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I’ve just pulled 3 cards for a mini-card reading for you all. So please choose a card and then scroll down to get your message 🙂

Card choice for 28/2/16

Card choice for 28/2/16

This week’s card reveal from Doreen’s Virtue Angel Answers Oracle Deck:

Card 1 = Forgiveness – This card is about allowing forgiveness. It may be you need to forgive someone, an action or event in the past or maybe you need to consider accepting someone’s request for forgiveness.
Forgiveness means we stop sending energy to situations that have happened in the past, allowing us to move forward and no longer be controlled by the event. It doesn’t mean we are OK with what happened, just we no longer allow the event to define us and have control over us. Alongside forgiveness goes cord cutting – a very important but simple ceremony to release energy cords from others and situations that no longer serve us. I will record a short video on this and post a link on this post

It may also be that you need to forgive yourself – self-forgiveness. We are often overly hard on ourselves and the mistakes & choices we make in life. We are just humans doing the best we can in each situation. So if you chose this card you may like to think of an affirmation, or look at yourself in the mirror and forgive yourself. Looking into your eyes and doing “mirror work” is extremely powerful. An example might be “I forgive myself for my past choices and mistakes and use them as a lesson learnt in my present life”.

Card 2 = Meditation Brings the Answer
This card is about clearing some space in your life to allow your self to recharge and allow thoughts and ideas to become clear. Meditation is a wonderful practice but does take time & practice (like all new things we learn). Meditation helps to clear the “monkey mind”, the chatting and self-talk that happens ALL day every day. It allows space for clarity, for the body to heal and peace in your mind.
By focusing on your breathing or looking at a candle flame or crystal or picture you can enter this mindful meditative state. Mindfulness is all about being in the moment, the only time we can influence.
Spend some time either sitting quietly and counting your breaths in and out, if thoughts come through simply acknowledge them and let them go. Or go for a walk in nature and focus on nature and detail around you.
By clearing your mind you stop the logical mind from over analysing and allow the subconscious and dreamworld solutions to be heard and considered.
If you have never meditated before just try for one minute at a time. Don’t think you have to do it for 20 minutes first time!

Card 3 = Within the Next Few Weeks
This card is saying that the “thing” you are waiting for or manifesting is coming shortly (how exciting!). This may be an answer to a question you have been asking or a physical thing you have been focusing on.

Either way hang in there, keep focused and perhaps start planning the next stage 🙂


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