The Spirit of Spirit Quartz



I have to admit to loving this amazingly shaped piece of spirit quartz, but although its been with me for some six years, its only now that I feel drawn to work with it. I feel that for the past six years my energies have not been at the right level to really communicate and work with this stunning spirit quartz. I do often find that I buy crystals in advance of being ready to use them, and then when I’m ready they pop out of my collection and into my mind!

The crystal itself has long candle-like points with the body covered in a multitude of small points. It is usually an amethyst-based crystal but some have been found in citrine and white quartz too. Amethyst itself is a great stone to work with to develop your psychic abilities, and spirit quartz has the same qualities but with more uummpf!

Spirit Quartz is a crystal that works on the crown and also the solar plexus, this is very interesting as it balances emotions (solar plexus) with the higher spiritual world (crown). By trusting in our feelings this allows our spiritual guidance to come through as clairsentience, which according to Doreen Virtue is the clair that is dominant in most people. By meditating with this spirit quartz it can help us form the links between our feelings and trust and turn these feelings of inner knowing, into an additional more spiritual sense.

The amethyst version of spirit quartz, which mine is, works with the aura and chakras to help create peace, balance and harmony. It can remove negative fears and entities, balance energy flow throughout the chakras, open the crown to allow more spiritual download and work with you to change this information into wisdom which can be used positively to move forward. It can release fears, particularly financial fears and release you from this burden of worry to focus more strongly on your path forward.

I am finding this crystal very supportive as I release old 3D limitations and move myself forward to the new world. It is highlighting attitudes which no longer serve me and strengthens my connection, by linking my clairsentience and third eye to my crown.

Wow! I wish I’d used this crystal sooner, but then I guess I just wasn’t ready for it until this very moment!

So don’t worry if you buy a crystal and don’t work with it for a while, you will in time, just knowing it’s there may be all you need for the time being.

Spirit Quartz I am ready for our journey together!

Rom x
Cariad Therapies

spirit quartz, crown and solar plexus chakra, clair sentience

Spirit quartz works with the crown and solar plexus chakras and can help to support clairsentience development

This blog contains information from my own experience and may not match your own, I share it as a friend, not as instruction or diagnosis!

Healers Gold – a crystal so yummy!!



This blog is about the amazing crystal Healer’s Gold. It might seem strange to dive straight into this little known crystal, rather than clear quartz or rose quartz or citrine and build up to the more unusual. But chances are you’ve worked and played with those already, so something different! I discovered healer’s gold when a crystal guide opened on that page and I was instantly intrigued.

As a healer and crystal therapist I am always looking for ways to use crystals to benefit my intuition, protection and client healing release. You know that feeling when you see a crystal which you just know is going to be in tune with you – love at first sight! I use it for everything now!

As you may not have heard of healer’s gold, let me give you some information. It is a compound of pyrite and magnetite, mined in Arizona. It’s colours are mixture of gold and black, beautifully shiny and with a lovely heavy weight to hold. It is a healing grounding crystal of high-frequency energy, bringing energetic balance and harmony. It balances the male and female aspects, aligns the astral, causal and subtle bodies, activates lazy chakras and thus energises. It brings about a synergy between practitioner and client in a treatment.

I am an energy healer and use reiki in all forms of treatment that I do, so this earthy energy fits me snugly and I find it grounds and protects me, increases my intuition and helps the client to ground the healing being given. In my reflexology and massage it is always within the clients aura area and in reiki it is at the head, whilst for crystal therapy I tend to use it as the grounding stone. It works at all chakras, regardless of colours. When I channel information and do reiki attunements I find it soothing and smoothes the way for me to find the words and communicate true meaning that will be understood by the client.

As a crystal junkie I think I have found my sole mate crystal! Grounding, protection, enhanced intuition, chakra balancing and energising all in one! Who could want more?!

I’m off for a meditation with a piece now as a reward for all its hard work in this blog!!! I do have a small quantity of healer’s gold available to buy, so please contact me.

I highly recommend this fulfilling crystal


Rom x

crystal charging, healers gold

12 crystal points freshly cleansed and energised and ready for action with healers gold!