Shortlist for Businesses for Children Award’s – Cariad Therapies

Excitement Mounting

I’m really excited, because this time next week I’ll be sitting at the Shropshire Businesses for Children Award, eating dinner and waiting for the award ceremony with anticipation!

The shortlist is for the “Parent Award category” which has the criteria of working with children and support/ assistance to parents plus the judge is looking for a business that adapts how they work, or how they deliver their services, with parents in mind or a particular business owner that makes extra efforts or goes above and beyond with the parents they meet. Plus parent testimonials are key! So you need happy parents & children 🙂

I’m really excited to have been shortlisted for this category for the work I do through Cariad Therapies / Create Family Calm. It all comes down to my children they changed me from a reflexologist to “create family calm”!

My Story

“To become a parent was full of heartache and motherhood wasn’t “rosy”. With sibling rivalry and jealousy, great school anxieties with my eldest. I was lucky that courses and options came along to support me at the right time and I now share these with other parents. I know the services I offer work because I have been using them myself!”

So please keep your fingers crossed for me next week – I’ll let you know how I get on!

For more information on the awards click here –

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Choose your Angel Card Message!

I’ve just pulled 3 cards for a mini-card reading for you all. So please choose a card and then scroll down to get your message 🙂

Card choice for 28/2/16

Card choice for 28/2/16

This week’s card reveal from Doreen’s Virtue Angel Answers Oracle Deck:

Card 1 = Forgiveness – This card is about allowing forgiveness. It may be you need to forgive someone, an action or event in the past or maybe you need to consider accepting someone’s request for forgiveness.
Forgiveness means we stop sending energy to situations that have happened in the past, allowing us to move forward and no longer be controlled by the event. It doesn’t mean we are OK with what happened, just we no longer allow the event to define us and have control over us. Alongside forgiveness goes cord cutting – a very important but simple ceremony to release energy cords from others and situations that no longer serve us. I will record a short video on this and post a link on this post

It may also be that you need to forgive yourself – self-forgiveness. We are often overly hard on ourselves and the mistakes & choices we make in life. We are just humans doing the best we can in each situation. So if you chose this card you may like to think of an affirmation, or look at yourself in the mirror and forgive yourself. Looking into your eyes and doing “mirror work” is extremely powerful. An example might be “I forgive myself for my past choices and mistakes and use them as a lesson learnt in my present life”.

Card 2 = Meditation Brings the Answer
This card is about clearing some space in your life to allow your self to recharge and allow thoughts and ideas to become clear. Meditation is a wonderful practice but does take time & practice (like all new things we learn). Meditation helps to clear the “monkey mind”, the chatting and self-talk that happens ALL day every day. It allows space for clarity, for the body to heal and peace in your mind.
By focusing on your breathing or looking at a candle flame or crystal or picture you can enter this mindful meditative state. Mindfulness is all about being in the moment, the only time we can influence.
Spend some time either sitting quietly and counting your breaths in and out, if thoughts come through simply acknowledge them and let them go. Or go for a walk in nature and focus on nature and detail around you.
By clearing your mind you stop the logical mind from over analysing and allow the subconscious and dreamworld solutions to be heard and considered.
If you have never meditated before just try for one minute at a time. Don’t think you have to do it for 20 minutes first time!

Card 3 = Within the Next Few Weeks
This card is saying that the “thing” you are waiting for or manifesting is coming shortly (how exciting!). This may be an answer to a question you have been asking or a physical thing you have been focusing on.

Either way hang in there, keep focused and perhaps start planning the next stage 🙂


Coming soon is a buy now button for requesting your own personal Angel Card reading through email.

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Romella is an award winning Holistic and Energy  Practitioner based in Newport Shropshire & Ironbridge and available through Skype.  I work with you, the whole you, to create packages to empower you to be the person you want to be. I include energy healing & clearing, relaxation techniques, life purpose support & teach self-help tools for you, your children and your family. To bring about a space of calm and positive change for all.

Crystal Essentials Workshop

This Crystal Essentials Workshop will give you the confidence to use crystals in your daily life or to give yourself a mini-crystal therapy session. It is an introduction to the uses and how to use crystals.

At the end of the workshop you will:

  • How to choose a crystal that’s right for you
  • Have an understanding of how to cleanse and program crystals
  • How to use a crystal pendulum
  • How do give yourself a crystal therapy session, including chakra balancing
  • Using crystals to meditate with
  • A lookup sheet of helpful crystals and their attributes

You will also leave with a workbook of information and tips, a few packs of crystals and a crystal pendulum to use.

This interesting workshop will cover all the basics of using crystals and crystal pendulums. It costs £29 and spaces are limited.

Running Friday 4th March 10-12.30. To book please contact Romella on or through the Facebook page –


12 Steps to release the old and welcome the new 2016


Following on from my previous blog on 10 steps to calm, these steps are to recognise and release the advances, issues, successes you made in 2015 and welcome in the new possibilities of 2016.

You may ask why its take a couple of weeks for me to write and post this, but I’ve been going through this process myself. Over the holidays I tried to be more present with my children and not work (following my own advice!), so now I’m catching up and in a place to share. Also 2016 and resolutions is not just something we should do on one day, but it is an ongoing process – there is no late, too late or better late than never. Recognise that the perfect time for you to do this may not be 31st December or 1st January, it may actually be on your birthday, or on the 1st Feb when everything settles down and you have really thought about what you want to achieve in 2016.

These are the things I have been doing since 2015 ended and plan to continue doing into 2016. I hope you find some to add to your routines:

  1. Do a 12 card oracle card reading for yourself. Sit quietly and shuffle your cards and simply ask what you need to do in 2016, or what will happen in 2016 or what information your angels have to share with you about each month. However, you want to phase it. Then write down what you thinks, feel, what words and phases come through; maybe even take a photo of the card and put it in a word document. By creating a written document you are then able to review the previous month and see what is coming up for the next month. You may think you’ll remember but if you wrote it in January and then it happens in MArch – you have the proof that you said it was going to happen 🙂
  2. Write a letter to your 2015 self, share the successes, the could do betters and your goals and affirmations for 2016
  3. Write your goals for each quarter of 2016. For an action or activity to be a goal, you need to put what what the result should be and a deadline by it – otherwise its just a hope! Review the at the end of each quarter to see your progress and maybe adapt. Remember to congratulate yourself on any and all successes so matter how small.
  4. Join a supportive online network or physical (real life!) group. For example a women’s circle, spiritual development or bookclub (I’m starting some soon at the Gorge Therapy Centre) or if you live further away consider starting your own.
  5. If you have small children then aim to spend a dedicated amount of time playing with them or doing art or child lead activity each day after school. Break it into 2 x 10 mins or short 5 minutes focused play if easier to fit in around tea. But no phones, facebook or TV. Just sitting and cuddling whilst talking about the day or sharing a book can be really beneficial to you and your children. I know it all gets mad busy after school in our house, so I try and fit this in and feel better afterwards knowing I’ve done it.
  6. Start writing a gratitude journal – get a nice notebook and pen and then every day write x1 thing you are grateful for, again size isn’t important. By showing gratitude the universe will send you more of the same 🙂
  7. Morning Mutterings – have a 10 minute scribble every morning writing about anything in your mind, outpouring any thoughts present… then just bin it. It can really help clear the find of thoughts and what if cycles that can circle around
  8. To Do lists – this is a practice I am doing every day. At the start of the day over breakfast I spend 10 minutes  writing everything I need to do – in no order and without reference to how or when. then afterwards review it and prioritise, drop and action. Adding a big tick at the end of each completion!
  9. Gratitude jar (or tin/ box) – Get a jar or old chocolate tin and then regularly put things in to remember positives as they happen, eg pebbles/shells from a beach, money, kind words from people/clients, copy of cheques, an abundance cheque, crystals, coins, mementoes of 2016. Then at the end of the year go through the jar and review those successes and feel the pleasure from achieving goals or having fun on the beach.
  10. Presents not presence – your time can only be used once, so focus on what you want every day and be grateful for all positives
  11. Put yourself first regularly – if you are empty of energy then you can not give others energy – an empty watering can cannot water the plants to help the flowers grow if it is never refilled.
  12. Do what you love everyday. If you cant do it for a living then do it as a hobby. Be in touch with your joy and your sparkle – others will notice it and the ripple effect will happen

I hope you find these 12 steps useful, some may resonate with you and others not appeal at all and that’s fine. Do what makes you sparkle

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Romella is an award winning Holistic and Energy  Practitioner based in Newport Shropshire & Ironbridge and available through Skype.  I work with you, the whole you, to create packages to empower you to be the person you want to be. I include energy healing & clearing, relaxation techniques, life purpose support & teach self-help tools for you, your children and your family. To bring about a space of calm and positive change for the whole family.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Offers

A few bargain offers to celebrate my BizMums Award and it being Black Friday/ Cyber Monday (or something!) These special prices are available for the next 2 weeks (until Sunday 13th December) but are limited in numbers so be quick if you want to grab a bargain!

Simply click on photo to see more information and then contact me to book!

Cyber Monday Offer #1 – Is all about you, creating some space for calm before the madness of the holidays, a voucher for a loved one or book it now for a post-Christmas recovery program for yourself!)

black friday 2015

Cyber Monday Offer #2 – This one is all about clearing your blocks and moving forward in life, to manifest what you truly desire!

  •  Do you want a tool to help you re-align you to your true self and energise you to make positive steps in your life?
  • Do you feel you have something that needs clearing?
  • Do you want help to support your spiritual path and assist you to gain clarity, deeper awareness and thereby speed up your progress

black friday 2015 #2


Cyber Monday Offer #3 – This one isn’t to be missed if you have children with anxieties, worries or emotional/behavioural concerns.

  • Would you like your child to be happy, confident and positive?
  • Would you like a solution to toddler tantrums, anger management, anxiety issues, behaviour issues, food/toilet issues sibling rivalry or more?
  • Would you like a simple way to do this that took less than 2 minutes a night?
  • Then SLEEPTALK is the simple solution

black friday 20153

Award Winning Holistic & Energy Practitioner

I’m an Award Winning Holistic Therapist!

Last weekend I won “Health and Beauty Mum of the Year” at the National BizMums Conference & Awards. My feet are finally coming down to earth, but my head and heart are still firmly floating! This is what the judges said about me –

“The winner’s business exemplifies the characteristics of this category. She is qualified in a number of therapy disciplines giving her the flexibility to treat her clients appropriately. One element that stood out is this finalist actively treats adults and children and many of her therapies have a proven positive effect on the whole family. Her complementary therapies are all about supporting and improving the lives of parents and children.
I’m so excited that I want to share my joy, so I’m running two open days, where you can book a 30 minute FREE  consultation with me, to discuss your unique situation and have a free taster of a therapy of your choice!

So if you want to try an energy healing or talk about improving your energy, protecting your energy levels from being drained, headaches, emotional support, therapies to support your children (anxiety, behavioural or emotional)

The days are Monday 16th November and Wednesday 25th November. Book your appointment from 10-2.30 both days, spaces are limited to book soon! I am also available through SKYPE for the same offer (evenings/weekends appointments available)


Romella Jones of Cariad Therapies accepting the Award for Health & Beauty Mum of the Year from Sponsor Sue Miller of Tropic Skincare. BizMums Conference October 2015

Romella Jones of Cariad Therapies accepting the Award for Health & Beauty Mum of the Year from Sponsor Sue Miller of Tropic Skincare.
BizMums Conference October 2015

Bizmums winner badge

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Romella is an award winning Holistic and Energy  Practitioner based in Newport Shropshire & Ironbridge and available through Skype.  I work with you, the whole you, to create packages to empower you to be the person you want to be. I include energy healing & clearing, relaxation techniques, life purpose support & teach self-help tools for you, your children and your family. To bring about a space of calm and positive change for all.

The Colours of Autumn – Aura Soma – a Message in a Bottle

The Colours of Autumn – Aura Soma – a Message in a Bottle

A little interactive blog today, inspired by the most amazing autumn colours!

I just love the colours of autumn so I thought I’d look to my Aura Soma bottles to see what my favourite colours mean. Just for a moment stop and take a look outside your window and see what colours inspire you and light your day. Which ones really call to you or make you smile? Done it? Then read on!



Aura soma autumn

Now which of these bottles calls to you after looking at your autumn colours?

Let me share some Aura Soma wisdom!

In Aura Soma the bottles we choose is from deep within, a mirror to our soul is how founder Vicky Wall called it. We choose the colours that shine and shout at us, combinations we love to wear or bring us joy. These colours then have a deep meaning, a message if you like from our soul and deeper or higher self.

Yellow is often the colour of joy/courage/individuality, orange of wisdom/insight/bliss, green of nature/balance/truth and red of manifesting/earth/life force. How does that feel with your choice of bottle?

Let me share a bit more information about each bottle –

#7 (yellow over green) is called “Test of Faith” – “I have no limits. I let go those that I have set for myself”. Its about trusting the process of life, creating space (green) to let the joy in and have courage and faith in what you do and manifest. Trust in the process of life , faith and hope in the way things unfold.

#31 (green over gold) is called “The Fountain” – “I let go of all sensations of fear and anxiety and open myself to a new light shining in my heart”. Its about making space in our heart to let in the joy and overcoming obstacles. Its creating balance of the heart and the emotions (orange/solar plexus). A chance to connect

#27 (red over green) is called “Robin Hood” – “I am open to the light shining upon me & towards me. I accept where I am now as fully as I can”. Its about balancing the root (red) and the heart (green), Being truthful (heart) will bring the person balance in the material world and ground your energy into actions.

Isn’t it interesting that the first two have an element of letting go, just like the tree lets its leaves fall in the autumn, to rest and recharge in readiness for the spring, so we as humans must let things go in order to link into our joy and our life purpose. For me the #7 The test of Faith is calling – letting go is a key message for me at the moment!

If you are interested in having a life purpose reading or to know more about Aura Soma please contact me. I am able to do consultations in person (Shropshire) or through Skype or my facebook page or for more information


Romella is an award winning Holistic and Energy  Practitioner based in Newport Shropshire & Ironbridge and available through Skype.  I work with you, the whole you, to create packages to empower you to be the person you want to be. I include energy healing & clearing, relaxation techniques, life purpose support & teach self-help tools for you, your children and your family. To bring about a space of calm and positive change for all.

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Romella Jones

Romella Jones

Bizmums winner badge


my healing journey

Hi, I’m Rom and I’ve been using energy for healing for over 15 years and been a qualified therapist for seven years. The therapies I offer have all come to help and support me at a time when I needed “something”. I thought I’d share part of my healing journey here

I first had Reiki and then became attuned (later becoming a Master-Teacher) after losing two grandparents within a week. Reiki really helped me grieve and also heal. It is a practise I use daily to balance myself

Whilst trying to become pregnant I had regular weekly reflexology which really helped me relax and I’m positive aided me to conceive! Then I became pregnant with my first child whilst studying and becoming a reflexologist!

Other therapies have aided me on my life purpose, eg Aura-Soma(R), which helped focus me and what I want to do with my life and gave me bottles to work with to really push me forward and support my journey. Crystals are my first aid at times of emotional, physical and spiritual need!

When I get a cold or sinus problems my first stop is ear candling, which resolves and clears issues very quickly!

I love using my therapies and to be a professional holistic therapist and able to help and support fellow humans on their journeys is a really amazing, fulfilling job!

So please contact me to discuss your needs and whatever they are from emotional to physical and everything inbetween, we can look at the “whole” person and come up with an individual holistic program just for you!

I look forward to hearing about your journey and joining you on it.

Rom Jones

About Me – Rom Cariad Therapies – the parent?

I thought I’d explain a but of my background and focus!  I’m Rom, a Mum to two children age 7 & 4 and a holistic wellbeing practitioner.

I always wanted to have children, but my children took a while to come along, with some heartaches along the way. Then motherhood really wasn’t as easy or “rosy” as everyone seemed to make out. I had dreadful sibling rivalry and jealousy, great school anxieties with my eldest and other normal childhood behavioural issues. I was lucky that courses and options came along to support me at the right time and I want to share these with other parents.

Don’t we all want to do the best for our children, to be the parent we want to be and not the one who is shouting, upset, stressed etc…

I know the services I offer work because I have been using them for the last two years and friends have been case studies for me as well!

I have been a Relax Kids coach for over two year and love the skills and benefits that the classes bring to children. I trained to be a therapist over ten years ago and love how these therapies all come together to build a package for you the parent and your children to really bring out the best you all have to offer and create those special memories.

Last year I trained to be a SleepTalk(TM) consultant, a self-esteem program for children. This program takes two minutes a night whilst your children sleep and can resolve a huge array of childhood behavioural issues from tantrums, toilet issues, anxieties, speech to other emotional and physical issues. For my son he received the headteacher’s award a few weeks after staring the Sleeptalk(TM) program!

I also volunteer at the SureStart Children Centre and am involved in their stakeholder meetings too. With children at school I also get involved in the PTA too!

My children are so important to me and their happiness in this sometimes chaotic world is key to their wellbeing and mine & my husband too,

This is my story, tell me yours

Rom x

family jones

Space for Calm


Choosing a crystal, pendulum and instinct – Cariad Therapies

Last few blogs have been me  jumping straight in to say how I use & cleanse new crystals, as I’d had a new crystal delivery (heaven!). Now I’m going to back track to outline choosing a crystal that will work with you.

You can just use instinct to choose a crystal when in a shop. Or look up an issue or ailment in one of many crystal books and then look to purchase that type of crystal. Even if you know what type you are looking for you will probably have a choice of 5-10 crystals of that type! There are a few methods which will work well to get the perfect crystal for you.

Visual – After choosing the type of crystal, then see if there is one you are instinctively drawn to, hold it in your hand and silently ask if it will help you do “x”, if you get a positive inner knowing will mean you have chosen the right crystal and it will support you in your aims. I usually have a relaxation in my shoulders for the right crystal, almost a mini-healing. The choice of a crystal is a two-way choice and I have seen a crystal being chosen and then leaping out of the clients hand and “hiding” in another batch of crystals!!


Pendulum – An alternative method is to use a crystal pendulum (or other pendulum). A pendulum, like a crystal, needs to be in agreement to work with you and will need cleansing and charging regularly too. To use a crystal pendulum, first you need to ask a base question so you know which is the answer for yes, no and not sure (clockwise/ anti-clockwise/ forwards/ sideways/wiggle etc). Once you have established this movement you can ask other yes/no questions. Hold either one or a few crystals in your hand and then ask the question “is there a crystal here which will work with me to do x”. Then remove crystals from the group or if you have a “no” choose another group to ask. When working with a pendulum you need to try to keep your mind clear, it works by picking up energy and after a while the mind can influence it!

Energy Scanning – Another method is to hold it in our hand and place your other hand on top and see what sensations you pick up. This energy scanning method may give you a tingle, heat or even a small electric shock!

Choosing a crystal is a personal choice and the method you use will be right for you. You can still choose crystals for someone else. Before choosing, think of that person very clearly in your mind, or look at a photo of them, you are tuning into their energy. Then you can use one of the above methods, rewording “will you work with x to do y”.

If you are choosing from the internet, then you can’t hold the crystal to feel its vibration but you can look at the image. I clear my mind and try to tune in the “shop” and crystal image to ensure it feels positive. I still ask the question “will one of these crystals being sold help me with x”

Choosing a new crystal is an exciting moment. I use all these methods, visually I am often drawn to a type of crystal and then use the energy scanning and question to choose the actual crystal. I do this remotely or by holding the crystal, depending on where I am buying the crystal. Don’t forget to cleanse the crystal when you get home before using though!

Next blog I’m going to be sharing my healer’s gold crystal!

Recommendations – facebook – “cupsandwands tarot”, and Hibiscus Moon
books – The Crystal Bible – Judy Hall; Crystal Healing – Judy Hall; Crystal Therapy – Doreen Virtue; The Crystal Healer Philip Permutt

This blog is written as an outline of how I work with crystals and not a professional teaching lesson on crystals

stunning high vibration crystal tealight holders

stunning high vibration crystal tealight holders