Surviving the Lockdown


When there is seemingly endless days, no end in sight, a growing pile of work from school and trying to work from home Monday-Friday, constant interruptions, the ironing pile isn’t changing, endless laundry, depleting snacks (& secret stashes), “cabin fever”, forced walks and more…… life can be very stressful.

Children don’t understand they don’t want to learn at home, they want to see their friends. They’ve lost all the routine that has been established since they were 4, or even aged 2 from nursery.

Confusion from being at home with all family members, but not able to just play like a weekend, or school holiday. Not being able to see grandparents and maybe worrying about them and their health as they know they are “old”.

Parents are stressed from trying to maintain a resemblance of routines, restricting access to snacks, “law and order”, money worries and working to keep their jobs.


It is all getting too much for me, for everyone.

We all need time to bring moments of calm to our days – points to reset our balance and calm. Time to shift our vibration out of fear and worry and into something calmer and more positive

The aim of this book its to bring an encyclopedia of tools into your home, that you can dip in and out of every day or as the need occurs.

The most important thing to remember in this situation is that love is everything, being present to support and love your family emotionally is key.

As a parent we have a greater awareness of the drastic changes we are undergoing, the possible effects to life and the world as we know it. We hold this information and it adds to our stressload. It imbalances us, thus making us more likely to become frazzled and worn down, to outbursts, to shout or express angry and disappointment – sometimes from the smallest thing (those cardboard tubes in the toilet!).

So please stop, and put your oxygen mask on first, find time for meditation, yoga, walking, mindfulness activities. When the kettle boils or your waiting for the video conference to start then do a simple breathing exercise – maybe one from this book. Do it now. Do it frequently, help reduce your tension and stress and allow yourself to feel more in balance with your mental and emotional self.

You can only control you and how you react and behave.

Your emotions are picked up energetically by your children, they know you are feeling “off” but won’t really understand the full why. Find small pockets of time to bring yourself into a calmer state will then ripple out to them and help them feel more settled in this unsettling situation.

For hundreds for tips for calm for you and your family – I’ve compiled the Anthology of Calm – Surviving the Lockdown – Free on kindle unlimited, £2.50 kindle and £4.99 for a printed paperback – link below