10 things to do at this time of the year with children

Seasons Greetings to you. I thought I’d do a quick blist (blog list?!) of things that are fun and calming to do at Christmas 🙂

  1. Be Present – kids need your presence as this creates memories and reassures at this time of year – so presence not presents!
  2. Get edible crafty – get crafty – make biscuits, marzipan balls, fudge, chocolates, chutney – edible glitter rules!
  3. Get crafty when decorating – think paper snowflakes, paperchains, “paper dolls” holding hands. Or all do some colouring – perhaps have the same outline and see who has the best colouring ideas!
  4. Do nothing out of obligation – only love (I have culled my Christmas Card list!)
  5. Set a timer for social media (see 1)
  6. Decorate some bought biscuits with icing and sprinkles – then eat!
  7. Take time to do nothing! Just relax!
  8. Have a pile of Christmas books and sit and read with the kids cuddled under a lovely blanket (and maybe some hot chocolate/ biscuits!)
  9. Shop online or only when you are in the mood (see 4) – book a post Christmas delivery!
  10. Its OK to say “no thanks” to events, suggestions, demands on your time (see 4)
  11. OK I know I said 10 – but fresh air is so great to exhaust the little mines – mine need a daily dose otherwise they pop like prosecco!

So have a super Christmas and enjoy the seasonal festivities

Best wishes

Rom x

PS Its OK to hide in the kitchen with your head in the fridge eating chocolate 😉



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