Mindful Meditation Course Sept

4 Week Mindful Meditation Course in Newport

Are you out of balance?

Too stressed to stop?

Love the idea of meditation but NEVER find the 20-30 minutes you think you need?

Putting everyone else first and not looking after yourself?

Looking for your Zen and not able to locate it?


This 4 Week Mindful Meditation Course is the perfect solution for you!

Over the 4 weeks we will look at different tools you can use in your life, many of which take minutes to do and can make huge differences to your wellbeing and move you from stress to relaxed and calm.

Each class will have breathing exercises, mindfulness exercises and meditations/ visualisations. You will have handouts from each class plus the practical application of the exercise and visualisations to give you a relaxing hour! A perfect mixture of learning and practical application – so you still leave relaxed, withthe bonus of tools in your pocket to get your through life 😉

Starting 26th September  Tuesday – 1.30-2.30pm  £35 fo the 4 weeks.

Course is held at Tina Carter Wellness Studio, 2a New Street, Newport, TF10  7AX (free car park next to studio)

Any questions please contact Romella – help@romella.co.uk

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March 2017

Dates for Groups, Workshops, Retreats and Classes March – June 2017

As I’m leaving the Gorge Therapy Centre at the end of June (and going more freelance & online), I’ve planned out all my workshops for the next few months – you can download info here: events calendar

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valentines day

Workshops and courses @ The Gorge by Rom Cariad Therapies

Thought I’d take a moment to tell you what my thoughts & plans are for the coming months at The Gorge Therapy & Training Centre. I’m trained in a wide range of therapies but all have a similar strong theme of “helping you be the person you want to be”, whether its supporting your children & family or creating space for calm for yourself or learning something new for a new business!

My thoughts on courses are:

Energy – I’ve recently been doing a lot of work and courses on Energy and have been planning a workshop or course on the subject covering, introduction to aura and energies, how to protect your energy, Aura cleansing, aura protection, crystals, using Aura Soma, cord cutting and more!

Crystal Gridding – Using Melody laying-on-of-stones amazing crystal gridding exploration. so we will be exploring crystals, grid layouts, lying down within the grids we will create to experience grids for release, abundance journeying & more!

Parent Workshops – based around the Relax Kids formula of movement, stretches, breathing, affirmations and visualisations.

Relax Kids Classes – classes for school aged children (5-10) to come along to a Relax Kids class – based around an age appropriate subject and themes. To aid concentration, self-esteem and confidence, sleep patterns and relaxation. Plus Little Star classes for preschool children

Family Relax Kids workshops – once a month have sessions for the whole family to come along to and have fun and follow the Relax Kids formula (movement, games, stretch, breathing, affirmation and visualisations at the end). Plus don’t forget that the tearoom below has fabulous cakes to get your energy back up afterwards!

SleepTalk™ parent workshops – learn how to use this amazing formula as your child sleeps to overcome childhood emotional and behavioural issues rom bedwetting to school anxieties to sibling rivalry to ADHD

Energy Healing – Additionally I plan to run training courses on Reiki (attunements) and Labrys Ascension.

Colour & Aura Soma – An introduction to Aura Soma – what does colour mean, the bottles and aura cleansing with meditations

The Balance Procedure – both workshops to learn how to use the cards (including box of cards & book), AND additionally learn how to become a practitioner in The Balance Procedure.

Card Reading – how to use angel cards for yourself and others to use these simple divination cards.

Goddess day – working with crystals, energies, meditation and tools to take home


If you have any preferences for how soon you want a course then let me know and I can prioritise the planning!! Let me know your thoughts and if there’s anything else I might be able to deliver!

So looking forward to sharing this knowledge with you all

Rom x


accredited Goulding sleeptalk consultant
The Balance Procedure
the Balance Procedure