All in a beautiful sacred sanctuary space <3

What’s in your name?

What do you call yourself?

What other names do you answer to?

How do you introduce yourself?

When are you “you” and not a role?

I’ve been thinking about this more and how I introduce myself. Most often I’m “Hello I’m Rom, Mum to x”, when I’m working “I’m Romella, I’m all about sharing quick simple tools to bring you into balance and calm”. It’s only occasionally that I’m “just” me. But there’s no just about it.

The person I am is part of all the roles I have in life; as mother, wife, daughter, teacher, friend, therapist, leader…  It’s my mindset, my actions, my beliefs, my objectives, my aims, my experiences which all become part of who I am – the real me.

How often are you your true self – not fulfilling the role of Mum, Daughter, Carer, cleaner, cook, laundry manager?

I’m finding I need to switch off from my roles and make sure I spend some time being me. This might mean that the ironing isn’t done very frequently, that I have my head in a book just for fun, that I need some lone time to meditate (maybe with a nap afterwards).

I really need time alone to “just be”, in order to be the best person I can to fulfill the roles I love to do. If I don’t get a good nights sleep, or the children fight bedtimes & I don’t get to switch off in the evening, or if I don’t meditate or miss my doTERRA supplements – then I won’t be the best person I can be. I get angry. upset, emotional.

I react differently to how my calm, normal self would have done in the same circumstances. I might blame them (the child, husband, other driver), but in reality it was me – my not prioritising myself, by not doing things that nurture and sort “me”, things that bring me into balance and calm. Often those around us share lessons with us that can go misunderstood or unrecognised.

Its important that we look after ourselves – as the slogan says – “You’re worth it”. If you aren’t looking after yourself, how can you look after others?

What do you do just for you?

If you can’t think of anything I can share some suggestions.

  1. Join me on a sunday evening at 8 pm for a free guided visualisation (or revisit past ones)
  2. Sign up for my free 7 day spiritual connection freebie (
  3. Want to meditate but can’t commit to a class – then why not try my monthly meditation group online (access weekly content, supported in a facebook group) –
  4. Want to connect with your intuition, your feminine power, your spiritual connection? Then you could come to my monthly Women’s Circle (1st Weds of the month  £10) or join an online version (
  5. Book yourself in to learn The Balance Procedure (a simple daily tool to get aligned to what you want to create in your life)
  6. Look at learning Reiki so you can give yourself some energy work at anytime day or night (and share with your family too)
  7. Use crystals (rose quartz for self love is perfect start). Search my blogs for getting started with crystals
  8. Look into essential oils ( I can do a one2one wellness consultation with you and give you free samples, or hold an introduction to essential oil classes at your home for you and your friends)
  9. Read a book – something uplifting
  10. Have a beautiful bath – candles, bubbles, wine, cup of tea whatever you enjoy!

Whatever you like to do, find time in your day and week to be the true you.

If you want to learn more about how you can connect to yourself – then please do contact me

yours positively & with love