Persistence & The Law of Attraction

Today in my daily card reading, we had  “Lugh” who is a Celtic Sun God  and the word “Persistence”.

Persistence is an interesting word – it feels like a bit of a push as an action, but actually to me it is more about keeping going and taking the steps consistently.

To me persistence and law of attraction go together perfectly. The law of attraction isn’t just about planting those seeds of desire in the New Moon energy and sitting back.

Its about being fully aligned emotionally and with your mindset.

Its about taking the intuitive actions that come to you when you think of the end result you desire.

Its about connecting to your desire with all your emotions, as if you are really there, using all your senses.

In the video (link below), I share the analogy of the farmer. He plants his seeds, waters them, weeds them, more watering and observing of their progress and then he harvests and processes them (and prepares the land so its ready again for next time). The farmer doesn’t just plant the seeds and leave it to the sun and moon or the harvest God to ensure a good crop and sale, he uses his energy, wisdom and experience to work towards his desire of a bountiful healthy crop.

What are you doing to manifest your desire? 

We are selling our house and buying a new one – not actually the one we started with originally. When making offers you generally start off low, but then increase to your maximum offer. If you stop too early maybe you won’t get the house, maybe that extra £500 would’ve been the difference for the positive result. Persistence alongside wisdom and aligned action are keys to unlocking the law of attraction in my personal experience. I’ll let you know how we get on!