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Want to Take Positive Steps to Creating your Calm?

Do your emotions rule your reactions?

Beginners Balance and Calm Class

Are you feeling stressed? Anxious? Trouble sleeping? Unable to switch off? Then this is for you!
Based on my book series “Balance and Calm Toolkit”, this course will give you tools and techniques you can use every day to bring some calm into your life, reduce stress and help you feel emotionally balanced. Continue reading “Beginners Balance and Calm Class”


Salt Lamps to Calm & Clear Energies in the Home

Salt Lamps to Calm the Home

Himalayan salt lamps are a great  way to change the energy and atmosphere in the home.

They are made from salt crystal rocks, mined from the foothills of the Himalayas and created by nature hundreds of millions of years ago. Continue reading “Salt Lamps to Calm & Clear Energies in the Home”


Balance and Calm Toolkit for Frazzled Mums – Carpe Diem

Balance and Calm Toolkit for Frazzled Mums – Carpe Diem

This month has been a roller-coaster in an amazing way and I want to share some of the journey and learnings with you all. It’s all about Carpe Diem – seize the day.
my fave essential oils

Essential Essential Oils


Essential Oils  – tools for balance and calm


I thought I’d share my favourite essential oils and essential oil blends that come from DoTerra products. Doterra produce pure therapeutic essential oils (CPTG).


a roll-on so it’s always accessible in my bag. Perfect for calming, mindful moments and headaches. It also reminds me of summer whenever I smell it. Continue reading “Essential Essential Oils”

Peace & Love Meditation for Britain

At the moment in the UK there is a lot of angry energy about the recent referendum. Especially on social media. If you are an empath or sensitive person who picks up others energies then you may feel quite upset or emotional at the moment. Especially as friends may be posting things on social media which you don’t agree with. Continue reading “Peace & Love Meditation for Britain”