Book Club – “Ask and it is Given” Esther Hicks with Romella 050620

Join me today for book club – looking at “Ask and it is Given” by Esther Hicks and Abraham.

Sharing some tools from the book to boost your vibration and manifesting. Plus a video explaining the Emotional Guidance System (with resources from The Balance Procedure) and info on some of the processes outlined in the book.

There are 22 processes outlined in this book to expand your being and vibration, to enhance your emotional frequency. Each works well in a certain range of emotional state.

Here are a few of the processes:

  • Rampage of Appreciation – look around you and notice the things that please you and bring you pleasure. Focus your attention on this object and feel into the emotion of appreciation – how beautiful or functional or timesaving it is. Allow your positive feelings to expand as you increase your attention.
  • Prosperity Process. Take a notebook or similar and create a bank spreadsheet with a drposit column and expenditure colomn. Make the latter larger. Each day you add £1000 to the deposit and each day you spend it in the expenditure column. Each day it increases so day 2 is £2000, day 3 £3000 day 4 £4000 etc. The idea is to have fun spending the money and researching at what you would spend. Feeling into the energy of prosperity and gratitude. The idea is to spend it each day, but you can save a few days for a larger item – or wait for that day to come around!

Well that’s all we need?! Mercury Retrograde June July 2020

Yes its Mercury Retrograde again – we are in the preshadow (since 1st June) then full retrograde 17th June for 2 weeks and then 3 weeks of post shadow again.

Ending 12th July {Plus Saturn, Pluto, Venus, Jupiter also retrograde at the moment)/

Many looking at our own authenticity, our relationships, our soul purpose and getting into alignment – interesting times!

More Mercury Retrograde info is here:

crystals to use in a mercury retrograde

Visualisation – a trip to the moon plus a chat about crystals 280520

Join me today for a beautiful guided meditation on a trip to the moon – with moon walking and tremendous views of earth! Connect with the moon to support New moon and Full Moon energies.

Plus a talk about crystals – moldavite and programming crystals to have whatever properties or goals you want – and why its important to keep the programs uptodate when things change!

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Choose your Angel Card Message for week commencing 1st June

Choose your question, theme or simply “what do I need to know today” . then choose card 1 2 or 3 (or multiple!)

Today I’m using the Mary Queen of the Angels Deck by Doreen Virtue

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Visualisation to a Beautiful Garden – using all your senses 260520

Join me for a visualisation of enjoying a beautiful garden and card of the day

Remember to look up the flowers or colours that really call to you. Robert Reeves has a flower oracle deck that might be of interest too

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