Over the past ten years I’ve received some amazing testimonials from some of the newer qualifications I’ve studied, shared and created as healing tools for clients. Here are a few of my more recent ones:




Lightbringer Testimonials:

  1. Pascale  – I had a lovely session with Romella. It was very healing but also insightful and informative. Romella gently led me through realisations that will definitely help me going forward and the meditation we had was healing, soothing and expansive. Romella is intuitive and I feel this comes naturally to her. I would absolutely recommend her and wish her a rewarding and successful journey. Thank you
  2. Lynda  – I really enjoyed my session today with Romella. She used varies different approach’s with me. We did a meditation and healing. And also did some violet flame and affirmation work. We had a conversation on my struggles and blocks in my business which gave me some insight as to where I need to focus. I’ve saved my affirmation as my screen saver. Hopefully this Will help me show up and be seen more. I have a plan of action to complete by Friday. Romella was very professional and a good listener. Thank you for todays session. Good luck with your business and future career.
  3. Daniela – Definitely, Romella is a very kind and loving healer with a set of tools available and ready to intuitively share them. In the session I felt safely guided to explored what was holding me back and to heal it. I recommend Romella 100%
  4. Marie – The biggest insight came actually afterwards. It was good to dig a bit deeper into my feeling of not being worthy. The session triggered a longer chat with a friend afterwards (not about the session, about other stuff and the things that happened yesterday to trigger me more), and that brought an aha moment: I am sure that part of my lack of self worth is still a generational load and guilt that I am carrying (being German). And that feels lighter now and doable. It’s not just my stuff, it’s a generational guilt as well which is not mine.



Metatron Colour Therapy Testimonials:

Metatron Colour Therapy Chakra Balance – Client VM feedback – Oh my goodness Romella that was marvellous and completely resonates! when I got your first message I was still in bed so I decided to just remain and allow whatever experience to unfold . Interesting that you said solar plexus as I started getting some cramping and twinges, but I just allowed them and they soon dissipated. I had some energy swirling around my third eye and a little tickle in my throat .
I actually did a inner child session earlier this week and healing some trauma, Interesting as you said teen years and that was where we pin pointed at around age 12-13! I definitely had a block in my throat chakra that I have been working on to clear and the residual you mentioned makes complete sense
I currently feel more centered, less scattered in my thoughts as when I awoke this morning my mind was racing of things to do. I feel more in control of the to do’s and not so overwhelmed by them

Metatron Colour Chakra Balance – MA Client Testimonial –


Metatron colour Therapy Past Life Healing Session – RS client Testimonial – I was so incredibly happy with my reading with Romella, which confirmed what I have recently been feeling, experiencing and beginning to move or grow away from. Romella was incredibly calming, welcoming and so knowledgeable while working with Metatron and with the breathtakingly beautiful oracle cards with such ease. I left feeling really warm, secure, relaxed and more sure that I was headed in the right direction than I was before. Thank you so, so much xx


Women’s Circle Testimonials: