Shift those blocks, release and heal – Labrys Ascension Therapy

Ascension is an amazing healing therapy, it works with St Germain of the violet flame and is perfect for transformation and healing. This one day course will include an attunement to Labrys Ascension Therapy and starts the purification and healing process to allow full connection to the fourth dimension. It opens all the senses and chakras to higher levels of communication and assists the healing process.

The start of an amazing journey of self discovery, releasing & healing –


  • Do you want a tool to help you re-align you to your true self and energise you to make positive steps in your life?
  • Do you feel you have something that needs clearing?
  • Do you want help to support your spiritual path and assist you to gain clarity, deeper awareness and thereby speed up your progress?

Then being attuned to Labrys Ascension Therapy could be the answer; an amazing hands on energy healing system. Also known as the Flame of the Soul and channelled by St Germain of the violet flame, it is an energy healing system that clears your “stuff” of “blocks”. So you feel more balanced in body, mind and spirit and ready for action J

Contents –

  • Understanding of energy healing and how it supports the body and mind to clear blocks & leads to wellbeing
  • At the end of the day you will have received the Labrys Ascension Therapy attunement
  • Have felt & shared the master symbol, clearing symbol & healing symbol and understand their functions
  • Understand how to use symbols in the house and space you live & work
  • Understand why grounding is important & how to do it
  • Carried out a self-healing session using Labrys
  • You’ll have a full manual of information to read & a book list
  • I will support you in your Ascension journey & answer any questions

Book & reserve your space for this block clearing, healing, energy boosting & self-development Labrys Ascension training.

Cost £150 @ The Gorge Therapy Centre, TF8 7LS

Date – Friday 27thJune 10- 2.30pm

Call or text -07894 812440

Email –