21 days Until Christmas! Get you Calm for Christmas here!

Tis the season to get frazzled, tra la la la la, and stressed out!
What if you could do things differently this year? What if you could have a few simple tricks up your sleeve (well in your mind) that could help you to be calmer and enjoy the festive season more. For £9.99 you get the Calm for Christmas pack: –
 – 7 part video series of tips and tools to shift you back into calm
 – E-book – how to say no and why you should say no!
       – My favourite top 5 self-care tips to use over the holidays
       – 10 quick simple tips to shift your energies, emotions into a positive space
All are quick and simple – we’re talking 2-3 minutes so you can do them whilst stirring the gravy or wrapping a present
Feel calmer
Feel more in control
Feel more like the real you

This is for you!  Calm For Christmas Pack £9.99

Series of videos and an E-book to support you through the festive season


Just £9.99:

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10 things to do at this time of the year with children

Seasons Greetings to you. I thought I’d do a quick blist (blog list?!) of things that are fun and calming to do at Christmas 🙂

  1. Be Present – kids need your presence as this creates memories and reassures at this time of year – so presence not presents!
  2. Get edible crafty – get crafty – make biscuits, marzipan balls, fudge, chocolates, chutney – edible glitter rules!
  3. Get crafty when decorating – think paper snowflakes, paperchains, “paper dolls” holding hands. Or all do some colouring – perhaps have the same outline and see who has the best colouring ideas!
  4. Do nothing out of obligation – only love (I have culled my Christmas Card list!)
  5. Set a timer for social media (see 1)
  6. Decorate some bought biscuits with icing and sprinkles – then eat!
  7. Take time to do nothing! Just relax!
  8. Have a pile of Christmas books and sit and read with the kids cuddled under a lovely blanket (and maybe some hot chocolate/ biscuits!)
  9. Shop online or only when you are in the mood (see 4) – book a post Christmas delivery!
  10. Its OK to say “no thanks” to events, suggestions, demands on your time (see 4)
  11. OK I know I said 10 – but fresh air is so great to exhaust the little mines – mine need a daily dose otherwise they pop like prosecco!

So have a super Christmas and enjoy the seasonal festivities

Best wishes

Rom x

PS Its OK to hide in the kitchen with your head in the fridge eating chocolate 😉



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