How’s the Energy in your house? Time for some space clearing tools?

How is your house feeling at the moment, after being stuck in the same place altogether? Have you been having more arguments? Feeling odd when walking into a room or sitting in a seat?

After being in lockdown for 4 months I know my house is feeling energetically at a low. A few too many negative conversations around home learning has meant we want to spend less time at the dining table! A few too many door slams.

Join me on Saturday 10-1130am for an interactive workshop on space clearing.

Learn about how pieces of furniture or possessions can be radiating negative vibrations, how power and water cables could be affecting your sleep and how those negative thoughtforms from arguments are pallable and affecting your energy!

But most importantly find out how to clear and reduce their impact on your energy and your families!

This interactive workshop is £11 and you will leave with a plan of your house and an understanding of the negative energies affecting it AND Most importantly tools to clear them and regain a calm and positive house!
We’ll be meeting via zoom and you’ll have ongoing support through my “Romella Support” group.

So come and get your house sparkling clean on a 5D level! Message or comment for more information