What is The Balance Procedure and How Does It Support You?

The Balance Procedure is a simple tool that can restore happiness and magic back into your life and create the life that you really want; simply put it brings you back into balance.

It is extremely simple to learn and one 30 minute session, together with the cards and book (or APP) you have all the tools you need to practice this life-enhancing tool.

The Balance Procedure is an energy technique, you do not need to understand the theory, it is learnt through practice. Using it is key, as this is what makes the changes!

The Balance Procedure is a simple system, linking cards, numbers, colours, crystals, affirmations, chakras, zodiac, sacred geometry, elements, physical body, elements and planets. All held on just 9 cards.

These 9 cards are all aligned to key affirmations and “arts”, eg the art of communication. So additionally you can balance using the crystal, colour, symbol, moon cycles etc.

The cards hold all the information so you just need to balance them as a pack.


To use The Balance Procedure the client will hold the cards on the balance centre & feel any movement in the body, which highlights whether you are in alignment with the card or need to balance. By using the cards on a daily basis you can be balanced and stay in alignment to what you want to bring into your life. Additionally you can use specific wording to “balance” within yourself, so there is no negative or “doubts” in the changes you want, you can balance yourself to be in alignment with them. You can balance for new learning, exams, car parking spaces, phone charge to remain (I did this & it ran out once I saw the road name I was going to!), interviews and more.

Using The Balance Procedure on a daily basis means that you can always choose to override unproductive habits that have previously created a life you no longer desire.

By asking yourself, what do I want and then balancing the answer, you are working towards your highest good. For example “I want to be healthier”, “I am healthy”

You don’t need to know what the blocks or beliefs are that are stopping you moving forward or creating an unwantedness. By balancing in new positive statements you are working with your heart and brain. By working through your feelings and love you are in a more powerful place to create than just saying words, affirmations and using the brain. Love is so powerful, it creates physical results!

If you want to know more or book a 30 minute session, please contact me. Cost is £55 and includes the book and a set of cards. So when you leave after the session you will know  how you use them and would not need to come back for an additional “treatment” or session. I am, however, available for support!

So if you want to be more balanced and in alignment with your true wants & highest potential, book a 30 minutes session for £55