Benefits of Ear Candling – who may it help?

The Benefits of Ear Candling – who may it help?

What are the benefits of Ear Candling is something I’ve recently been asked about. I love ear candling as I suffer from both hayfever and sinusitis and it really helps clear my passages and relieve pressure, plus removes the impurities that are within the ear and tubes. Continue reading

Be Balanced and Calm – Welcome

Welcome to Be Balanced and Calm – a monthly members group – focused on helping you to feel more balanced and calm.

Here’s a short welcome video with a short breathing exercise for you


Welcome to the group “Be Balanced and Calm”. This is an introductory video for you, to share some of the tools we’ll be talking about.
This month is all about Mindful Meditation and Breathing – being in the present moment and using moments in the day to bring a sense of calm to you.

If you have any questions please do ask – or ask in the secret facebook group

I look forward to teaching and sharing these balance and calm tools
love and sparkle