What emotions do you have going on at the moment?
Are you in a lower vibration – angry, sad, depressed, pessimistic and wanting to “up” your energy and vibration to optimistic, joy, passion, happy?
Are you looking for simple tools you can use to make this shift in your emotions?

Join us this month in the Women’s Circle to get in touch with your inner self, connection to your intuition and guides, to up your vibration?

Moving up to a higher vibration is a perfect way to connect, energise yourself, become balanced and hit the top emotions of joyful and happy.

Join the online Women’s Circle and you can access videos on each theme, meditations and an e-book of simple daily practice . Plus supported by me in a secretive, supportive Facebook group – where you can share your questions, developments in a positive safe environment.

To join us for September – signup below: