Balancing What’s Alive in you Now

Want a tool to clear blocks that are stopping you from moving forward & creating your life?
A tool that could help restore happiness and magic into your life?
A tool that will take you a minute a day to get you into balance and in a place to manifest positively?
You don’t need to know what blocks are stopping you from moving forward – you just need to use the cards to clear and balance what is alive in you now?

Come and find out about The Balance Procedure and how it can help you everyday.

This video shares how I use it and the benefits of this amazing simple system.

To find out more about this simple effective system – visit – http://romella.co.uk/courses/the-balance-procedure/




Anger Management Week – free tools

Its Anger Management Week 1st – 7th December. In the run up to Christmas we all get a bit frazzled and can lose our temper quicker or not be as lenient or aware of what things other people have going on.

So here are a few tips and tools to use to bring you back to a calm state! Continue reading “Anger Management Week – free tools”

valentines day

Want to Take Positive Steps to Creating your Calm?

Do your emotions rule your reactions?


Support for Women’s Hormonal Issues

Monthly Hormonal Issues – aka “Don’t Put That There” Syndrome!

clary-calm-and-whisperOne thing that really throws my mood, regularly is the old PMT. Hubby keeps out my way now to avoid conflict! Thankfully I’ve recently discovered a few solutions to support my hormonal changes. Continue reading “Support for Women’s Hormonal Issues”

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My Top 3 Tips for Calm

My top 3 tips for calm – in Moments!

I’ve spent the last few days writing a book “Balance and Calm Toolkit for Mums”. It will be part of a series (families & Women are the next two). The book is written so you can choose a number from 1-160 or open it at any page to choose a simple exercise to do to help balance and calm your body and mind. Continue reading “My Top 3 Tips for Calm”

Imagine - ecourse Cariad Therapies

Imagine – living for today – ecourse

imagine - e-course of peace, dream, share & live as one“IMAGINE” MINI e-COURSE

Have you really listened to the words of John Lennon’s Imagine song. Really listened?

I heard it a couple of weeks ago and just knew it would make a perfect mini e-course, something special for our crowdfunding at the Gorge Therapy Centre.

And it has now become a lovely minicourse focused around the lyrics with meditations and information and suggestions of tools to use to “imagine”
Access the “Imagine” mini e-course online with nearly 60 minutes of recorded meditations. A 21 day journal pdf to accompany you on this Imagine” journey. Continue reading “Imagine – living for today – ecourse”