Volunteer to Give Back to Society

Volunteer to Give Back to Society

In the corporate world, the term “Corporate Social Responsibility” is up there with sustainability as part of business strategy. Corporate Social Responsibility (or CSR) is basically supporting the local environment where you work and the local societies or people around your business, or those affected by your business. So it can be  doing something environmental, like beach cleaning, running a training program for young graduates or school leavers or doing volunteer work in a local charity.

CSR for the individual?

As a self-employed person we can still do our bit for the local environment and society. Just on a smaller scale. There are plenty of charities or local groups looking for people to support them in donating time, or you can join a board of governors, even the PTA for your child’s school is fulfilling the CSR term.

My Choice of Volunteer Work

For me I chose to volunteer at the Local Surestart Centre. Since my daughter was born we went to breastfeeding group, then moved onto “under 1s play” and then “stay and play” groups at the Children’s Centre. It seemed a natural progression for me to volunteer in the group when my daughter went to school.

I loved doing the art table and the modelling dough, plus talking to other Mums. Its fun to meet new families and see the children grow and develop, especially now mine are a both at school 🙂

As I offered Relax Kids classes at the Centre I was able to do a mini relax at the end of the “stay and play” session. Within a few weeks the kids all used to lie down on the rugs with their blankets! To see them calm down from all the running and play and actually lie still listening to the visualisation was just fab.

Additionally when my daughter attended the groups I also went to their “Parent’s Survey” mornings and joined their stakeholder meeting as a parent. Then when she went to school I also joined the school PTA , supporting their plans and helping at events (usually involving cake and chocolate!).

Benefits to me of Volunteer Work

  • A sense of giving back to the staff who ran the groups and supported me with answers as my children were growing up
  • I had a great time playing with the modelling dough and art table
  • I improved my self-confidence as I approached Mums I didn’t know to make them feel welcome and chat to them during the session
  • I shared my skills as a Relax Kids Coach and a Holistic Therapist
  • I fine tuned some of my Relax Kids elements for small preschool children who take a while to settle down!
  • My self-esteem increased as I had a positive affect on the group as a volunteer
  • I was meeting new people, out of my comfort zone and this has helped my business networking
  • My DBS was sponsored by the council as a volunteer
  • I felt I was giving back to my local community through my time there
  • I felt valued and having made a difference in someone’s day

Volunteering gave me so many opportunities and I would highly recommend to other self-employed people. It can be as big or as small as you like. From one/two hours a week to a two week commitment. From school reading programs, charity work to supporting the elderly or garden work. There are so many types of volunteer work out there -so think about your skills or what role you’d like to move into or where your non-work interests are.

Most councils have information on their websites for local charities and organisations who would really support your time and skills.

My local council’s website for volunteers is – http://www.discovertelford.co.uk/get-involved/organisations/

Go on think what difference you could make to someone’s life or a local charity or school.

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