In August 2016 I made the huge step to write a book – I want to share my tools for balance and calm with as many people as possible and at a price that is accessible.

So the concept of the book “Balance and Calm Toolkit For Frazzled Mums” was born. in the middle of the school holidays! Yes I was a frazzled Mum! I needed this book to keep me out of the fridge and my secret chocolate supply and give me tools to calm when things got “too much”.

So I used my tools – The Balance Procedure and Law of Attraction – plus my laptop 😉 (and maybe a cup of tea or two!). And I wrote, and wrote and shared with a friend who screamed “yes” to me and I wrote.

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The times we are currently living in are “unprecedented”. As parents we are stretched in so many directions. Our children have had their routine and friends ripped away from them, with no final end date. To help support families I have created this “Anthology of Family Calm” from my Balance and Calm Toolkit. Where possible I have removed inappropriate references (eg fun outdoors and visiting people/places).The aim of this book is to share quick, simple tools to bring calm to frazzled parents in the few minutes where the kettle boils or doing daily chores, secondly to have lots of indoor or outdoor activities to fill days and finally to share some mindfulness/meditation tools to share as a family to help with stress.I hope you find this book useful to support your and your children’s wellbeing and help fill these days with calm and positivity. Create your calm

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