Halloween special – how to protect your energy and space

As Halloween approaches many people start talking about the “veils” between our physical and spiritual worlds becoming thinner and communication clearer from those who have passed over. This is not always a comfortable time for many, so I thought I’d share a few techniques with you to allow you to protect your space and aura and to prevent lower energies from coming through.
A few simple techniques I will share include the use of protection cloaks, cord cutting, grounding, crystals and sprays.

protective crystals

1 РProtection cloaks are used to  protect our physical body and useful when going out into populated areas such as when shopping & work. Simply put you imagine a large cloak around your shoulders and draping across the floor with a collar and hood. You pull the hood over your forehead (protecting your third eye) and then zip the cloak up at the front to cover your throat. The cloak can be any colour your like, dark blue is a favourite as it brings in the protective energies of Archangel Michael, a violet cloak has the transmutation energies of the violet flame and St Germain or a metallic cloak can bring the energies of Archangel Metatron. The cloak will then protect your physical body and Aura. This can also be useful for children as well as adults

2 Cord cutting – this is the single most important and frequent thing I talk about to people! We all have energetic cords which join us to those we come in contact with from loved ones, family, friends and colleagues. It is important we regularly clear these cords so that only “those that are positive and for your best interest” remain. Do you often feel drained when in contact with someone and feel the same for days after, that’s because their cord is literally draining energy from you. The cord cutting is a whole blog by itself so I’ll do a more detailed one next week! In the meantime ask Archangel Michael to use his sword of truth to cut all cords that no longer serve you and so only cords of love remain. You don’t need to worry about cutting off family or loved ones, they will stay! If you have regular contact with someone who makes you feel drained then do this after every contact or thought and at least every day!

3 Grounding – It is so important to be grounded and present in the moment, not sending our energies into the past or future events, being mindful if you will. By being grounded in the present moment we stabilise our energies and are more able to protect where we send our energies. A simple grounding exercise is to stand (or sit) with both feet firmly on the floor and then gently ask the earth to ground you and imagine little roots gently spreading from your feet out into the ground. You don’t need to send them miles down or across, just a gentle spread on Mother Earth will be fine. If you feel yourself to be lightheaded or in need of additional grounding then stamping your feet can re-earth you (chocolate also works ūüėČ )

4 Crystals – There are a lot of crystals you can use to ground yourself, traditionally anything dark will work as it is closets to the earth star chakra. My favourite protection crystals are amethyst (also fab for the crown chakra and clearing negative energies), Hematite is very grounding and protecting too. Smokey quartz is also a great grounding and protective stone (as well as stress-busting too!), its great for grounding as it works with your earth chakra beneath your feet. Black tourmaline has the ability to absorb negativitity and create a positive clear energy around you. To use them I would program for protection and then either keep in pocket, wear as jewellery, meditate with them by your feet, place by bed or desk, hold before entering “the zone” where you feel protection might be needed! To use a crystal cleanse and program – read this blog for full details –¬†http://cariadtherapies.com/cleansing-crystals-first-steps-jumping/

5 Sprays – I use the Aura Soma quintessences and sprays produced throughout the day for multi-uses. Aura Soma ¬†sprays are great for clearing, protecting and energising your aura, house, room, space OR to up the vibration for meditation or focus. I particularly use them when going out to town shopping or if the children are in a delicate space when going to school (or home from school ūüôā ). My favourites for protection are the red, this draws your aura in so you don’t pick up on others energies and “they” don’t pick up on your lighter energies too. Lady Nada is all about love and when this is used it expands the aura immensely, but creates a space that only those coming from love can come through (again keeping the dodgy ones away!). Orange is a great one to use at home for house clearing, to remove stagnant energies throughout the house, especially in children rooms or thoughtforms left over from arguing!

So there you have my favourite tips for protecting your energy and space that you live in. Please contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to book on my “Energy protect, clear and reset” one to one or workshop¬†http://cariadtherapies.com/is-your-energy-depleting-and-in-need-of-a-reset/


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Award winning Cariad Therapies

Award winning Cariad Therapies