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“Martini” Meditation Relaxation Class

The Martini Principle – anytime, anyplace, anywhere:

A meditation class for relaxation whenever and wherever you want


You know you should meditate.

  • How it will take your mind and body out of stress, fight, flight and freeze and into the relaxation zone
  • Balance your immune and endocrine system
  • Improve your focus and concentration
  • Detach from daily worries
  • Reduce pain sensations
  • Create a positive attitude to life
  • Give you some “me” time to just be and to just be yourself, alone


  • Can’t regularly get to a class?
  • Tend to do it on an adhoc basis
  • Always “I’ll do it later” but then it’s bed time?!
  • Don’t prioritise your own wellbeing

I am launching a virtual or mobile meditation class. I record a 45 minute meditation class and you can then watch at a time and place to suit you.

There are 3 elements to it so you can always pause between them if you don’t have 45 mins and only 20.

Each class has:

  • Calming or mindful breathing technique to practice
  • Colour visualistion
  • Mindful activity or visualisation
  • Body scan and guided meditation


Plus tips and ways to build them into your daily life


This one-off class is just £4.99. Click the box to buy!

Classes can be bought weekly @ £7.50 or a monthly prepaid pass (4/5 weeks content) of £19.99 or an annual pass of £199

There is also a VIP option with a monthly gift posted to you in addition to the classes.

Each week you receive an email to a new recorded class. If you wish you can join the secret facebook group too where I share tips, tools and additional meditations. Price will start at £37.99 a month – email me for details



Mindful Meditation Course Sept

4 Week Mindful Meditation Course in Newport

Are you out of balance?

Too stressed to stop?

Love the idea of meditation but NEVER find the 20-30 minutes you think you need?

Putting everyone else first and not looking after yourself?

Looking for your Zen and not able to locate it?


This 4 Week Mindful Meditation Course is the perfect solution for you!

Over the 4 weeks we will look at different tools you can use in your life, many of which take minutes to do and can make huge differences to your wellbeing and move you from stress to relaxed and calm.

Each class will have breathing exercises, mindfulness exercises and meditations/ visualisations. You will have handouts from each class plus the practical application of the exercise and visualisations to give you a relaxing hour! A perfect mixture of learning and practical application – so you still leave relaxed, withthe bonus of tools in your pocket to get your through life 😉

Starting 26th September  Tuesday – 1.30-2.30pm  £35 fo the 4 weeks.

Course is held at Tina Carter Wellness Studio, 2a New Street, Newport, TF10  7AX (free car park next to studio)

Any questions please contact Romella –

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Start your Spiritual Journey Here 2

Are you in a Vibrational Flump? Top 7 Tips to Up your Vibration

Are you in a vibration flump? Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted? Negative thoughts creeping in? Feeling your vibration drop when around negative people? Got stuff going on but want to up your vibration? Continue reading “Are you in a Vibrational Flump? Top 7 Tips to Up your Vibration”

easter chocolate meditation

Calorie Free Chocolate Egg Eating in a Mindful Meditation

Want a Calorie Free Chocolate Egg?

Its Easter Weekend this weekend – and everyone seems to have some chocolate (dairy free, full fat or other!).

Me I’m a Cadbury’s Button’s Egg girl through and through – although I do have a Cadbury’s Creme Egg one this year from hubby!

I thought I’d do a lovely mindful meditation about enjoying a perfect egg or chocolate experience. I know all too well that eggs get “shoved” down quickly and not enjoyed or remembered!

Come and join me on this chocolate experience. You have a voucher to buy whatever egg or chocolate you want from your favourite shop. I visited the small sweet shop from my childhood! The some mindful senses-ful meditation.

Just 10 ish minutes to meditate and relax


silver birch trees

Mindful Meditations @ River Severn

Earlier this week it was a glorious day and I was walking along the River Severn, near the Centre where I work. It was beautiful day, grass glimmering in sunlight, sound of the river, bird singing. A beautiful mindful  moment for me. It replenished  me completely.

So I recorded a few one minute videos to share this awesome, special place with you.

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March 2017

Dates for Groups, Workshops, Retreats and Classes March – June 2017

As I’m leaving the Gorge Therapy Centre at the end of June (and going more freelance & online), I’ve planned out all my workshops for the next few months – you can download info here: events calendar

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valentines day

Want to Take Positive Steps to Creating your Calm?

Do your emotions rule your reactions?


Step into your Calm with Imagine – ecourse

Are you struggling to feel positive and calm? Are you stressed and zingy? Do you struggle to quieten your mind?

Is trying to meditate daily an ongoing aim but never a reality? Are you overwhelmed by types & styles of meditation and can’t make a decision? Would you like to learn more about how essential oils, crystals, affirmations, meditation and mindfulness can support your journey? Is your head too busy for meditation? Do you google meditation and join facebook groups but never actually meditate? Continue reading “Step into your Calm with Imagine – ecourse”


Beginners Balance and Calm Class

Are you feeling stressed? Anxious? Trouble sleeping? Unable to switch off? Then this is for you!
Based on my book series “Balance and Calm Toolkit”, this course will give you tools and techniques you can use every day to bring some calm into your life, reduce stress and help you feel emotionally balanced. Continue reading “Beginners Balance and Calm Class”