Using a crystal pendulum and how to get answers

SAM_1995  a crystal pendulum, how to get answers!

Using a crystal pendulum; how to get answers!

In the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy the answer to the “big” question was 42! Although a pendulum wouldn’t give you this exact number it could give a yes, no or don’t know/unsure response if you ask your questions carefully!

First you need to cleanse and prepare your pendulum. So if choosing a pendulum hold it in your hand and let it dangle, ask for it to show you “yes” and “no” and “unsure”. These movements are usually anti/clockwise, left/right/or wobble/a line for unsure etc. Usually whatever the “Yes” is, the “No” will be the opposite ie if “yes” is clockwise then “no” usually anticlockwise. Then when you have your base ask if the pendulum will work with you. If it gives the motion for “yes”, then take to the till and get ready to go!!

Once you have chosen your pendulum it is important to treat it as any other crystal. It should be cleansed (as covered in my earlier blog), I usually run under water and charged in sun or moonlight before use. Then it needs to be programmed, so hold in your hand, centre yourself and ask for the pendulum to work with you for the highest good and give truthful answers as best it can. Then you are ready to go!

It is good at this point to do some more checks. all questions need to be closed yes/no questions. Questions could be “is my name x” “Do I have a son” or “Do I live in Newport”, include some “no” answers too. This will verify that the rotation or movement is correct and gives you confidence that the pendulum is “working correctly”.

It is important not to overwork the pendulum or you may find you start to sway the answers it gives by linking into your mind and hand movements. So be quick and focused. If you think you may be influencing the swing, then leave for a short time & clear your energies through nature, meditation etc and leave the pendulum somewhere on a window sill to charge.

I use my pendulum in many ways, I use it to verify my thoughts or feelings in a healing session or if umming on a purchase or event. I use it in my crystal therapies with clients to verify the crystal choice and when the crystal is ready to be removed, or if additional crystals are needed. It supports my own thoughts and actions as well as shows me energetic levels of chakras very visually.

I also hold it over cards such as angel cards or Labrys Ascension cards and narrow down the choice by small piles or spreading on the floor to choose a card for the day.

You can use your pendulum in many ways to support your psychic development, personal growth and confidence. Just remember to look after it and cleanse and charge regularly, especially if out in the public with it!

Enjoy your swinging pendulum!
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quartz crystal pendulum

Quartz pendulum on purple velvet bag

This blog is written as an outline of how I work with crystals and not a professional teaching lesson on crystals