Free Virtual Women’s Circle – spiritual connection 080520

Come and join my free online womens circle
Connection, angel cards, journalling an meditation.

Approx 30mins, maybe longer we’ll see!

Bring a cup of something lovely to drink, deck of oracle cards, your journal and yourself 

Romella Womens circle
Romella’s Prep for Women’s Circle

Want to do more women’s groups – follow my Facebook page or contact me as I re-launch my online Women’s circle.

Spiritual connection, moon phases & working with the moon’s energy, angel cards, journalling, deep spiritual meditations and connections. All in a beautiful sacred sanctuary space <3

Why join a Women’s Group?

Why join a women’s group? Its not about CND or politics or school (& definitely not PTA)! Its not about fashion or food or babies or tips for running an efficient home? Or about supporting family members or business or personal development. Its not about gossip or catching up or quick coffees.

It’s greater than that. It’s about you – supporting and developing the inner self of you  – as a person, a female, a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter and all the other titles we are attached to. This is about you. Continue reading