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Want to Create Family Calm For You & Your Family?

8 week supported program will help you create the positive family life and calm that you crave

Is this you? Do you want to…

  • Bring an end to chaotic bedtimes?
  • Create a calm, supportive, nurturing space for your family to thrive?
  • Is your family affected by anger outbursts, tantrums, food/toilet/bed issues, anxiety issues or emotional upset?
  • Want to support your children through their childhood issues?
  • Looking for a holistic natural way to bring balance and calm into your family?
  • Be the calm, supportive parent you planned to be
  • Be a positive, calm parent to happy, calm children
  • All for just £24.99 a month (early bird rate)

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This eight week program has been designed by a frazzled Mum, author & award winning holistic therapist, Romella Jones. Bringing the best holistic tools to you and your family.


I completely get what it feels like to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed out from kids not listening or following instructions, from kids arguing with each other (often about who Mummy loves more), not being able to relax in the evening as you are up and down all night, clingy cuddles at school drop off, tears when things don’t go their way, did I mention exhaustion?!

I am a normal Mum just like you, I can help you. In this 8 week supported program I share tools that you can easily learn and apply to your daily life. This course is for you if you resonate with anything I’ve said!


Don’t just take my word for it – here’s a testimonial of a prior participant of the Create Family Calm Program.





What will you gain from this program?

  • Tools to support your bedtime routine – get the children to bed without stress, tantrums and tears
  • Support your stressed out – anxious – angry child to build their confidence, happiness and self-esteem
  • Simple mindfulness and meditation exercises to get you going on your journey to calm
  • Fun things to do as a family that will help calm and nurture each member, child and adult alike
  • Understand how you create your reality and how you can positively use this in your life
  • Time for you – even if its minutes a day, they all add up and create your space for calm
  • Each week you’ll access a new module of information – from essential oils to meditation to visualisation to The Balance Procedure and more. I’ve also included space in the schedule to implement or recap on the topics and information (there’s no such thing as being behind, it will all happen at the right time for you)
  • Feel more like that parent you wanted to be from the start



Tools you’ll receive to use:

  • SleepTalk (worth £299 as a one-2-one)
  • Online group and support (worth £45 a week)
  • doTERRA Family Physicians Kit ( 10 x 5ml oils/ blends perfect for your families wellbeing) (worth £115)
  • Essential oils (bottle of DoTERRA Balance and Wild Orange – worth over £29)
  • TBP ebook and training (set of cards or app available separately (training worth £55)
  • Printed copy of  “Balance and Calm Toolkit for the Frazzled Mum” worth £8.00
  • Printed book of “Balance and Calm Toolkit to Create Family Calm” worth £8.99
  • Access to an 8 week online program of modules and information PLUS a secret facebook group for support and contact from me personally


Why have I created this program for you?

  • As an Award-winning therapist, author and mother to two children – I’ve been using these tools – they work! I’ve researched, studied and qualified in therapiesthat support the creation of family calm. Plus I have guinea pigs (me & my family!)
  • It brings together a comprehensive wholistic package of tools that will support you and your family to create that family calm
  • Supporting you as a parent, to create your balance and calm, that can ripple effect into your family
  • Fun and practical tools for you and your family to use
  • A supportive secret facebook group, with weekly facebook lives, plus support from me. You are able to ask questions in the forum or by private message
  • Because a one-off solution doesn’t always work – other factors affect family calm. Having other tools in place will support you and your family

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Who am I?             

  • I’ve been a holistic therapist for over 8 years and changed my focus from reflexology to support children and families when my son started struggling at school. I became a Relax Kids Coach, Learnt SleepTalk (a self-esteem program for children, creating positive changes as they sleep – in two minutes!)
  • In Winter 2015 I won the National BizMums Health & Beauty Award, in Spring 2016 I was a finalist in Businesses for Children Awards, and am a finalist for Spring 2017 too


  • From the BizMum’s judge – “The winner’s business exemplifies the characteristicsof this category. She is qualified in a number of therapy disciplines giving her the flexibility to treat her clients appropriately. One element that stood out is this finalist actively treats adults and children and many of her therapies have a proven positive effect on the whole family. Her complementary therapies are all about supporting and improving the lives of parents and children.”

  • I am a published author on amazon – sharing my holistic tools for balance and calm in a practical way for busy overwhelmed Mums to access in the short quiet moments you get as a mum!
  • Probably the most important element about me is I’m Mum to a 6 & 8 year old. I have lots of grrr moments, but when I use my tools I keep my cool!
  • I’m walking my talk for myself and my family – to Create Family Calm in the Jones’ household!




So if you are a Mum who’s feeling overwhelmed with a busy family, in need of some holistic tools to  Create your Family Calm – this is for you!

A supportive program for you and your family, with practical tools that you can use daily, throughout the day, as you and your family needed. Each month we’ll learn new tools (so there’s no overwhelm). Plus a supportive secret facebook group where you can ask questions, share experiences and access support from me.

From just £395*you can be part of the Create Family Calm Program – videos, meditations, books and essential oils are all included as part of the package.

Worth over £700 if taken as one-2-one sessions

So catch the early bird before 1st May 2017! Click here:





More information:

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