Surviving the Lockdown


When there is seemingly endless days, no end in sight, a growing pile of work from school and trying to work from home Monday-Friday, constant interruptions, the ironing pile isn’t changing, endless laundry, depleting snacks (& secret stashes), “cabin fever”, forced walks and more…… life can be very stressful.

Children don’t understand they don’t want to learn at home, they want to see their friends. They’ve lost all the routine that has been established since they were 4, or even aged 2 from nursery.

Confusion from being at home with all family members, but not able to just play like a weekend, or school holiday. Not being able to see grandparents and maybe worrying about them and their health as they know they are “old”.

Parents are stressed from trying to maintain a resemblance of routines, restricting access to snacks, “law and order”, money worries and working to keep their jobs.


It is all getting too much for me, for everyone.

We all need time to bring moments of calm to our days – points to reset our balance and calm. Time to shift our vibration out of fear and worry and into something calmer and more positive

The aim of this book its to bring an encyclopedia of tools into your home, that you can dip in and out of every day or as the need occurs.

The most important thing to remember in this situation is that love is everything, being present to support and love your family emotionally is key.

As a parent we have a greater awareness of the drastic changes we are undergoing, the possible effects to life and the world as we know it. We hold this information and it adds to our stressload. It imbalances us, thus making us more likely to become frazzled and worn down, to outbursts, to shout or express angry and disappointment – sometimes from the smallest thing (those cardboard tubes in the toilet!).

So please stop, and put your oxygen mask on first, find time for meditation, yoga, walking, mindfulness activities. When the kettle boils or your waiting for the video conference to start then do a simple breathing exercise – maybe one from this book. Do it now. Do it frequently, help reduce your tension and stress and allow yourself to feel more in balance with your mental and emotional self.

You can only control you and how you react and behave.

Your emotions are picked up energetically by your children, they know you are feeling “off” but won’t really understand the full why. Find small pockets of time to bring yourself into a calmer state will then ripple out to them and help them feel more settled in this unsettling situation.

For hundreds for tips for calm for you and your family – I’ve compiled the Anthology of Calm – Surviving the Lockdown – Free on kindle unlimited, £2.50 kindle and £4.99 for a printed paperback – link below

Imbolc – 1st February – the bringing of light

Wishing you a beautiful Imbolc – the beginning of Spring.

Traditionally this day is halfway between winter solstice and spring equinox.

It is also known as Brigid’s Day – a Gaelic Goddess

History – it is a Celtic celebration to mark the end of the harshest parts of winter, where farmers were starting to farm and prepare livestock for breeding.
Traditionally celebrated in Scotland, Ireland and Isel of Man, with Wales having a version called “Gwyl Fair y Canhwyllau”

Imbolc comes from “i mbolg” and translates to mean “in the belly” and refers to pregnancy of farm animals, in readiness for spring
Things to do to celebrate include:

  • Creating a Brigid’s cross or doll
  • Lighting a candle at dusk to represent the sun (also putting on all lights in the house!)
    -Spring cleaning (an energetic and physical cleanse of the house)
  • Get out in nature – ideally to the sea, river, stream or well and splach yourself to clean and cleanse your energy
  • Have a feast with family (celebration of the new light)
    -Dark crystals are perfect for creating a celebrating grid or altar – amethyst, moonstone, garnet, bloodstone
  • Flowers include crocus, heather, snowdrops, violets

It is also known as Candlemas day and Groundhog day

Wishing you a beautiful brightening of the world <3
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Mercury Retrograde – Good or Bad?! Find the Good in Everything!

For the last 2 weeks we’ve been in the pre-shadow of Mercury Retrograde and the Retrograde commences Nov 16th in the UK and runs until 6th December. Then we have 2 weeks of post-shadow of the Retrograde.

Don’t let other people’s moans about Mercury Retrograde make you lose 6 months of the year!

I’m a great advocate of being optimistic and ensuring that I benefit from the energies of the moment. So use this time to reflect on what issues are coming up for you, do some detective work around them and then take action to clear and release

Key pointers in a Mercury Retrograde:

– Watch your communication (that it can’t be misinterpreted).
– Allow others the benefit of the doubt if their communication to you is a little “off” or pushes your buttons
– Double check travel arrangements and allow time for changes
– It’s a bit late now but back up all IT (phone/laptop/cameras etc) and implement any updates before a Retrograde!

What is a Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury is closer to the Sun than Earth and so therefore passes earth about 3x in a year. There is a time when it looks like Earth has overtaken Mercury and this is what we call a “Retrograde – as it looks like its going backwards in relation to Earth).

Why do people moan when it’s Mercury Retrograde?
Mercury affects communications and electronics so when it goes retrograde it can often play havoc in these areas for the unprepared! Some of the reasons are:

  • Laptops, phones stop working or crash. Files refuse to open
    People misunderstand your emails or notes
    Travel plans can be disrupted
    Headaches, migraines and dizzyness
    Things to do Before a Mercury Retrograde
    Back up your laptop or IT and phone (photos, contacts etc)
    Research new product purchases
    Upgrade software
    Get car serviced
    During a Mercury Retrograde
    Double check any travel plans
    Ensure your mobile is fully charged and backed up
    Get a positive mindset in case your travel arrangements change or get delayed
    Double check any important emails that you may need send – so they are unclear and can not be emotionally or otherwise misunderstood
    Do some cord cutting around people, events or actions that are coming up
    Be open and flexible in travel and responses/actions from other people

How does Mercury Retrograde affect you?

The two weeks prior to Mercury going retrograde people may start feeling off kilter or the earth energies changing. In this period of the pre-shadow we start to notice themes, or people popping back into our radar who may have been absent for a long time, repeating patterns or issues coming up again.

These themes will be the things that we can work on in the Mercury Retrograde. If you like, a Mercury Retrograde is a great time to clear old stuff for one final time.

The first 2 weeks are the time to be a detective, to find out, root out and discover elements around your theme. The next two weeks are a great time to take actions related to the theme. The post-shadow 2 weeks are a final clearing up the loose ends.

On a Wellbeing Level?

The head is busy processing and our intuition is more attuned into our daily life. This can affect our wellbeing through

-Headaches, migraines or anxious feelings. – due to the processing and overwhelm of the task in hand
– Feeling ungrounded, dizzy or off-kilter

Tools to Support You
– Keep hydrated, this will help clear blocks, detox the body and keep the body and brain fully hydrated
– Take a salt bath or foot bath – again to detox and ground the body
– Do a grounding meditation, visualise roots, do some gardening or mindful exercises
– Eat root vegetables or dark fruit/veg
– Play or cuddle with animals as they are naturally grounded
– Mindful activities involving nature (eg walking)

Advantages of the Mercury Retrograde

With the pre & post shadow a Mercury Retrograde affects earth for approximately 7 weeks and in 2018 we are having 3 of them! So that’s 21 weeks – nearly half a year – so unless you want to wipe out half a year with a negative swish of your hand you may want to find positives about a Mercury Retrograde.

A great time to connect to your intuition, it is stronger during a Mercury Retrograde. Practice on simple things like what to eat or drink and move onto bigger decisions
Communication is strong as well as your intuition so it is a perfect time to do more (or regular) journalling. To connect to yourself and guides
To get clarity on the bigger picture of something you ware looking to manifest in your life – perhaps a new job or new product/service if self-employed

Things or contracts created in the Mercury Retrograde tend to have more flexibility or be open to opportunity, that those created outside of the retrograde (clean, no-mess solutions)

Greater creativity – due to the communication, higher speed processing

A chance to review past events and people and take action to clear loose ends

Cord cutting of people, vows, events and actions

Useful words for the Mercury Retrograde are:

Research – Communication – Intuition – Flexibility

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Here is a 10 minute video with more information:


Crystals for Mercury Retrograde

Don’t get all tied up in the “woe betide” of the Retrograde. There are ways to work with the energy – but if you are insistent that you’re going to be badly effected – then guess what?!! You will be as that is what you are attracting towards you 🙂

This latest Mercury Retrograde runs from 16th Nov – 6th December 2018 – with a pre and post effect for the two weeks prior and after.

Here are some suggestions of crystals that could support you in the coming weeks: Continue reading

Connect to your Support Team & Life Purpose

Do you want to find out your life purpose?

What gifts & talents you bring to the universe?

Want to connect with the Angelic team but don’t know how?

Then this is for you – simply choose 4 bottles and the Aura-Soma consultation will open the door for you and start you on your journey.

We’ll do the consultation via zoom and then I’ll share access to an online course full of videos, pdfs and meditation to connect to your angelic support team.

All for £99 Click here to book Continue reading

Stress? Anxious? Being Present Now to Bring Calm To You

You might question how being “present in the moment” is a positive thing – when you’re stuck, feeling sad, stressed, anxious or depressed. But stop, the emotions you are feeling are actually unlikely to be related to the present moment but to a past or future event. Mindfulness connects you to the current moment, a time you can influence now.

Think of the stress reaction – muscles tighten, stomach churns, become sweaty, breathing difficulties, fight or flight adrenaline/cortisol hormones kick in. Our thoughts go back to a similar experience and the negative beliefs that we created from that experience and the emotions this brings up, triggering stress. However, these hormones aren’t burnt up (from running away) and so remain in the body keeping us on “high alert” creating issues of anxiety, panic attacks, sleep problems, headaches and restlessness.

The alternative mindful response is to move out of the flight/flight response and into a “being”  response – to slowdown, notice breath, feel grounded, acknowledge the thoughts (don’t judge them). Preventing the release of more stress hormones, allowing the release of the calming hormone oxytocin instead.

What is mindfulness – it’s about “being in the present moment”, watching your thoughts without engaging and judging them. It’s about quietening the mind and when thoughts come up replying with a “ah that’s interesting” and then letting them go, not creating an inner dialogue/emotion about the thought.

The benefits of mindfulness are to allow you to relax. Mindfulness is shown to reduce stress, tension, anxiety and depression, reduce anger outbursts and generally be a positive tool in your daily life.

Who can Mindful Meditation classes benefit? Anyone who is looking to reduce their stress levels, support better sleep, feel calmer & more in control of their emotions, anyone who is looking to relieve their symptoms of anxiety or depression, or simply anyone who is looking for an hour to “be” themselves & relax and renew themselves.

Mindfulness and meditation go together perfectly, bringing great relaxation to mind and body. Mindful Meditation for Relaxation classes run at the Tina Carter Wellness Studio are suitable for everyone. Led by Romella Jones.


Mindful Meditation Classes are offered as a drop in for £10 or you can book a block for £7.75. Contact Tina on 07812 144685 or email Classes run on a Tuesday 1.30-230pm and Friday at 7.45-8.45pm



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Crystal Healing? How do they help?

What is Crystal Healing

Crystals have been used for healing for thousands of years.

Treatments with crystals can take many forms, crystal chakra cleansing, crystal healing, space clearing or gridding using crystals. Melody laying-on-of-stones is a magnificent way to work with crystals and gridding to bring about abundance, clear past or present issues and more Continue reading