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Life is hard sometimes, we have great intentions of that 20 minute meditation or hour mindful walk or hour online yoga class. But reality is as a busy Mum we often put ourselves last and simply run out of time or energy,

All my books are written to support you bring pockets of calm to your day, support your children with calm tools and techniques (plus dinosaurs!) or support you on your spiritual journey.

Some are free on Kindle Unlimited, most available for under £10 on Amazon Prime. All life supporting your wellbeing and woo!

Want to work with me to alchemise those emotions and energies that are keeping you stuck? From energy editing, channeled messages, akashic clearing & activations all is possible 🙂 Message me for more info

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Balance and calm for frazzled mums – a toolkit to use every day to grab a moment of calm

The Frazzled Mum’s Defrazzle Journal

Balance and calm toolkit to create family calm

Balance and Calm Toolkit for the Summer Holidays

Balance and Calm Toolkit for Christmas Calm – advent calendar countdown

Anthology of Family Calm Tools – an anthology to surviving lockdown

33 Days to Create your Personal Self-Care Program

Crystals 101 – a beginners guide to crystals and simple ways to use them in daily life

Crystal Journey Journal – Discovering your crystals and journalling how you use them

The Oracle Card Journal – the perfect space to create a daily practice of trusting your intuition, expanding your spiritual connection and tapping into your magic

My Tarot Experience Journal – perfect to capture the meaning of each card to create your own personal tarot bible, plus spreads

Definitive Dinosaurs – everything you need to know about dinosaurs, plus jokes, game, meditations and lots of facts

The Creative Cat Collection – drawing prompts for children to create their own art book

The Creative Cat Christmas Collection – Advent calendar countdown drawing prompts for children to create their own art book all Christmas themed

Home Ed Tracker/ Planner – 52 weeks x weekly planner with timetable and note space to support you as you support your child

Coming soon…

– Angel Messages

– Spiritual Notes of Support and Wisdom

– My fiction story – Following Gabby’s Spiritual Awakening Journey : ALL AVAILABLE ON AMAZON bit.ly/romellajones

Blossoming Words, a Blend of Words and Colour Therapy

In this blog I share two images. One is of the cherry tree in blossom in my garden. The other is words related to the image, sensations and energies.

Its an interesting look at what colours feel to us when we see them, for example what does the blue sky say to you? How does blossom blowing off a tree make you feel? That hint of limey green leaves first starting to bud in Spring?

I love working with colour to access and heal my energy, emotions and life.

I’d love to know what you think about this art and healing concept

My Personal Experience with the Metatron Colour Therapy System

This is my personal experience from one of the assessment criteria for the Level 2 Metatron Colour Therapy System. I used a painting to inspire my choice of colours to experience – I loved the learnings and thought I’d share with you.

If you are interested in experiencing your own healing and journey with the Metatron Colour Therapy System please let me know

This is my commentary of the experience of using the image and 3 sprays

Sunset – 

Blue – aquamarine spray

I chose to start using the blue spray from the colour of the seascape sunset painting

The colours are really embracing the painting energy of the sunset and the sea. 

I sprayed the blue spray throat spray (aquamarine) and closed my eyes. I sprayed it into my aura and also into my hands so I could really breathe in the scent of the blue whilst visualising that amazing aquamarine blue of the bottle.

What I found was that the first sensation was “oh I don’t like this smell”.  I just really didn’t like the smell.! One thing I know from aromatherapy is sometimes the oils we don’t like the smell of are actually the essential oils that we need the most. And I know that the blue the throat chakra is something that’s really important. I know that I need to speak my truth and that I often hold back what I am feeling, or what I need to share (whether it’s with family, whether it’s my own emotions). This is particularly true if it’s my own emotions, as I will tend to hold them back and not really speak my truth.

So I found it very interesting that the first sensation I had was I don’t like this smell, but I did sit with it. I really felt my energy going in, grounding.

I felt my energy was like it was washed in, so from being aware of my auric space to really being aware of my physical body. With this physical sensation I was very,  very aware of the breathing and that really started to feel like that ebb and flow of the sea. I really felt that the breath going in and how was just like that’s the sea coming in and out with the froth and the sound of the pebbles.

I found the sensation of the blue extremely grounding pulling me into my physical body and the breathing was amazing was really sort of following that ebb and flow.

The thoughts that were coming up after that initial ebb and flow was all around the akashic records.

So I don’t know if this is colour for the akashic, I’m assuming it’s not, but it was very much about visiting the Akashic records.  The message was to go and spend some time in the akashic records to visit that hear my truth, share my truth, see what I’ve got there that’s calling me because there was definitely something that was calling me that was trying to and I will use the word communicate cause obviously that’s what blue is that’s what the throat chakra is 

 It was very much an energy of visiting the akashic records to be able to tap into something that was present in me but wasn’t something that again I was suppressing.

So to conclude  both the akashic and that sort of I don’t like this feeling we’re both about going within, seeing something or feeling something that needed recognition. Something that needed to be explored, that needs to be brought up regardless of the emotions and for any fear that might be there to be released. So that was my initial work with the blue.

The flame attunement connection spray orange

I chose to use this flame achievement for the orange to really feel into that sunset colour it was the one that was calling me most I did look at the elementals but felt that this orange was really the one that was needed to bring balance with both the yellow and blue so that’s why this this colour was chosen.

What once again I sprayed the orange into my aura and into my hands so that it would allow me to breathe in the fragrance the energy of the actual orange flame achievement spray.

The first sensation I had was that that’s a spicy cinnamon and it felt very very spicy and my my lower chakras did a sort of a little twitch little jumps, like you get with the somersaults in your abdomen when you were excited. It was interesting which chakra I felt it in – the solar plexus the orange sacral was really just little  flick of energy. It just sparked and that spark was a very physical sensation with this spray.

I could feel my face getting really hot again almost in my body was getting really hot. It was almost as if that most the energy if this this spray was burning of and clearing the debris out of my from for my physical and my spiritual emotional side as well so that was all in my auric area so that was just really really interesting to have such a physical response to it.

Also with this orange I was visualising the orange and just kept taking me down to my sacral and again there’s that sort of a physical sensation there of like a spinning energetic clearing really of the debris that’s down there ready. Ready to shift and heal, to release and to move forward.

So my experience with the orange flame achievement spray from the sunset was really physical and really about clearing old stuck energy which I think is going to be a really powerful thing in and way to work with this spray  – more with my soul my sacral.

The sunrise new dawn spray yellow

With the beautiful yellow new dawn spray, I first felt the lemon and the energy of that it felt really expansive. I could feel my energy both going into my physical body but also expanding out sideways not so much going but really expanding outwards to the left and right and my body more so than even forwards and backwards it was really a sideways energy shift.

Felt very grounded with this yellow colour I could feel a bit of fun and excitement within my solar plexus. Within that the word joy kept coming up for me as well. And yellow is always a colour I do associate with joy and know I need more of that in my life so it will be a colour spray that I will use more just to tap into that joy.

One thing I did notice was that my throat in the back of my throat my back of my neck felt a little bit peculiar I’m going to say with the yellow spray ( not the blue spray). And I’m going to revisit this throat area once again after using this yellow spray just to I feel this there’s something that’s been shifted released and it just needs a bit of clearing. I feel it in my throat now even as I’m speaking this just needs clearing and shifting.

I feel like a rod that goes from my base chakra all the way to my crown and out my crown further up. It just feels like the energy is shifted and moving quite freely. It’s a white energy that’s glowing that’s going up and I’m very much attracted to the throat and adding in that blue energies in particular again it feels that this is the area this is where it needs to go and the additional work needs to happen. Not just the throat area but also the thyroid & the higher heart space as well but particularly with the throat.

Revisiting the blue aquamarine spray

To end this section I reused the blue aquamarine spray. I sprayed this both in my aura and on the front and the back of my neck my throat chakra areas. I was really called to redo the throat because I feel something has shifted with both the orange and the yellow sprays that that had been stuck in that area. Even now I I know I need to drink just to clear it. It’s feeling a little bit heavy almost in the throat space/ I’m going to be called to perhaps add some white or to adds a crystal just to help balance and clear and cleanse this area just to help it heal and there’s definitely healing needs to happen.

Just to conclude from this visitation of these three amazing colours for my colour therapy section I found the experience of combining them worked beautifully.

I chose these three colours as I felt that they represented the colour image that I’d painted recently of the sunset. I’m always drawn to sunsets and the colours so I thought working with these particular colours would perhaps give me some insights of the meaning of the colours and how I can use them in myself.

My intention after doing this is to do some healing work on my throat and being really drawn to the colour white so I’m going to find something white to go round my throat space or perhaps a crystal there. Just to support the area. I’m also going to do some akashic record little visits and just see what there is there that I need to see there’s something that I don’t want to see or haven’t been ready to see until this point. I’m going to go and do a little meditation into that space and I’ll do that with support from the the colour therapy sprays that work with that as well.

I’ve really enjoyed this little visit it’s very intuitive doing healing and work with us and it’s definitely something I will be doing again thank you.

sunset beach scene

What is The Balance Procedure and How Does It Support You?

The Balance Procedure is a simple tool that can restore happiness and magic back into your life and create the life that you really want; simply put it brings you back into balance.

It is extremely simple to learn and one 30 minute session, together with the cards and book (or APP) you have all the tools you need to practice this life-enhancing tool.

The Balance Procedure is an energy technique, you do not need to understand the theory, it is learnt through practice. Using it is key, as this is what makes the changes!

The Balance Procedure is a simple system, linking cards, numbers, colours, crystals, affirmations, chakras, zodiac, sacred geometry, elements, physical body, elements and planets. All held on just 9 cards.

These 9 cards are all aligned to key affirmations and “arts”, eg the art of communication. So additionally you can balance using the crystal, colour, symbol, moon cycles etc.

The cards hold all the information so you just need to balance them as a pack.


To use The Balance Procedure the client will hold the cards on the balance centre & feel any movement in the body, which highlights whether you are in alignment with the card or need to balance. By using the cards on a daily basis you can be balanced and stay in alignment to what you want to bring into your life. Additionally you can use specific wording to “balance” within yourself, so there is no negative or “doubts” in the changes you want, you can balance yourself to be in alignment with them. You can balance for new learning, exams, car parking spaces, phone charge to remain (I did this & it ran out once I saw the road name I was going to!), interviews and more.

Using The Balance Procedure on a daily basis means that you can always choose to override unproductive habits that have previously created a life you no longer desire.

By asking yourself, what do I want and then balancing the answer, you are working towards your highest good. For example “I want to be healthier”, “I am healthy”

You don’t need to know what the blocks or beliefs are that are stopping you moving forward or creating an unwantedness. By balancing in new positive statements you are working with your heart and brain. By working through your feelings and love you are in a more powerful place to create than just saying words, affirmations and using the brain. Love is so powerful, it creates physical results!

If you want to know more or book a 30 minute session, please contact me. Cost is £55 and includes the book and a set of cards. So when you leave after the session you will know  how you use them and would not need to come back for an additional “treatment” or session. I am, however, available for support!

So if you want to be more balanced and in alignment with your true wants & highest potential, book a 30 minutes session for £55

Supporting your Energy and Emotions as a Mother

It’s almost Mothering Sunday here in the UK. A day I have often approached with dread. I usually spend the morning cooking a lovely roast – mainly as when they were little I’d get a couple of hours of quiet in the kitchen! It’s one of days where the expectation of joy can be overwhelming. 

This year I’m concentrating on what I can affect. So I’ll be sorting a lunch with my Mum over the weekend – hopefully one I don’t have to cook!

But one thing has struck me from various conversations (and this follows on from International Women’s Day) – we all hold so many wounds around mothering – fear of not being good enough, being judged by others, imposter syndrome, feeling criticised, resentment and unforgiveness. So  today (this evening in fact) I will be doing a clearing and healing session on myself around these themes. Clearing the energy in advance so I can be present in a positive emotion and energy.

If you want to feel less overwhelmed with the energy of being a Mum, and want to be able to enjoy Mother’s Day with your family in a fully present and & fun way, then this session can help you create this. 

If you would like a session – it will be a live 1-2-1 session and take about 40 minutes, then please contact me. It is £48 and I’ll pull a recorded healing to go along side so you can tap into this on Sat or even Sunday. After booking you will be sent a link for my diary – https://payhip.com/b/SAE62

Or if you want a treat of a self care book or journal then I Have some available on Amazon to buy (click here)  or here https://amzn.to/3Jy4ElU  prices start from just £3.99

Connection – Your Journey to the “You” you want to be

Connection is for the mum who wants to wake up happy and ready for the day, knowing she has tools to support whatever life throws her way (and disposable wipes for everything else!)

I’m ready to buy

Are you ready to be the change, embody the change and be the real you?

All too often we are overwhelmed by old emotional expectations and ways of doing things and reactions that we don’t even realise are ”running our lives”. By shifting and clearing these old beliefs and emotions we are able to get through the day with less stress and more able to do the things that bring us joy.

The first place any healing must go is within, I’ll give you a clue – it’s always an inside job.

With Connection we start with your connection to yourself (your true self, can often be hidden beneath layers of old stuff – some of which isn’t even yours!) We then look at the connections of people you connected to and the space you live in and are affected by. Rebuilding the layers that surround and interact with you – with you at the centre and not on the periphery

It’s for the woman who want to feel happier, to feel more calm and responsive in tricky situations, who all too often we are overwhelmed by old emotional expectations and ways of doing things and reactions that we don’t even realise are ”running our lives”. By shifting and clearing these old beliefs and emotions we are able to get through the day with less stress and more able to do the things that bring us joy.

The first place any healing must go is within, I’ll give you a clue – it’s always an inside job.

With Connection we start with your connection to yourself (your true self, can often be hidden beneath layers of old stuff – some of which isn’t even yours!)

We then look at the connections of people you are connected to, then the space you live in as this also affects you. Rebuilding the layers that surround and interact with you – with you at the centre and not on the periphery

Who is “Connection” for?

It’s for the mum who wants to have the 121 support in a private space just for her (beyond going to the bathroom alone!)

It’s for the Mum who is ready to release old expectations of behaviour and unlearn the old “norms” and set her own daily actions.

It’s for the Mum who isn’t even her own top 3 of priorities, even though without her energy and input chaos would ensue!

It’s for the woman who wants to be seen and heard and given a voice to express herself in a way true to herself.

It’s for the woman who wants to feel confident enough to show up in the way that feels right for her.

It’s for the woman who wants to be respected by those she is connected to.

It’s for the woman who wants to feel more calm and responsive in stressful situations

It’s for the Mum who wants to wake up happy and ready for the day, knowing she has tools to support whatever life throws her way (and disposable wipes for everything else!)

It’s for the Mum who wants to feel energised and bring more fun into her relationships with her children.

It’s for the Mum who wants to build better relationships with her children, so that they can have a relationship of harmony, ease and flow

It’s for the Mum’s who are fed up of being stuck in negative energy patterns of overwhelm, exhaustion, stress and lack of sleep

It’s for women who want to tap into a more spiritual and connected life, including with themselves & their intuition

It’s for women who want to release old energy, fears and emotions in a gentle supportive space and refill that void with a positive, healing energy

It’s for women ready to commit to showing up and doing the work in the group sessions, being involved, vulnerable and open to change.

It’s for women who want a better relationship with themselves, to build their trust in their intuition and inner responses

It’s for women who want these changes to ripple out to their families and be able to show up for their children, family members, and friends in a way they truly desire.

It’s for women who want to feel happier, to feel more calm and responsive in tricky situations , who knows she has the tools and techniques that she can implement to calm her nervous system down when she feel she’s ready to explode, it’s for the woman who is ready to feel energised and bring in more fun into her parenting.

Its for the woman who’s ready to feel again, as a woman and not just as a mum

Pay in Full Payment Price

£999Pay in full and get this amazing bonus worth £150 – A reiki 1 attunement and full course video/ meditation/ pdfs.

Become attuned to Reiki and give yourself the ultimate self-care gift of healing, calming and space for calm. 

You can use reiki at anytime – whilst watching TV, on the school run or set a specific healing time for your selfcare.

You can give extra potency to cuddles and sore knees with a reiki attunement so everyone benefits <3 

Monthly Payment Plan (not a membership)

£200per month for 5 months – This is a payment plan offered to split the full price across multiple months

Full Price after beta testing places accepted

£1,997 (payment plan will be available)

Course Outline

Over the 20 weeks we will look at 10 themes or steps. All designed to give you a step-by-step journey from where you are at the moment to becoming the Mum AND woman you want to be.

We will meet once a fortnight on Zoom for an energy/emotion release session and Q&A, then outside of this there will be support available on Whatsapp or Voxer for the duration of the program. The content will be provided through a bespoke website, so you can access anytime

Our 10 Steps for Focus and Clearing:

1                    Ground zero (where are you now and how are you really feeling, what is feeling hard, where do you want to be in 12 months. It is important to understand what you are feeling & what is affecting you at the moment as this gives us a place to focus and make real change in our time together. There is no point me offering you feminine cycle if actually sleep is a key issue – I would provide support for this area, as sleep deprivation is an actual torture device!)

2                    Me, me, me (learning to listen and follow intuition, daily journaling tools, deciphering what’s holding me back & affecting my mood. As you start paying more attention to you energy and emotions, you will notice triggers and we can start to work on creating new behaviour patterns to shift from grrr to ok)

3                    Foundations (building the foundational tools that will become part of daily life to offer stability and expanded growth, clearing limiting beliefs & inputting positive beliefs around receiving & acceptance. This is the step that really starts to solidify your energy in those stressful situations and allows you to recognise it and flip its automatic reaction to one of calm)

4                    Your timeline, values and patterns (understanding your current limiting beliefs and stuck emotions/fears and resetting with positive beliefs and intentions. These are all aligned to your work in part 1-3. We start to rebuild you without the labels of Mum, partner, employee and recreate as you the woman and what you desire from life. What do you desire to be or have in your life?)

5                    Looking outside (after looking within, we begin to look around us to the people that affect and have implications on our mood and energy. We look at energetic hygiene (you shower everyday to cleanse the physical – what are you doing for your mental/emotional hygiene), the importance of setting boundaries and clearing the energies of the collective. Because when we start to clear the energy smog around us, we are understanding what is ours and what is not. How many times are you emotionally affected by the emotions of those you live with – anger often brings more anger don’t you find?)

6                    Your space (we look at the space you are living in and the effect this is having on your energy and emotions. There is great power in decluttering but with space clearing we work on a deeper level and result in developing a positive environment to live in, which is supportive and aids you to be more calmer when dealing with stressful situations with your child)

7                    Akashic past lives (understanding past lives and how they can affect our daily lives is not only interesting but can really bring forward positive attributes for us to tap into – as well as releasing some old ones. We will visit the akashic records library to access your personal library of books and learn about lives that are impacting your current journey – looking at releasing old vows that no longer serve – especially those of poverty and servitude) 

8                    Ancestoral and generational clearing (clearing old emotions and beliefs that have been handed down through the generations unwittingly is a great way to break free from the repeating patterns of our parents and grandparents. We will work on your soul thread and also clear the timeline 7 generations back and forward so these don’t then impact your children and future grandchildren.)

9                    Chart your path (the journey so far has been about clearing, releasing and having awareness of our energy. Now it is time to get clear on what you are really looking to feel and be moving forward. We touched on this in the first themes, but sometimes as energy shifts we get more clarity. This step is about embodying your connection and really putting it into place in daily life. Ensuring for example that you do the daily selfcare, carry or use the lavender oil or rescue remedy or do the calmer breathing exercises – if not then nothing changes. Reminding yourself what kind of Mum you want to be for your children now and in the future)

10                Becoming whole (clearing all the old stuff that has been holding us back and learning new tools will not move us forward with any real momentum. The key is to embody the work we have done together on this journey, patch any leaks and step into the light knowing you are supported with all your daily practices and tools. This theme focuses on setting selfcare priorities, aligning to your soul path and settling into a new way of positive being. In doing this you are making those steps to being the Mum you want to be, balancing Motherhood with being you in every essence, being the best person you can be for yourself and those you love) 

Bonus courses included to support your journey:

–         Body/ Crystal Dowsing Course worth £29

–         Moon Energy Cycle worth £29

–         Understanding your Feminine cycle and its energies course Worth £29

–         33 day selfcare program Worth £33

–         Space clearing workshop worth £49

–         Seasonal/ sabbat energy PDF worth £30

–         Pay in Full Bonus – Reiki 1 attunement (online video attunement and information) – Worth £150

Plus Goodie bag worth over £45 to support your journey – (essential oils, journal, crystals, 33 days of self-care journal)

Why Oracle Cards are an important part of the Journey of Self-Discovery and Connection

In this video I explain why oracle cards are such a useful tool to use everyday for guidance and self care.

They can open us up to messages and wisdom that we may have previously ignored or been blind to. They can allow us to tap into our higher self or even our physical body and discover a hidden message.

We can then use this information as a starting point through journalling, meditation or even a mindfulness walk to bring further information to the front of our awareness, to suggest tools we can use to support our self-care or self-healing or inner wisdom journey.

Our choice of question can allow us to go in a multitude of directions, depending on what we are open to receive and what actions to take.

The action isn’t pulling the oracle card, the action is what we do with the information held & shared from the card. In this video the bone collector came up for me (twice!), so I’m now going to take the action of reading the guidebook, journalling and doing a meditation to connect to the bone collector.

I’ve also felt I need to use the ho’oponopono prayer on my past self and use the yellow “joy” spray for my emotional support and the alta major chakra spray to support my physical body. If you are interested in either an oracle reading, guidance on setting up your daily support practice or going on a healing & exploratory journey with my signature program of “Connection” please message me

For more information on Connection click here – https://payhip.com/b/tidmT

The Frazzled Mum’s Defrazzle Journal

Exciting news 🙂
The Frazzled Mum’s Defrazzle Journal with Romella is available!

100 days of journalling to make yourself accountable to yourself

Welcome to you, creating the new you who is less frazzled and stressed and more balanced, calm and aligned.
This journal is to empower you to make changes that will bring about those changes.
To be accountable to yourself, everyday.
Only you can take those steps throughout the day to make the changes.
I can guide you with this daily journal and with the “Balance and Calm Toolkit for Frazzled Mums” book, which is the perfect partner for this book. But I can’t make you do the selfcare and take time for yourself.
What I can suggest is setting a reminder on your phone at key moments of the day (coffee/snack time, lunchtime, preschool pickup) using your phone calendar – then DOING the thing!
Are you ready to commit to you?
Prompts for defrazzling to bring balance anc calm to you and your day.
Allowing you to be accountable to yourself
Journal has tips and pages for 100 days on lovely cream paper
Book – click here

Book, Journal and 21 day email videos £27 (email me)

£99 Frazzled Mum Session (book & journal plus 21 day emails PLUS 50 minute 1-2-1 session (email me)

VIP Frazzled Mum – books/email videos AND – 8 x weekly sessions to shift negative emotions, stress and create calm and get into energetic alignment (email me)


The Shift – are you ready to shift those negative emotions & fears and step into your light?

How are things with you?

Are you an empath & pick up on others energies and emotions?

Can you feel the fear?

So the world is opening up, but on the other side of the scale the media is obsessed with variants.

As an empath, I’m really feeling it all. That flip from being able to hug, no masks for school kids (so good to see their smiling faces as come out of school!) vs the media, social media and sensation of being on high alert still.

It can make me feel like I’m bobbing in a raft, some days I can see land and other days I’m bobbing away but mostly I’m grounded and looking out at the waves!

It is so important to look after yourself on all levels, which is why I want to share some of my tools which have been really supporting me in the past months.

These tools are so practical to shift negative emotions, clear those layers of stress that are like an onion around us and move us into positive energies – where we’re more aligned, grounded and able to step into being our real selves.

I’m offering a new mini-program with big shifts over a fortnight – so you start moving into the positive and to your “new normal” quickly.
– Each 45 minute session will aim to shift 15-10 negative emotions that are weighing heavily on you at the moment and affecting your clarity, energy and focus.
– We will look at dissolving cords that are affecting your energy
– We will also re-align, motivate and create space for you to step into your new energy
– Plus homework and self-care tools to support your onward journey

I’m offering 5 places of “The Shift” at a reduced rate of £88 a session (will raise to £111 in 30 days) *I have limited availability this week