Why Journal? What are the Benefits?

Journalling has become quite mainstream beyond the holistic field. It is spoken about in mindfulness exercises, law of attraction and there are also health benefits.

Clearing and releasing emotions, improving sleep patterns, giving clarity, reducing stress, problem solving,  feel more relaxed, improve communication and also physical benefits to regular writing habits.

It  doesn’t have to be a diary or what you did or how you felt (think Bridget Jones, Adrian Mole). Its not for prosperity it is for creating positive space in this moment that we are in right now. Nowadays it  is more of a positive release of emotions, desires and  expression.

Make your journal what you want it to be – there are no rules, just suggestions! Continue reading

Closing Ceremony for 2017 and Opening Ceremony for 2018

Closing Ceremony for 2017 ….The end of the year can be a time for review or disappointment of things that happened or didn’t happen. However, the world doesn’t end at midnight and a new world start at a minute past.

There’s is a continuum – things will only change if we review and affirm what we wish to take forward and leave behind.


So this mini- program has workbooks and meditations for you to create your own closing ceremony for 2017 and a new opening ceremony for 2018. It doesn’t have to be done of the 31st December but can be done at any point in January that you are ready to close and move forward on. Doing it at a time to suit you and your energy is important to get the most from the ceremonies.

Included is:

PDF workbook of closing ceremony tools – from meditations, monthly review, aspects to take forward, a review of 2017, opening of the gladness jar or reviewing journal entries, gratitude meditation

PDF workbook of opening ceremony tools – welcoming meditation, key words for 2018, affirmations, starting the gladness jar, journalling, 12 angel cards for a monthly overview and more …….

You can download and work at your own time to match your energy. Then you have the content forever and can build your own closing and opening ceremonies bespoke to you.

All for £9.99


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