My Top 11 Affirmations for Calm and Balance

Affirmations are mantras or short positive phases that we use in meditation or to change our mindset. Using them can bring a sense of positiveness and calm or positively change your mindset. Here are my top 11 affirmations for balance and calm

Using daily affirmations can positively change your mindset and your “held beliefs”. Louise Hay has written many books and shared information on the positive benefits of using affirmations, using them to change your life and manifest the life you want. The key is to use a positive affirmation starting “I AM”, starting with something that feel comfortable and building over time. For example “I am OK” to “I am loved” to “I am enough” to “I am successful” etc. Start where you are comfortable and change them as you and your energy changes.

Personal, present tense and positive are the keys to creating your own affirmations.

They are really powerful if said to yourself looking into your eye looking in a mirror. Try saying “I love you” when doing this and see how you feel”. Also saying them at the start of the day (before getting up) or at the end of the day as you fall asleep.

The key is to use them throughout the day. Here are a few tips:

  • Write on a sticky note and place them in locations you will see often (mobile phone cover, laptop, light switch, coffee jar, biscuit barrel, dashboard, bathroom mirror, fridge door etc)
  • Repeat them throughout the day
  • Repeat first thing in the morning when in bed
  • Repeat them at bedtime and first thing in the morning.
  • Repeat them over several days.

My Top  Affirmations for Balance and Calm

  1. I am calm
  2. I am in balance
  3. I am peaceful
  4. I am relaxed
  5. I am happy
  6. I am OK
  7. I am positive
  8. I am peace
  9. I am at peace
  10. I am enough
  11. I am living in the present moment

Use these affirmations, repeat them and see how they make you feel You may wish to say a few of them before choosing  one to repeat regularly.