Winter Solstice, New Moon and Re-births

Today is the 21st December – the shortest day and the longest day – the winter solstice. The sun is closest to the horizon than at any other point in the year. What does it mean for us in 2017?

This is one of the ancient celebration days dating back thousands of years – to the bronze age and beyond.

In late neolithic and Bronze age times, they built Stonehenge in alignment to the winter solstice and Newgrange in Ireland is aligned to summer solstice. Celebrations happened as cattle were slaughtered for food as there would not be enough food to keep them fed in the following winter months.

The Romans celebrated with the Feast of Saturnalia – honouring the god of agricultural abundance –  Saturn.

This year it also represents the end of Mercury Retrograde – communication, travel and unrest. So no longer blaming Mercury for miscommunication  🙂

So what does the Winter Solstice mean? Traditionally it means celebrating the end of the darkness and the coming of the light, rebirth and birth.

To me its the chance to review the previous year, let go of any darkness or things I can not change and a chance to birth a new year.

  • Light a candle and meditate thinking of the achievements of 2017 – family, work, creative, life, career, love, fun and more! What were your successes? No matter how small they may appear to others, they are important to you and your journey.
  • Share some words of gratitude for these moments
  • Then think about the coming year. What opportunities does it hold for you? What possibilities? Where will you shine your light?
  • How will you rebirth yourself into 2018? What qualities do you want to  bring to the light?  What changes? What opportunities?
  • Then visualise your perfect day – feel it as if you are living it in the meditation. Use all your senses
  • At the end wiggle fingers and toes and express gratitude to 2017, the darkness and welcome in the light

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