Special package to recover from back-to-school-itis


I hope you had a lovely summer and have enjoyed the last few sunny days. If your anything like me you will be slowly getting back into the routine of school run and homework!

Its hard work as a parent – so I thought I’d put together a back-to-school offer, mixing energy healing, flower essence consultations and mini angel card reading. The session costs £39 and is available until half-term (October 22nd), please message to book.

– You can choose which 30 minute energy healing you would like from Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Labrys Ascension Therapy or Crystal Healing.
– Flower essences can help to rebalance your emotions and state of mind, to really give you a boost for September to get you feeling yourself again!
– The oracle card reading  or Aura Soma reading can answer any question you like from life purpose, healing to romance or for Aura Soma your choice of bottle will give you information on your life purpose.

So this mini-package can really give you a boost after the holidays and set you up for the autumn. The therapies I offer are all great to reduce stress, aid relaxation and my clients walk out looking happy & relaxed afterwards! 



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8 Steps to Relaxation – create your space for calm

“8 Steps to Relaxation” is a weekly class starting Friday 18th September 10- 11am @ The Gorge Therapy & Training Centre.

This class is suitable for all. It is open to anyone who wants to create their “space for calm”, their own peace in their mind and relaxation (perfectly placed at the end of the week too!)

In the class we will have 8 steps to help relax you, starting with some stretches, breathing exercises, use of affirmations, meditations, gratitude work and journaling. We will also have a changing weekly tool which may include crystals, essential oils, angel cards, colours and more!)

Spaces are limited so please book. Booking is for a 6 week block @ £30 (or £6.50 a session)

Contact details below – thanks Rom Jones

Romella Cariad Therapies

Romella Cariad Therapies

The Gorge Therapy and Training Centre, Jackfield, Ironbridge TF28 7LS tel – 07894812440 www.cariadtherapies.com email – cariadtherapies@outlook.com

Background – I have been a Reiki Master-Teacher for over 15 years and am qualified and insured in a wide range of complementary therapies from massage to energy practitioner to crystals to Aura-Soma to Reiki to meditation and Relax Kids. All have come to me to help me on my journey and for me to be the person I want to be – thus allowing me to enable you to be the person you want to be!


Is your energy depleting and in need of a reset?

Do you find yourself drained when around certain people and then exhausted when you get home or the next day? Do you feel out of balance some days and just can’t put your finger on it? Have you had a breakup but still feeling drained and attached to them? Do you work with people who exhaust you but don’t know why you feel this way? Want to change this, then read on.

From all my experience and qualifications, I have a brought together a one-hour session part training and part therapy, allowing you to learn techniques to protect, support and nurture your energy whenever you need it.

What is energy?

Its not about needing to eat to get some energy to do “stuff”, this is more spiritual yet very physical, This is about your energy being zapped by other people, whether those you know, work with or when out shopping or in busy environments. Think of how you feel when you go to a busy shopping centre, as functional as the shop might be, often you can feel quite drained and dysfunctional when you leave. All living things are made of energy and affected by the energy of those around them (intentionally or not). This session will help you become aware of your energy and be able to take positive action to protect and support yourself.

“Energy – protect, clear & reset”

This Energy session looks at your  cutting cords that no longer serve your highest good, leaving those of love, clearing your aura with Aura-soma pomanders, creating a protective bubble so only those of love come through to you, checking and balancing your energy through crystals and finally hands-on energy healing to seal the changes into your physical body and aura.

You will learn how to protect yourself with bubbles, how to ground yourself into the now, cut negative cords, and a mini-introduction to self-healing.

This session is designed as a one-off (as you learn the techniques to use yourself) but can be used a a re-boost or re-set whenever needed. The session will last an hour and costs £45, it includes a small bag of chakra crystals and “memory” sheet of tips.

For more information and to book your session please contact me. It is also available as a workshop at the Gorge Therapy & Training Centre  click here for next dates

Rom Jones – Cariad Therapies,

Romella Cariad Therapies

Romella Cariad Therapies

The Gorge Therapy and Training Centre, Jackfield, Ironbridge TF28 7LS tel – 07894812440 www.cariadtherapies.com email – cariadtherapies@outlook.com

Background – I have been a Reiki Master-Teacher for over 15 years and am qualified and insured in a wide range of complementary therapies from massage to energy practitioner to crystals to Aura-Soma. All have come to me to help me on my journey and for me to be the person I want to be – thus allowing me to enable you to be the person you want to be!

Children arguments again? – time to SleepTalk(TM)!

I’m sure my story isn’t unusual if you have school aged children – or indeed  more than one child! The first week of the schools holiday goes fairly well, lots of playdates and things to do and then slowly the children spend more time together and the arguments start….

Linked in to the arguments is then the sibling rivalry, an issue any parent of multiple children will be only too aware!!! The issue of sibling rivalry was present in my family for a long time after the birth of my daughter, so much that I found a technique that really worked to support. It was hard trying to explain to a 3/4 year old that love was infinite and there was more than enough Mummy love to go around the whole family and as the family grew so did the love available. Infinite is a difficult concept for a 4 year old!

I was lucky to be recommended to a SleepTalk consultant who I worked with on the self-esteem program for children created by Joane Goulding. The difference it made to my family was immense and in 2014 I trained in it and am now an Accredited Sleeptalk Consultant 

Sleeptalk is a proven 30 year old program, with amazing results for children with a huge range of emotional, behavioural and anxiety issues.

It takes just two minutes a night and is carried out as your child sleeps, what a simple gift! The time it takes for the kettle to boil can improve your child’s emotional resilence and end tantrums, toilet, food, bedwetting, anger outbursts and sibling rivalry.

I don’t know why I stopped doing it but, I can guarantee I’m back on it now! The results often happen quickly and last a life time. The foundation statement is a lovely thing to say as your child sleeps (yes this isn’t a process to get your child to sleep!). It changes the whole family, all is calmer and well just nicer! Kids get on, so less shouting by anyone and a happier holiday full of making memories happens!


If you want to know more then click here

I look forward to sharing this two-minute miracle with you for a calmer, peaceful holiday!

As well as one-to-ones via skype and in person, I am also running an online workshop and one at The Gorge Therapy Centre – so please message me more more information – places on workshops are reduced in price but limited

Romella Cariad Therapies

Romella Cariad Therapies


Sleeptalk a two minute talk as your child sleeps, to improve childhood behavioural issues

About Me – Rom Cariad Therapies – the parent?

I thought I’d explain a but of my background and focus!  I’m Rom, a Mum to two children age 7 & 4 and a holistic wellbeing practitioner.

I always wanted to have children, but my children took a while to come along, with some heartaches along the way. Then motherhood really wasn’t as easy or “rosy” as everyone seemed to make out. I had dreadful sibling rivalry and jealousy, great school anxieties with my eldest and other normal childhood behavioural issues. I was lucky that courses and options came along to support me at the right time and I want to share these with other parents.

Don’t we all want to do the best for our children, to be the parent we want to be and not the one who is shouting, upset, stressed etc…

I know the services I offer work because I have been using them for the last two years and friends have been case studies for me as well!

I have been a Relax Kids coach for over two year and love the skills and benefits that the classes bring to children. I trained to be a therapist over ten years ago and love how these therapies all come together to build a package for you the parent and your children to really bring out the best you all have to offer and create those special memories.

Last year I trained to be a SleepTalk(TM) consultant, a self-esteem program for children. This program takes two minutes a night whilst your children sleep and can resolve a huge array of childhood behavioural issues from tantrums, toilet issues, anxieties, speech to other emotional and physical issues. For my son he received the headteacher’s award a few weeks after staring the Sleeptalk(TM) program!

I also volunteer at the SureStart Children Centre and am involved in their stakeholder meetings too. With children at school I also get involved in the PTA too!

My children are so important to me and their happiness in this sometimes chaotic world is key to their wellbeing and mine & my husband too,

This is my story, tell me yours

Rom x

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Space for Calm


Indian Head Massage for Migraine relief?

Indian Head Massage for Migraine relief?

One of my most popular therapies is Indian Head Massage. It is a gentle massage with its history based in India, where families would (and do) give each other regular head/shoulder massages. It is effective to de-stress the whole body, as the massage covers the shoulders, neck, upper arms, face and scalp. It can be carried out over clothes, but most clients prefer the massage oil to be used.

Many of my clients find that regular Indian Head Massages can reduce the presence and reoccurrences of migraines significantly.

Indian Head Massage has the physical benefits of improving blood flow to the neck and head, improving lymphatic drainage & thus removal of toxins from the head, relieves muscular tension and relieve physical and emotional stress. All brilliant to aid headaches and migraines. As well as the increase blood supply acting as a boost to promote healthy hair growth too!

Book today for just £25 at Newport Beauty Room or Gorge Therapy Centre in Ironbridge

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