Imbolc – 1st February – the bringing of light

Wishing you a beautiful Imbolc – the beginning of Spring.

Traditionally this day is halfway between winter solstice and spring equinox.

It is also known as Brigid’s Day – a Gaelic Goddess

History – it is a Celtic celebration to mark the end of the harshest parts of winter, where farmers were starting to farm and prepare livestock for breeding.
Traditionally celebrated in Scotland, Ireland and Isel of Man, with Wales having a version called “Gwyl Fair y Canhwyllau”

Imbolc comes from “i mbolg” and translates to mean “in the belly” and refers to pregnancy of farm animals, in readiness for spring
Things to do to celebrate include:

  • Creating a Brigid’s cross or doll
  • Lighting a candle at dusk to represent the sun (also putting on all lights in the house!)
    -Spring cleaning (an energetic and physical cleanse of the house)
  • Get out in nature – ideally to the sea, river, stream or well and splach yourself to clean and cleanse your energy
  • Have a feast with family (celebration of the new light)
    -Dark crystals are perfect for creating a celebrating grid or altar – amethyst, moonstone, garnet, bloodstone
  • Flowers include crocus, heather, snowdrops, violets

It is also known as Candlemas day and Groundhog day

Wishing you a beautiful brightening of the world <3
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The Power of the Daffodil

Whilst out walking today I contemplated the daffodils. How they wait until the soil warms up and then sprout, flower and bring a little bit of yellow joy to nature.

The daffodil is such an amazing plant, A dormant bulb into the bright joy in spring. I think they are my favourite flower – just for the joy they bring after a dark winter and the thought and prospect of spring and summer. Have you ever thought deeply about them… let me take you on a mindful journey…

How amazing are daffodils – that tiny bulb and its roots lays dormant in the ground for about 9 months, then when the sun starts to warm the earth the stem starts to grow. Using just its own energy and water from the soil around it, it grows into a plant a foot tall (35cm?!) with leaves and a sturdy stem. Then it buds into a huge yellow flower with a trumpet shape, often different colour to the main petals. Stunning! It brings such happiness and joy after the dark winter, yellow for joy! It cheers people up for a few weeks, whilst the leaves are photosynthesizing and building the bulb’s energy up, before it goes dormant again for another 9 months. How amazing are these plants?

Thinking about this plant has taught me a lot, we all have energy within us, that we can use for positive – to bloom – but we need to recharge ourselves in order to continue the cycle.

Nature is just awesome!

Why have I shared this basic nature review? – Because we need to fill our own energy levels up before we can bloom, plus its OK to be dormant and quiet for months.

I feel personally I’ve been hibernating and am finally ready to come out and share my thoughts and ideas (and tools!)