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Hi, I’m Romella, an award winning holistic therapist, I’m based in Shropshire but most of my therapies and courses are available through the internet or online as well as in person. Everything I do is about teaching Balance and Calm tools and techniques to people, mainly female who have anxieties, stressed or feel out-of-balance or in need of a little down time as busy parents or to support you and your families.

I want to share some free content and meditations with you to help you on your journey.

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“I am Love” Meditation – just a few minutes long so you can fit it into a short space in a busy day – even after the school run! In this meditation you ground, centre yourself I tell you how to do this – its all in the intention!) and breathe in the colour of pale pink for love and release all the “stuff” you don’t want (emotions, relationships, upset, anger etc). Use the affirmation “I am Love”



“I am Peace” Meditation – again just a few minutes long to squeeze into your busy day!

In this meditation you ground & centre yourself (I tell you how to do this – its all in the intention!). Breathe in the colour pale blue of peace  and use the affirmation “I am Peace”

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This meditation is  a gentle stroll to a magical copse or wood. Perfect to relax your


My Top Tips for Successful Meditation:

  1. Find somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed by children, pets, partners, TVs, phones or social media. Switch it all off, close the door and tell them not to disturb you for 5 minutes – or longer. Or better still do it at a time when no one else is around
  2. Being present in the moment is the process of being mindful. By this I mean focusing on the moment you are in, eg on the meditation and not thinking about the past or future. I know this is a difficult practice to master but  just doing it for one minute at a time will really help build your mindful muscles!
  3. If you are at home, find a quiet place, light a candle and sit quietly, with gentle focus on the candle, breathing slowly in and out. Keep the eyes focus soft, so you’re not staring, just gazing. Try this for one minute and slowly build up to 5 min
  4. Breathe – breathe slowly in and out x 5. You can do this whilst the kettle boils or even when washing your hands.
  5. Try doing the mini-breathing exercise but breath in colour (eg pink is for love, green to heal, blue to calm etc). Imagine your body is filling with a peaceful blue and you are releasing the “yuck” with the out breath. – See the free meditations above for this!
  6. The use of affirmations when meditating is a great way to cement the positive statements and feelings into your sub-conscious where your mindset and beliefs sit. Say to an affirmation to yourself (do this in the car, when walking or when looking in the mirror is particularly powerful). Try “I am calm. I am balanced” Other nice affirmations are “I am enough” “I am OK” or “I am worthy”
  7.  Try a mindful meditation, where you focus on the detail of what you’re doing. So when making a drink, pay attention to the sound and light on the water as the kettle flows, the feel and pattern on the mug, the scent of the teabag. When the drink is ready, how does the cup feel on your lips is there steam or aroma. This can be done with making food, washing up or cleaning. By being present in the moment and paying attention to the detail you are actually doing a mini-mindful-meditation
  8. Meditating is about creating some inner peace & quiet inside your mind. Simple breathing for a few minutes is a great start. If thoughts come up, then simply acknowledge them and let them float away. Don’t resist them but don’t go into the detail of them. Imagine you have a post-it note and pop it on there for a later time.
  9. Learning to meditate will take time, so do a few minutes at first and then build up. Don’t expect to do 20 minutes without your mind wandering. It takes practice to clear your mind and let wandering thoughts go unanswered. You wouldn’t expect to be able to speak Chinese after reading a book and having a 5 minute go – the principle is the same here.
  10. Practise, practise, practise. We may not have time like the Tibetan Monks to sit all day from dawn to bedtime in meditation, but we can all find short blasts of time to practise and meditation. Its better to do 2 x 2 minute sessions than none at all and once you build a practice (ideally at the same time every day) over 21 days you’ve created a habit! Just like tooth flossing!

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